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.:: Sunday, October 31st ::.

~ 10:16 AM ~

....and I pretend that it depends upon me....

Neale is at breakfast with Steve. I believe they are at a Bob Evans. I plan on painting this afternoon.

Daylight Savings Time...check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors too.

The journal will be archived after today.

The Bush Pledge

.:: Saturday, October 30th ::.

~ 08:55 PM ~

I added pictures from Lars' Memorial service. Please check the photos section.

~ 03:57 PM ~

I am in my office on a Saturday afternoon. We were over here to attend the Lars Hoffman memorial service. It was one of the best tributes I have seen. It was an excellent tribute to a great man. Needless to say, I needed some "me time" so I did not go to the event back at Judy and Lars' place. Instead, I decided to grade some papers. Neale also got to met Dale and Linda Chapman for the first time.

I went to Subway to get a sandwich (i.e. lunch) and a former student was behind the counter. It was pleasant. I asked her how she did in class as I could not remember. She did well.


.:: Friday, October 29th ::.

~ 12:42 PM ~

....we come a long long way together, through the hard times...

We are going to the Haunted Field and it has been rated one of the scariest events in the area. Personally, I was leaning towards the haunted pirate but the field should be good.

Scariest Halloween costumes
Video of the missing explosives
Serial killer named alcohol
Polar Halloween

.:: Thursday, October 28th ::.

~ 09:36 PM ~

....born just alittle too slow....

I purchased our bottle of Korbel Brut for Tuesday. Sorry, no Cristal or French bubbles this year, we save that for this. Needless to say, if he wins, we drink...if he wins, we drink. Viva la democracy!

Neale spent a few hours with her dad. I craved our pumpkin. Yeah, its Strong Bad. Check the photos section please.


~ 11:13 AM ~

Neale's Dad, Steve, is in town this weekend to attend the Hoffman Memorial and be around family. Neale just called a moment ago to described that she injuried herself while toweling off this morning. It seems to be a middle of the back situation, which should clear up with some hot/cold treatment.

I had a good day of classes. We discussed 'race and ethnicity' and we did a good job. I have a new story or two, which helps. For example, the Blockbuster Story (see below) illustrates my point quite nicely.

I listened to Howl this morning on my drive. ....throwing their watches away as a vote for eternity outside of Time....

No paprika in Hungary
My Money

~ 06:06 AM ~

Red Sox win! Red Sox fans now become secret Cubs fans in order to maintain their angst.

Despite the fact that our retirements are set-up, I have interest in mutual funds. I have been reading at E*Trade and Vanguard. Friends have recommended Vanguard and that is worth something to me.


.:: Sunday, October 24th ::.

~ 04:17 PM ~

It is a beautiful day here. We went for a ride. We did 8.4 miles, which is three laps around the main path at Creve Coure lake. They have added to the trail considerable this year. We also have a new bathroom to provide service to the people that use the soccer/football fields. Plus, there are rangers that patrol on bike, ATV, and horseback.

Neale was out raking when we got home and the phone was rather busy. Lars Hoffman passed away in his sleep last night. He had been battling cancer for quite sometime. His doctor agreed to stop treatment as he conditioned worsened about three weeks ago. He entered a hospice about two weeks ago. The last time I talked to Lars was at the beginning of August and he wanted to discuss with me about my tenure. That was the kind of guy he was. He was using a walker and looking very thin but he wanted to talk to me to make sure I am doing community service. Before he got sick, he talked to us about wanting to ride a bike more. He never got to ride and I will think about that for a long time. Services will be next Saturday at Lewis and Clark. He was the most popular and well-respected member of the faculty. Last year when I was buying paint for my office, the paint guy asked me if I knew him. There should be a huge turnout for the services.

~ 08:50 AM ~

I updated the photos section. I added pictures of the kitchen and bath primer. There are a few touchups to be made but the primer looks really good.

61% of teams that won the first game of the World Series went on to win the Series (according to ESPN this morning).

I watched Hellraiser and it held up well. ..."The box. You opened it. We came." I am watching The Omen on AMC currently.

