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.:: Saturday, August 31st ::.

~ 08:58 PM ~

"...working for paper and for iron...."

Today we started the demo of the entertainment room. Around 10:30AM, I started to remove the boards from the walls and the ceiling tiles, which were merely stuck on. By 11:44AM, I had the room done and a pile of stuff all over the floor. So, I took a break and came back to it at 1:30. After an hour, I had the stuff from the walls, ceiling, and the carpeting out into the dumpster. We had to pick up Neale's car at 2:30 because she had the window fixed by Kirkwood Glass. Yes, it was finally fixed. I came back to take care of the ceiling fan and ceiling lights. Plus, the remaining trim around the door was removed. The room is ready for drywall. We meet with Ismael, our contractor, tomorrow at 10AM.

The TV in the living room/dining room is working well. Plus, we have a cable feed on the small TV that is near the Soloflex now.

I am listening to 3WK and they are playing the I have not heard them in years. 3WK has a 80s/90s feed and it is a great addition.

Some Photos
Very very very very very very bad people
Is the 12 days of cookies idea born?

.:: Wednesday, August 29th ::.

~ 05:44 PM ~

"...guerilla mail...."

Ellis and I went for a walk this morning. He does look forward to them and would probably go twice a day if we were willing to walk him that much. He likes to run the last block.

I got our building permit and the dumpster has been ordered. On Thursday, I will remove the furniture and run the cable to the front room. There was a cable line in the dining room when we moved in but the cable was cut (by me and the previous owner I learned today). But, the hole in the carpet and the floor are already there so I just need a new cable and a splitter. Friday I will take the room apart and I should be done the same day. I am prepared for a mess.

We have no formal plans for Labor Day but we want to play tennis and ride.

US American do have maps
Drug Slang
True? Not sure but worth a read

.:: Monday, August 27th ::.

~ 01:02 PM ~

"...its not your lucky day...."

Faracci's Pizza was quite good. Neale picked it up on Saturday.

After an unproductive Saturday, I worked in the yard (storm damage clean up..three limbs, some leaves, and branches) and started the rear window painting. I got the prime coat done and I will place the first coat of paint today. Luckily, it is not too hot here so it makes the work bearable. My ladder was able to reach but is not the best.

Last night, we lost power around 10PM and Neale had to stay at Debbie's house. Ellis and I toughed it out. Currently, the power is back and things are normal.

Before our power outage yesterday, I made a baked ziti featuring homemade sauce.

Our permit was approved by Webster Groves so the demo starts Friday. Neale is ordering the dumpster and I will start taking apart our entertainment room. Mr. Slim will be moved by our heating/AC people (Dawson & Dodd) and the old gas heater will be removed. The old heater was an eye sore. The plan is to have the room done before Oktoberfest.

Black Lab v. Kitty
Lost America

.:: Saturday, August 25th ::.

~ 08:23 PM ~

"...All those boy wonders
Sold their medals when they saw this train
Now this boy wonders...."

We went for a ride this morning but not until noon because the temp is lower after our recent storms. One house in the area got taken out by a large, but deadly, oak. Neale went shopping for a soccer t-shirt and new blinds for the kitchen. Then, she went to our nephews soccer game. I stayed home and cleaned. I had plans on working in the yard but the Mets were on and my legs were tired.

Stalking Cat
Get some ink
Google Moon

.:: Friday, August 24th ::.

~ 04:19 PM ~


Ellis and I went for a walk this morning. Then, I tried to figure out a patch problem with a game. That was not a success. The latest patch caused an unknown problem so a reinstall was the fix. Luckily, I did not lose any data.

Ellis and I went to the Canine Center, which was a first for him. He was overwhelmed by the smells but he got praise from the workers. They said his coat and weight looked great. I dropped a box off at Goodwill and let Ellis off at the house. I had to mail a package and I tried the automated mail machine, which was no harder than an ATM. Next, I went to Costco and got an oil change. Despite all the stops, I was done before noon. I had time to clean and reorganize the garage.

We are having some storms currently and the first wave knocked out power twice. There was also some tree damage. I picked up the limbs. There is another wave coming through within the hour and it should be a mess.

Neale's boss gave us some basil so I made another batch of our pesto. It is the basic pesto recipe but with some butter and walnuts. Also, a cheese blend is preferred. I will be making a roasted tomato soup this weekend.

As of right now, we are still going out to see/hear Steve Ewing. Neale is out with her coworkers currently.

World Clock
Lion love

.:: Wednesday, August 22nd ::.

~ 10:39 AM ~

"...that's a full scale lynch mob...."

It is the first week of classes so there is an adjustment period. Ellis and I went for a walk this morning. Then, I worked on my classes for 2 hours. The switch is textbook means switching PowerPoint slides and the test bank. So, there is shuffling to be done and requires a comfy chair. I plan to work out and leave around 4 for my office hours. My Wednesday night class is 6:30 to 9:20, which is timed to accommodate working people and the observation hours students have to do in the local schools. This is the first time I have done the class at night.

Yesterday, we went but I had the same problem I have every first week of class. My legs and back get tired from standing and selling the course. Once the material begins, it is no longer a problem.

This Friday @ the Llywelyn's in Webster, we are seeing what Steve Ewing has been up to lately.

The cider is bubbling nicely.

Fitness Myths
Brit Castles

.:: Monday, August 20th ::.

~ 05:58 PM ~

" dog never bite but I did not concern myself with that...."

It was the first day back at LCCC and it was uneventful. I just started my online courses.

I made a batch of cider.


~ 06:41 AM ~

" back...."

We went to Villa Farotto for Debbie's birthday dinner. Neale and I had been there before and the food/service is ok at best. Last night, there was a slightly worse experience with food/service so I will not be spending anymore money or time there. Farotto Pizza on Manchester was a a decent STL style pizza but their restaurant in merely a success based on location in the Chesterfield Valley.

Although the rain is not as stiff as what is in Chicago, we got some moisture overnight. Ellis and I ae going for a walk soon. It is quite humid but the temp in currently low.

LCCC starts today. I have office hours and I will populate my courses, which I have waited on this year because I want to add a few things today. Populating means allowing students online access, which is important for my online students because in the past there was usually some getting started on the Friday before school starts.

Neale got a can (metal) of Sheer Bliss Pomegranate with Chocolate chips and it is good but not as good as Oberweis Ice Cream. Definitely a "sometimes" food.

I racked my IPA last night. It was quite good and got 3 more ounces of hops.

Fun with batteries
Which door?

.:: Sunday, August 19th ::.

~ 07:31 AM ~

"...Homer: We need to block them from our sight with a giant wall!
Marge: Like the one in Berlin?
Homer: Good idea! Maybe we should call the guys they used.
(Homer dials a number, but gets the tri-tone. His eye begins to twitch)
Marge: Uh, Homer...
Homer: (insistently) It's ringing!...."

Neale wants a pair of standing tables for Oktoberfest. She saw/used a pair at a bar or restaurant and found them appealing. She wants to cover the tables with cloth so they do not have to be "finished" furniture. I used a pine 2 X 8 and two 2 X 2 plywood squares to make the first one. For storage and strength, I used "5/16 X 2 lag screws with lag shields. The top was circular so I needed to purchase my first jigsaw, which was a Skil. The first table turned out pretty good. I need to do some sanding.

We plan on riding but the weather may not cooperate. We are expecting 5 days of rain here.

We made soup last night. It was our first attempt at beer cheese soup. It was good but not great.

Ellis and went for a walk yesterday. Our neighbor's home, which has been vacate for going on 2 years (??) was subject to an estate sale. By estate sale, I mean they stuff that the local landfill would not accept. There were cars there at 6AM and it seemed to go on until late afternoon. I'm sorry to/for those this offends but our distaste for garage/yard/estate sales was renewed. The vultures were out in force. I am sure the priceless art of the deal of arguing some one down from 10 cents to a nickel was done ten times over. Is there a "Real Men of Genius" for the guy/gal that haggles over the price of a clock radio from 1976? There should be.