Wha...wha..what? Ashlee Simpson's a fraud?
There are hobbies and then there are hobbies

.:: Saturday, October 23rd ::.

~ 09:46 AM ~

In search of a burrito...I went to Qdoba for dinner last night. It is a bit out of the way but I decided to treat myself since I had not eaten since 10:30AM and did a campus event. Nevermind analyzing the psychology of that...it probably goes to a place that neither of us want to be. I attended the workers' appreciation event at LCCC, which turned out to be fairly popular among the staff and maintenance people. Faculty did not turn out. However, I did spend time with the Corbys, Ethan, and Kathy. I even met someone new but I could not tell you what he did for the school. My taste for a good burrito (Taco Bell does not count...it merely serves a purpose when desparate) goes unsatisfied since we have moved away from Chipotle and Baja Fresh. Also, the gourmet burrito is carb-friendly so I should not be putting too many away. But, after checking the Qdoba website, there are carb-friendly options to be explored. I asked the burrito maker (burritoista? burritomaster? burrito artist? artist formerly...) if they were related to Chipotle and after a thought her training kick in and she responded with "they are owned by McDonalds, we are owned by Jack in the Box". Overall, same burrito and it was good. They could flavor their rice a bit more and I like my beans a bit souper but it was good.

Neale is going out with Sara and Shannon tonight. I am watching Hellraiser...Jesus wept.

....sweet days of summer when jasmine's in bloom....

We are going for a ride and then I explore the paint...yet I cannot paint the emptiness that is existence.

Brits like a pint or nine

.:: Friday, October 22nd ::.

~ 11:50 AM ~

In case you are wondering, yes, I am caught up on grading. Interesting blog... Regret the Error.

~ 11:20 AM ~

Ok, I was wrong about the Cards. Hence, the reason why I am not a betting man. Meanwhile, go crazy folks. Not to point fingers but this morning's commute featured many swaying drivers, failures to give notice on lane changes, and tailgating. I think the Card fans may have been enjoying some fine AB products while watching the game...hmmm.

Neale is going out Saturday night with Sara and Sara's friend, Shannon, who is in town for a friend's wedding. It will be Sara's first visit to our new home and we have not seen Shannon since Maria's wedding, which were three long years ago. Needless to say, they can check out the kitchen after its first coat of wall primer. The ceiling looks fantastic, of course....as far as ceilings go. Our countertops should be soon. We are guessing late next week. Also, our dining room set is coming on the 30th.

I hanging around late today because there is a worker's appreciation day scheduled. A quick poll of my coworkers has informed me it maybe an event slim on numbers. Yeah! More punch for me.

Our family friend, Lars, is not doing well and we are planning on seeing him this weekend.

Green Mountain has updated their site. The coffee and service is still excellent.

I have to say after four months of using my Soloflex, I have some very positive results and it is a good workout. I prefer it to Nautilus-type machines I used at most gyms.

Note to self: Stopping burying cash in backyard
Another note to self: Stop Frebrezing my students

.:: Thursday, October 21st ::.

~ 10:56 AM ~

Guess what? I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. Even more... cowbell (with video).

~ 09:16 AM ~

Compassionate conservatives and then there is this guy. Stop stealing signs...stop vandalizing campaign centers. Let's respect political diversity.

Go Astros, I mean, Cards. ManRam and Big Pappi ask "What is the temp. in Houston?"

You brought them here!!!

.:: Wednesday, October 20th ::.

~ 03:30 PM ~

Well, my dealership managed to lose my appointment for an oil change. Their service has been less than spectacular. We will not be doing business with them in the future.

This is so mean and not safe for viewing at work but I feel compelled to share this site as an example of how bizarre and mean webpages can be. The ads on the site are pornographic in nature. I saw this a few years ago but recently stumbled across it again. So, here it is.... Fat Chicks in Party Hats. You have been warned.

Cards up 2 to 1 in the bottom of the first. I am going for a walk.