After our walk, I went for a ride as Neale wanted to sleep in. Then, I visited the local homebrew shop for another carboy, emergency yeast, and some bubblers. Next, I went to Home Depot for the table project. Neale was walking on the treadmill by the time I got home. She had to visit the mall for Debbie's birthday gift and I started on the tables after breakfast/lunch. Finally, I mowed the backyard and cleaned it up. Sadly, the tomato project stopped this week but I learned the nature of my enemy so next year will be a much better experience. The key is chicken wire, which is not attractive but practical.

Some religious stuff
Citizens for a Poodle Free Montana
STL Police and Donuts: The Alliance

.:: Friday, August 17th ::.

~ 05:05 PM ~


I went to a training session for Office 07 and I was glad to learn about the product. It appears to be an improvement on Office 2003/XP.

Neale wants to make a cobbler so we are doing a blueberry & raspberry cobbler.

~ 08:32 AM ~

"...forget about me...."

It has been a busy as I started back at LC. But, it has been a very successful week on many fronts. I have one more meeting today. I am getting trained in MS Office 07, which I have at work.

The rain yesterday caused a break in the STL heat wave. Despite the temps, the grass and yard still need attention. I have some prep left for the fall to do for classes. If the rain misses early mornings, we may get on the bikes.

Sunday is Debbie's birthday dinner.

We decided we want the back room (entertainment room) done by the Oktoberfest (sound familiar?...bathroom was last year). So, we need to get a start date from our contractor and I need to start to destroy the room. The demo should take two days. The biggest deal will be moving the couches. I am interested in what the ceiling holds. We will be insulating the attic space and I am curious what the previous owners placed up there. I am guessing it is more spray in loose like material that is in the main attic.

Over there...somewhere
Not good

.:: Monday, August 13th ::.

~ 08:48 PM ~

"...Your piehole...shut it...."

My first day back at LCCC went well. I am almost done prepping for the fall.

I painted the water stain at Bill's house and will do another coat on Wednesday.

Neale enjoyed "The Bourne Ultimatum" again. She is watching "So You Think You Can Dance" currently. I was finishing my running on the treadmill and then I had a live Yahoo fantasy football draft.

Neale wants some tall tables for the Oktoberfest so I check into materials while at Home Depot today. I should be able to build two tables for about $20. But, I need to invest in a jig saw or a jig saw attachment for my RotoZip. Also, I want to improve upon our drying rack. We have one that is rather flimsy and repaired a few times. We could use a bigger and wider drying rack for clothes.

Play It Again

.:: Sunday, August 12th ::.

~ 07:52 PM ~

"...believe nothing...."

We had a great time visiting my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. The pictures should turn out well.

My in-service week starts this week. I have some finishing touches on the classes but I should know which classes are going to make it (i.e. enough students enrolled and paid) by tomorrow afternoon. This week is a bunch of meetings and getting back to getting up at 5:25AM. Summer break was fun but I want to get bac k to classes.

Tomorrow, Neale is seeing "The Bourne Ultimatum" again with Debbie. I am painting a rough spot in Bill's basement, which came to Neale's attention. It is an easy fix. The house should be perfect when we sell it. Steve called about a serious offer tonight, which was good news.

My dubbel was bubbling when we got home. I am brewing the Honey Brown clone on Tuesday.

Luckily, 3 of the 4 items I had on Ebay sold.

On a path
Men and Women Equally Talkative

.:: Friday, August 10th ::.

~ 12:15 AM ~

" hot hot...."

Happy Birthday Dad.

I brewed my first attempt at a dubbel tonight. It went well despite the heavy amount of malt. There was not even a hint of boil over.

I was getting interference in my signal path so my amp was producing a 'white noise' between notes. Needless to say, that is less than desirable. So, I decided to use the effect loop, which is a new feature for me. After ordering some new cables, the noise is gone and it is silent. I need to figure out what goes in the loop and what stays in front of the amp but the change is great. While I was setting up the loop, the rear guitar lock slipped out of its mount so I used some Gorilla Glue, which should secure it. They are Schaller locks and I am never taking them off.

I want to play softball so I have emails out to three leagues. The Webster league seems to start in April so they may be ending soon. I will call to see if they have a fall league. Since I am not a member of a team, I need to join a player pool.

trite and true
Hotel Vermont

.:: Thursday, August 9th ::.

~ 11:17 AM ~

"...yes, but who wants diabetes?...."

Ok, I don't like many musicals. Here is a short list of what I do like:

  • Rocky Horror (yes, I own the soundtrack too)
  • Blues Brothers (musical/comedy)
  • Fame
  • The Sound Of Music
  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • The Wall
  • Yes, Neale likes most musicals as far as I can tell. I was thinking of this because I was watching "Fame" before the Mets game. Currently, Mets up by 1.

    Neale is home. She has to go back to the election at 3.

    I have to buy groceries, pick up 3 items at Costco, and brew today. Ellis and I took the day off from walking outside because we deserved it and it was 86 degrees when I got up at 8AM.

    My first attempt at veg chocolate pudding turned out well. The loaf was a little too bready but I know what to change for next time.

    For your desktop
    How It Should Have Ended

    .:: Wednesday, August 8th ::.

    ~ 04:51 PM ~

    "...can we always fix this?...."

    Neale is helping run an election. She was up at 3AM and returned about 11AM but had to be back at 3:30PM for the next shift. She should be done by 9PM. She has to do this tomorrow and Friday there is another election.

    Ellis and I walked this morning. It was in the low 80s around 9AM. I used the Soloflex and had a haircut at noon.

    Despite classes not starting until the 20th, I worked on my fall classes for the third day in a row. I actually got several important things done, such as syllabi and schedules.

    We may lose our last drive-in in the Saint Louis area. We have not been to a drive-in since '03.

    I am making a veg meatloaf for dinner. I use to make a lentil loaf but that never quite satisfied. I also picked up some cauliflower to make South Beach "mashed potatoes". Also, I am trying a vegan chocolate pudding.

    I was planning on making a pesto but Neale's elections pushed that back. We got some great basil at the Soulard Market.

    Inside a water bottle
    Hip Hop Kids
    Coke, Soda, or Pop?
    Tech Quiz

    .:: Tuesday, August 7th ::.

    ~ 02:30 PM ~

    " a whole new level...."

    Ellis and I went for a walk this morning. It is Saint Louis and it is hot so morning is best. I am actually prepping for my fall courses and my summer course is 95% done. I can submit grades soon.

    I ran on the treadmill, which is fun. Really.

    Neale wants to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory so I am meeting her there. She is getting a haircut afterwards. My appointment is tomorrow.


    .:: Monday, August 6th ::.

    ~ 07:44 AM ~

    "...wash u...."

    Lewis and Clark CC has a new page. Nice. It is the third version since I started working there.

    Neale has a work at home day. We would walk but her legs are sore. So, Ellis and I are going on our own before the heat gets oppressive (98-100 this week).

    I have to go over to LC to sign a form and get my email. My work email has been down since the new LC web page was posted on Friday. My students use our course email system so I am not missing their emails during this last week.

    Damn you for making sense
    Some room

    .:: Sunday, August 5th ::.

    ~ 05:36 PM ~

    "...good rehearsal space...."

    It has been an uneventful Sunday. Neale slept late because she was out late at Sara's. They watched "The Last King of Scotland", which Neale said was quite good. We have been sitting on some stuff to donate to Goodwill so we bagged it up and headed for the Goodwill on Manchester. I purchased 6 avocados at Costco this week and Neale wanted to make guacamole. We picked up chips at Qdoba. I am passing on the guac and chips but I did have a taste. She did a good job. She used a spice pack we found at the Soulard Market spice shop.