~ 11:38 AM ~

TV emits distress signal

~ 10:14 AM ~

I had my annual review today. My boss comes to visit my classroom and observe the teaching/learning experience. Whereas in the past she came during the topic of race and gender, today was about aging, which is something different than the previous visits. I have developed a good aging presentation despite the fact that I am not too fascinated with genorotology.

Neale played tennis last night with Matt. She is getting better.

We are taping today. I will not get to paint until the weekend.

Largest Sunfish...ever.
Mary Poppins votes in Cleveland
Legal battles over the 2004 election

.:: Tuesday, October 19th ::.

~ 06:13 PM ~

I'm going to Brigadoon. No, scratch that I met the kitchen. I attached the last piece of the cabinetry. I used my new tack hammer with ease. I also painted the kitchen ceiling, hallway ceiling, and bathroom ceiling. If it dries well, I can move on to the walls. Tomorrow, I am returning to my dealership (the strike, after 12 weeks, is over), Thursday I have an afternoon meeting, and Friday there is a worker appreciation day at my job. So, my afternoons got crowded.

Strong Bad

~ 10:50 AM ~

Whata are America's best paying jobs? A student asked me this morning and you can find the info quite quickly. Needless to say, the top ten jobs are jobs that are typically associated with men. The gender bias is decreasing though. Women are the majority of students across the nation's campuses and they are completing advanced degrees too. So, in a few years, the gender bias will decrease. But, as with Bill or O'Reilly the issues of sexual harassment needs to be addressed. It is also on the rise.

I am repairing a part of the cabinet installation today. The countertop guy stated the end piece was upside down. The cabinet installer stated it was not. Since, I do not agrue with men who have hammers in their hands, I am doing it. It is simple enough. Neale stated the border should be the other way and I checked the Mill's Pride website. It is (or was) upside down. The cabinets are done so it is back to painting.

Our Kerry/Edwards sign arrived yesterday and is posted in our window.

I updated photos of the home. There are updates of the family room and basement.

Cardinal fans....worry...

Mouth to snout CPR

.:: Monday, October 18th ::.

~ 02:53 PM ~

I am home and Neale stepped out for a moment. I am here with the cabinet installer, he is finishing up a few things.

Top Ten Things to Never Buy New

~ 10:20 AM ~

We ate at Sweet Tomatoes yesterday after our ride. Yesterday was a great day around our home. We raked the leaves. Well, I raked and Neale bagged the leaves. Neale prefers to rake. It is not a job I look forward to doing. I like to mow though. Neale wishes to purchase a leaf blower for next year. I find them noisy but I do appreciate the advancements in leaf blower technology (wireless and battery powered). Neale found a new piece of artwork for our TV room. We moved the TV into the corner so the wall was looking bare. I will post an updated photo soon. Also, she found a mirror for above the fireplace.

I primed the ceilings (kitchen, hallway, & bath). I applied the ceiling texture to the part of the kitchen ceiling we replaced. Needless to say, the ceiling texture is the consistency of pancake batter. So, it is not easy to work with compared to regular paint.

Neale is working at home today. She is waiting for the cabinet installer too. We had our electric also reviewed today. It passed inspection.

Need some health care?

.:: Sunday, October 17th ::.

~ 09:40 AM ~

Checked your smoke detector lately? How about the carbon monoxide detector?

We watched Nightmare on Elm Street last night. It has easily been 15 years since we last saw it. But, it is that time of the year where scary movies become popular around our household. We were attempting to rent Halloween but someone had the same idea.

True Facts?

.:: Saturday, October 16th ::.

~ 08:01 PM ~

A revision in plans...of course. I only primed the ceilings as we could not tape the ceilings and walls. The walls are tomorrow's goal. In the words of Sartre (I paraphase), a painter is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he paints. Word. I roam through Webster dropping schoolable science, proclaiming my email clients...

Lewis and Clark reach ND
George has a mental problem (quick time movie)

~ 10:48 AM ~

We are going for a ride today. It is sunny but brisk, about 47 I believe.

We are taping and painting today. I plan to prime the ceiling and walls. Also, we are doing the hallway ceiling and upper bathroom walls. The bathroom tile will wait for another day.

Hump Vee

.:: Thursday, October 14th ::.