    I am making eggplant parm for dinner but I am forgoing at frying or flour.

    Wake Up Walmart

    .:: Saturday, August 4th ::.

    ~ 11:41 AM ~

    "....runaway mustang...."

    After a few years in Saint Louis, we finally made it to the Soulard Farmer's Market (founded in 1779). There were many good stands but Cleveland had a better market and Munich's Viktualienmarkt was outstanding. We did not get any pictures of the Munich market but that link is really nice. Next, I am going to the Kirkwood Farmer's Market. Schlafly as has one at their bottle works on Wednesdays.

    We saw "The Bourne Ultimatum" yesterday and it was great. Neale ranks it as the nest action she has ever seen. I don't know where it ranks for me. IMDB has a list, of course.

    I did some errands after the market and Neale went to Kathy's place to paint. I am fixing our bird feeder as the pole bent under the weight of the new feeder, which is metal and larger than the previous one. The wood feeder was crushed again after the storm last week. So, I purchase a length of pipe and it will work nicely.

    It is very warm here so Ellis gets a day off and I am running on the treadmill.

    Chocolate Rain

    .:: Friday, August 3rd ::.

    ~ 11:31 AM ~

    "....the more I see, the less I know...."

    I tried the "SWAT Workout" yesterday. It is harder than it looks. But, well worth the 20 minutes so it is a keeper.

    Ellis and I went for another morning walk. He was high strung this morning so the 3 miles helped drain the frenzy out of him. It is August in the STL so heat and humidity are a constant. It is either walk in the mornings or use the treadmill. Ellis prefers the outside I believe.

    Neale is visiting Sara this weekend, helping a friend paint her home for a prospective sale, and playing soccer in a reunion event this weekend. Tonight, we are seeing "The Bourne Redundancy", I mean, "The Bourne Ultimatum". I have heard there is heavy use of the digital steady cam in this film so that can be a joy or source of distraction.


    .:: Thursday, August 2nd ::.

    ~ 04:15 PM ~

    "....its all the same...."

    I spent 40 mins. shredding. I felt like Dick Cheney.


    ~ 09:04 AM ~

    "...I say when it drops, oh you gonna feel it
    Know that you were doing wrong....."

    With 72 days until Oktoberfest, I need to get back to brewing. I made a batch or two earlier this year but I am out of the habit. Today, I am doing my Hop Head IPA, which is just for me and anyone else brave enough to enjoy a really hopped beer. For Oktoberfest, I am doing a honey brown and a dubbel. In past years, I have kept close to an Oktoberfest style brew so some change is welcomed. Also, I have never done those styles. I also have most of the ingredients to do a hefe so that maybe next.

    Ellis and I are walking early to avoid the heat.

    I have to go to Costco (shredder purchase), Dierbergs, and Whole Foods for groceries today. Since we are going to the Soulard Market this Saturday, there should be plenty of fresh greens in our fridge.


    .:: Wednesday, August 1st ::.

    ~ 10:50 PM ~

    "...drink to our health...."

    I went for a ride on Grant's Trail. My legs reminded me that I had been on vacation. The weekend rides were smooth but today was tough.

    I made simmered tofu in coconut yesterday and it was worth the wait. Tonight, it was pasta con broccoli. Despite what you see on most menus, pasta con broccoli can be made healthy without butter, cream, and flour.

    Bottled water trouble

    ~ 08:25 AM ~

    "...get down Moses...."

    Yesterday, I graded the projects for my online classes. It is a pleasant surprise to see and read the work of many of my students. Today, I am working on their exams.

    We have decided that we need a shredder so I pick one up at Costco. One year we tried burning the old documents and that was a mess. Given the rates of identity theft, it makes sense to have one, especially if it does CD-ROMs too.

    Ellis is fully recovered. He wants steak.

    Hummer Bummer & the Toy Yodas
    Yes, a country song
    Why can't the Army recruit?
    Alone Again Or

    .:: Tuesday, July 31st ::.

    ~ 08:25 AM ~

    "...on the side...."

    I was in a cleaning mood and I removed some materials from our home that we no longer needed (leasing agreement from 2001?). Yes, a curse of being organized is being able to hold on to things in a logical manner. But, there is that tipping point where "your stuff lives in the house" instead "you live in your house with your stuff". Ok, not bumper sticker material but you get the idea. We are moving in 2010 and I would like to minimize the indoor stuff given the garage stuff we have acquired. We are going to Goodwill on Sunday with clothes so taking the old luggage, tape recorders, floppy disk holders, and other odd items is a good idea. Plus, it is tax deductible.

    Today, I am getting a safety check on my car as August is the time when I need to get new plate tags. The emission test was easy as we have a system in Missouri that scans your emissions at on ramps to our major highways. However, I may have heard that is changing. This will probably be the last set of license tags I will buy for my Lancer.

    Ellis is better. His house was clean overnight. He backyard movement was almost normal. Yesterday, he let us know he is bored and does not understand why he can't have his toys or a walk. But, we played some ball this morning and he is resting currently. He maybe back to normal. If so, he gets a big walk this afternoon and a bath to freshen him up.

    I went out to my car yesterday morning to get some textbooks I bought home. I noticed a small motorcycle or moped may have driven through our yard. There were 3 or 4 3 inch by a foot long streaks in the yard. It will be an easy fix. Odd.

    I got to have more salt
    50 Best Websites of 2007
    Swarm Theory
    The Real West Wing

    .:: Sunday, July 29th ::.

    ~ 08:12 PM ~

    "...want me to double check?...."

    Neale is scrapbooking and I updated the film page. I had a vegan Cesar and used an Enrico's whole wheat pizza round that I had for a few weeks. It tasted great and was one of the best (non-Italian market/pizza place or STL Hill) take home crusts that I have had in years. Boboli is good for marking where not to dig though. Enrico's pizza sauce was also good. Yes, I used jar sauce...every one needs a change. Toppings were sliced garlic, black olives, and a parm/provolone/asiago/mozz blend.

    Ellis has improved but is not 100% yet. Other than messy outside trips, he is his usual self. Should a dog's mouth foam? He also has Neale corned in the bathroom.

    Soy milk anyone? dough

    ~ 10:54 AM ~

    "...chevy chase...."

    Ellis is feeling better and looks more stable. His nose is wet and cold. He did not mind the meal change and ate his brown rice & hamburger this morning. He was still messy outside but seems to be improving. The biggest thing besides having to clean him up is the inability to play with him, which is something we all do.

    Neale is working on the scrapbook and I am going for a ride. Later, we are seeing a movie. Neale won a Regal Cinema movie pass at the Oscar party earlier this year and wanted to see "Knocked Up" (yes, I do not know why either). But, it is no longer playing at the local Regal. So, she is seeing "Ratatouille", which has gotten good reviews. I am seeing "The Simpsons" as I have been a fan since high school. But, I have not regularly caught the shows in the last few years. From what I read about the last few years of the series, I have not missed much. But, I do enjoy the reruns.

    I bought a bike helmet. We have to thank Mom Sutcliff for changing our views on helmets.

    Abstract Factory

    .:: Saturday, July 28th ::.

    ~ 10:53 PM ~


    We rode this morning. It was nice to back on the bikes. We are seriously considering helmets. Given the home improvement work and vacation, we have not used the bikes enough. We may go tomorrow as we may have plans in the afternoon and Neale is halfway done with the Paris & Munich scrapbook. The scrapbook looks really good so far.