~ 05:15 PM ~

We ordered our Kerry/Edwards sign. There are a few on our block. There are also a handful of Bush/Cheney signs. There are just 21 days until the election. Like, Noel and Cassie we are going to have a bottle of champagne on hand.

We are taking the night off from exercising. It is rainy here. I want to get on the bike but the weather is keeping me off. However, we have had five straight days of exercise so it is good to take a day off.

Neale picked up our kitchen and bathroom paint. I will start this weekend.

We called for another estimate on our trees. The service comes for an estimate this weekend.

What happen in class today? If he was tenured, he would be made emertius.

Tonight on the Factor...bad touches and hot talk
Op Truth
Low Low Standards...Wal-Mart on gravesite

.:: Tuesday, October 12th ::.

~ 03:06 PM ~

We are having our kitchen electric hooked up this afternoon. So, we are keeping out of the installer's way by going to see Hero. Neale has seen it but was impressed so she wants to see it again and have me see it. Also, we are heading to Cyrano's for dinner.

I graded the first section of my Intro. exams and was not impressed with the results.

It has rained the last three days. We are soaked.

Current Electoral Vote Count

.:: Monday, October 11th ::.

~ 04:48 PM ~

I updated the home photos to accomodate dial-up connections. It is in smaller units.

~ 03:51 PM ~

We had a great time this weekend in Chicago. Photos will be updated soon.

Strong Bad

R.I.P. Derrida

.:: Friday, October 8th ::.

~ 10:26 AM ~

We had fun at the game last night. It was a good game and the crowd was active. However, the crowd was also active in drinking. I have not seen so many drunk people since college. We ate at the Route 66 Brewery and the beer was good.

We are heading to Oswego tonight. Over the weekend, we are visiting Chicago to see Noel and Cassie.

Cold Case Google

.:: Thursday, October 7th ::.

~ 06:27 AM ~

Reality or videogame plot?

Lousy Yanks.

Fact Check from Soros
Fact Check.org

.:: Wednesday, October 6th ::.

~ 04:22 PM ~

I am awaiting the countertop measurement person. They should be here between now and 6.

We are going to the Cards game tomorrow. Plus, we scored free parking.

Real news from the AP. Fraudulet news from whoever. Does the length of Cheney's resume spin really fly these days? I seem to remember during the 90s it was "term limits" and "Washington insiders" that were the political rights talking points.

Sirrus Stern

.:: Tuesday, October 5th ::.

~ 02:51 PM ~

B-to-the-E. Guinness still 10-14 grams per serving.

~ 12:21 PM ~

The process is the same and the results will hopefully turn out otherwise. Take an issue and make the person the focus not the issues. Vietnam...Kerry and the Swift boat, Dan Rather's judgment error, not Bush's tactics to get to the National Guard. Iraq...Kerry's "votes" (or rather the missing counting of duplicate votes to inflate the number), not the mistakes that got us there, the foolish "mission accomplished" photo op, and the 1000+ US dead and thousands more injured. The first debate...Kerry's alleged notes, not the fact Bush looked foolish with his smirks, the repetitive phrasing, and cultivation of fear. Get pass the bull and look at the reality: we are at war, the economy stinks, there is little to no job creation, the next president gets to appoint at least two Supreme Court justices, and our relationships with most of the world are damaged.


.:: Monday, October 4th ::.

~ 03:38 PM ~

The installer has finished. Please navigate over to 'photos' and then 'home' for pictures.

~ 11:27 AM ~

I got back from returning a cabinet. We originally bought a 15-inch base cabinet to go next to the stove. However, the outside wall framing moved the walls in 3 inches. Therefore, I had to return the 15" and get a 12" base cabinet and door. Amazingly, with Neale's help, I picked up the new cabinet, exchanged the old, and we are back in business. Pictures will be posted & emailed tonight.

In other news, we have our Cardinal playoff tickets (free!). We are going on Thursday. They are playing the Dodgers.

~ 09:10 AM ~

Yesterday, we went to the Katy Trail and then Trailhead for lunch. I passed on the brew. We watched Eterneal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again last night.