    In sad news, Ellis is sick. He had an upset stomach and messy trips outside all day. I gave him his morning meal but he could not keep it down. I believe he also had a rough night. We called our vet and she recommended that we withhold food but encourage water. He is in his house currently and sleeping. He has not had any issues since about 6PM. His nose was dry and he seemed not to miss his meals & treats, which he knows the times they usually appear. Tomorrow, he is having some rice and hamburger as the vet recommended and will hopefully be back to normal.

    With August coming, I decided to make some changes in my eating and drinking habits. So, I am trying some new recipes and cutting out some other items. I made a roasted radicchio with endive, escarole, and aurgula for Thursday's dinner. The dressing was a homemade roasted garlic. Tonight, I made a roasted butternut, pear, and scallion soup. Neale liked the soup but it was not like her cream of butternut soup that she use to make. I have a recipe for a vegan Cesar, which is almost a crime to call it a "Cesar" but I have never had a good Cesar so the experience mostly in name.

    Soulard Market

    .:: Friday, July 27th ::.

    ~ 05:18 PM ~


    Munich photos have been added. Please visit the photos page.

    Marshall pitching
    Jeff ERA: 4.15

    .:: Thursday, July 26th ::.

    ~ 01:38 PM ~

    "...Now the party´s over
    I´m so tired
    Then I see you coming
    Out of nowhere
    Much communication in a motion
    Without conversation or a notion...."

    I added the Bavaria photos from the Europe trip. Please check the photos page. Also, there are four videos from the trip.

    I have to go to the grocery store and I should do some more grading today. I have been taking this week off from exercising. But, that changes next week as I return to being active and there are some goals I want to accomplish.

    I asked for help regarding my dead compressor pedal at GuitarGeek. According to fellow posters there, it could be the LED, which is a small fix. When the pedal was modded, the modder replaced the stock LED with a ultra bright clear LED. I will order a new LED from Small Bear and continue the repair.

    Albert Ellis
    I'm Designer

    .:: Wednesday, July 25th ::.

    ~ 07:11 PM ~

    "...gaul me...."

    Neale received word that the Federal government found money to fund their worker exchange program. So, she may be spending September in Washington, D.C. Developing....

    I made a mushroom and rice soup for dinner. Lunch was the spaghetti squash casserole.

    Set one of the vacation photos have been posted. Please visit the photos page. Since there are so many photos, I divided the photos by location. More sets will be posted soon.

    ~ 12:17 PM ~

    "...stuck in my head...."

    I should be grading but I cannot get motivated yet. So, I am stumbling around the Internet and listening to the radio. The Jim Rome Show has moved in Saint Louis to Fox Sports Radio 1490. The reception in the car is not that great during my commute (I went to LC on Monday to sign some forms) but the streaming through 1490's website is fine.

    Dinner on Sunday was great. Neale bought herself a new watch with the birthday money. The clasp on the old watch started to freeze while we were in Europe.

    We bought our laptop on Sunday to share pictures so we do have 60 photos selected out of the 800+ we took while in Europe. If I get motivated I will post the photos today and organize by region. There are some shots in Munich that are great but I forgot what the location was because it was during the bike tour.

    Yesterday, I opened up my compression/sustainer pedal to replace the switch which I believed was broken. The pedal stopped working a few months ago and I made the time to fix it since we are done at Bill's house. I replaced the switch and plugged it in. The pedal light failed to light up. So, I switched the wires on the switch. Still, using a 9V there was not sign of life. I am seeking online help next.

    I have a few small jobs I will start and finish soon. I need to finish the staining on the furniture legs and paint the trim on the rear house windows.

    We saw "Harry Potter and TOOTP" on Monday. We went to nearby cinema that features an IMAX screen. There was also a 3D feature used during the main battle screen in the hall of mysteries.

    Incredible Recordings
    Say It Right

    .:: Sunday, July 22nd ::.

    ~ 02:05 PM ~


    It is Neale's birthday (32) and we are going to dinner with her family at J Buck's. It will be a first time there.

    Life is almost back to normal as laundry is almost done and I cleaned the house. We went for a walk this morning and had breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes, which was half price due to their birthday coupon.

    I am sorting through photos and watching "Meatballs". I have seen it in years.


    .:: Caturday, July 21st ::.

    ~ 11:30 PM ~

    "...You pick up Little Dynamite, I'll pick up Little Gun
    And together we're gonna go out tonight and make that highway run...."

    We're back. After 8 days in France (Paris) and Germany (Munich & Garminsch) we are back in Webster, which is really comfortable at 65 degrees. We took over 700 photos while on vacation so it will take us a few days to comb through the photos and decide which to share here first. Also, we will describe the trip in more detail here and discuss the "little differences" between France/Germany and the US.

    Last night, my parents picked us up at the airport (O'hare) and we went to their home for the night. Since we moved every couple of days in Europe, I did lose track of time and day. We were both up for more than 24 hours coming back (flight canceled, rebooking, and delays [almost canceled] at Heathrow] and were asleep soon afterwards. Today, we had lunch with my parents and drove home. I drove 3/4ths of the trip because I had not driven in 8 days and felt like driving. I made some pesto ravioli (my parents gave us some tasty basil) and we watched Beck's alleged debut for the LA Galaxy.

    Pesto Rav:
    2 cups basil
    4 cloves garlic
    pine nuts to taste
    olive oil to taste
    8 sheets of egg roll wrappers
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon of water (to add to egg)

    I decided to bake the Rav at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

    My ball glove arrived and I is currently hanging in the laundry room.

    "....In the dark who can see his face?
    In the dark, who can reach him?
    He hides like a child...."

    Happy happy
    Get up, Stand up

    .:: Monday, July 9th ::.

    ~ 05:41 PM ~

    "...mad scene...."

    I went to work today because a student needed a form signed. It is for her government assistance. I made use of the time and did some grading. I stopped at Dierberg's for some items we need for Europe. Yesterday, we packed and Rick Steve's list was quite helpful.

    Neale got her International Driving permit. She went to get some Euros but they (US Bank) stop exchanging after 4:30.

    The parts to mod my wah has arrived. So, after the Europe trip, I will finish a few tasks.

    Some sites

    .:: Thursday, July 5th ::.

    ~ 07:11 PM ~

    "...just got paid...."

    The Police concert was great. Stewart Copeland is still really good, Sting sounded like Sting, and Andy Summers was alright. It was not a sellout and tickets were being sold outside near the Hoppin' Hare. Yes, there is a statue outside the Scott Trade Center (aka Savvis). A staff person from the Arch (106.5 FM....hits station that does not repeat for 24 hours.) gave Kathy a free $50 ticket but we could not find a taker.

    We watched the fireworks in Webster and walked around the carnival, which was packed. Ellis went along and he got his compliments. Some folks think he is still a puppy and a pair of girls said he looked like Ein.....but fatter. What they really meant was bigger as he is large as far as corgis go.

    Veg dogs and brats sounded good today. I picked up some Boca sausages and cooked them using olive oil, butter, white onion, and most of Sam Adams Pale Ale. It was tasty. As a rule, veg dogs need the support of condinments. Boca Veg Brats are pretty good on their own but the beer/butter bath helped. I also started some baked beans in the slow cooker.

    Presidental trivia

    .:: Tuesday, July 3rd ::.

    ~ 05:36 PM ~

    " what I want and gonna get paid...."

    shenanigans....check. bet.

    Declaration of Independence

    .:: Sunday, July 1st ::.

    ~ 10:55 PM ~

    "...some of the coldest winters...."

    The bird feeder is reborn. I also sanded the furniture legs. Yes, Neale has wanted the front room furniture legs repainted/stained for some time. I have sanded them and mounted them to a 2X4 in order to stain on Tuesday. Tomorrow is the Police.

    Neale played tennis with Britt this morning.


    T O P


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