I am home with the cabinet installer.

I am looking forward to the Grudge.

Why do they want to keep you scared? Who profits?
Firefox update
Bush smirks
Minty Fresh

.:: Sunday, October 3rd ::.

~ 09:29 AM ~

After working out and doing some mudding, we went to dinner. We decided on the Schlafly Taproom, which Neale likes more than the Bottleworks. There was a strong post-Card game crowd but we were able to get right in. Plus, the service is amazingly fast. I sampled the Hop Harvest (c+/b-), witbier (b-/b), and grand cru (b). The growler came home full of grand cru. I posted a review at Beer Advocate.

We watched Hellboy since there was not anything else on for each of us. It was not terrible nor great.

OSU lost. ouch.

Liquid magma

.:: Sunday, October 3rd ::.

~ 12:37 AM ~

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Words & music by Paul Simon

The mama pajama rolled out of bed And she ran to the police station When the papa found out he began to shout And he started the investigation It's against the law It was against the law What the mama saw It was against the law
The mama looked down and spit on the ground Everytime my name gets mentioned The papa said oy if I get that boy I'm gonna stick him in the house of detention Well I'm on my way I don't know where I'm going I'm on my way
I'm taking my time But I don't know where Goodbye to Rosie the queen of Corona See you, me and Julio Down by the schoolyard See you, me and Julio Down by the schoolyard Me and Julio down by the schoolyard
In a couple of days they come and take me away But the press let the story leak And when the radical priest Come to get me released We was all on the cover of Newsweek And I'm on my way I don't know where I'm going I'm on my way
I'm taking my time But I don't know where Goodbye to Rosie the queen of Corona See you, me and Julio Down by the schoolyard See you, me and Julio Down by the schoolyard Me and Julio down by the schoolyard

No No Man (Part Two)
by Steven Jesse Bernstein

Midnight, and the sunglasses twirl. My injuries, a death plant warped in Hollywood rockery of juice cans and hypodermic needles. You're so cool, baby, you don't know what you need. If the jaundice comes up, get out of the traffic. A girl with an ass that hurts me all over again, I know that girl's ass hurts glass and pebbles crunching under her shoes. The movie goes on and the men go inside, hiding their bottles. These men look confused like fish getting clubbed on the pier. What they see in there is better than me. Pick a needle out from the burnt matches and test it, blow through it, make a little bubble - there is a wazzoo up the strip. Put it in with the dust and the pocket of cigarettes, the key, the muffled bottom of the storm. Pull down my eyelids with my fingernails in a window not made to look in or out of, or to be used as a mirror though it works good as a mirror. There is a yellow line. It is jaundice. It is not a yellow line. It is not jaundice, no. The ass that makes me hurt, made to make me hurt, turns, showing breasts that make me hurt but a face like a butcherboard. Eyes smeared on, worn out red elastic mouth, the mouth of a sock waiting to be used. It hurts. Little tender thing in the dark under the shorts, leaky pelvis all over the sheets. Yo, baby, got a No No? No, No No. Sick animal glare in the skin of the pavement, oh I do want to go down right here where they threw the mop head, the paper towels, and rubbers, got a No No whistle is all. You can't make music with that. Movie inside is big as the wall of a building, so bright it'd make you throw up but they watch it, the men, and they eat and they drink and they eat and they drink. Actually, it's not just the two of us, her and me. There are cops and me and her and the good for nothing windows and brown suits and grey suits and blue suits, cars that stop and ones that go. There are palm trees and people leaning on the palm trees, scratching, reading, and looking at the trash which is empty, believe me, from being looked at. And gargoyles of human beings hung on the ugly architecture of wobbling lurching bodies coming down fast like dying empires, after the sun is already dead in their eyes. Rooms full of spooks drunk on dish soap spiked with whatever was left on the tables when the bar closed. An animal over there with spotted pants dreams googleplex with the chopped up palm and broken wall and it's just lost, oh my God. Moving like a range of dusty mountains, dead with nothing to hold it down, moved by earthquake or rain that swallows the stars and moon. Get out of the way, off the curb, he pukes on the garden and slams sideways into the stucco. What are the cops waiting for here, lined up in their cars staring at their clip boards and microphones. "We got some people scratching themselves, a man looking at his eyeballs up under his shades, and a woman with a poochy ass who keeps turning around and around. Find a hurt place and don't ever let it heal. Get that fucker hanging on the wall and tear him loose, the stars are coming out. There is a TV set in a window, it says, 'The stars are coming out.'"

Steven J. Bernstein

.:: Saturday, October 2nd ::.

~ 10:49 AM ~

Sweet days of summer have passed. It was a cool 66 when we awoke. We are going for a ride later. Neale is out buying our pulls for the kitchen cabinets. I resealed the walls while watching the Cubs yesterday. Today, I will mud the new cracks. It rained yesterday after our walk. It has not rained in weeks hence no grass cutting. Yet, it still looks nice and green.

At the conculsion of the Strangers with Candy marathon a poll was held and season 2 was the best season.

SNL season 30

Military Dead

.:: Friday, October 1st ::.

~ 10:08 AM ~

Our plumbing will be inspected today. I will reseal the walls this weekend.

Secrets about the debate
Volcano Cam
Top Ten Bush Flip-flops

~ 07:53 AM ~

Come one...come all to the Strangers With Candy Season 3 marathon, which will held in my basement this evening. Oh, Suki...so succulent and juicy.

Neale is experiencing her seasonal sickness, which is alittle congestion. In other health news, my allegeries are not present.

We watched the debates and the better candidate was evident.

[classic] radiskull

.:: Thursday, September 30th ::.

~ 07:56 AM ~

I added pictures of the new plumbing. Please click over to the 'photos' page and then click 'home'. Also, there is the new TV stand, which opens up our enterainment room.

I watched the Cubs lose a tough one against the Reds. Sammy...retire the hop.

We plan on taking in the "debate" tonight. We are watching to see if something ununusal happens, which is unlikely at this point.

Daily Show viewers know the issues

.:: Wednesday, September 29th ::.

~ 11:13 AM ~

The plumber fixed our problem and we are waiting for the inspection to be scheduled. I took pictures of the suspect plumbing and the update. I will post those soon. Once the plumbing is finished, I can close the wall back up and mud the new gaps. On Monday, the cabinets will be finished. I am taking the day off of work to accomplish that goal. We are nearing the end but this process has been frustrating at times. A series of unfortunate events has occurred while doing this remodeling. We both look forward to finishing this process. Despite the headaches, we will make a nice profit off of this investment in a few years. Right now, it is a pain.

[classic] Radiskull

.:: Tuesday, September 28th ::.

~ 01:41 PM ~

The plumber is currently in our home and working. The price was lowered slightly as there was some overlap with previous negiotations. Overall, the situation is better but we are still curious about the accuracy of home inspection. More soon.

Mount St. Helen

.:: Monday, September 27th ::.

~ 05:56 PM ~

An unusual connection... Bush and the Nazis. I hate Illinois nazis.

We are still looking into our plumbing situation. The city of Webster is off the table. The Coldwell Banker policy does not cover the issue. Our home inspector is a possibly. I am looking into our own home insurance. The story is developing.

I decided to enstate the policy of no picture over 100kb. I realize that dial-ups still exist. So, no pic on the site will pass that size.

108? Time to smoke.

.:: Sunday, September 26th ::.

~ 11:09 AM ~

We watched Taking Lives last night. It was decent. I picked it up at Blockbuster before heading to Creve Coeur for a ride. While leaving the store, a person who I will describe as a fellow human being, made a note about the use of bilingual signs on the door. His statement was less than tolerate and critical of bilingual signs. Since I am not a racist, I responded, ""times are changing". He responded back with a "witty retort" of "they can still learn goddamn English.” We walked back our cars and he shouted out "do you want them taking your job?". I was not interested in continuing the spirited debate or being assaulted. Ok, here is the real deal about this English and job concern for all the myopic racists still holding on to this issue. First, people do learn English but it does not happen over night. The signs exist to help people make the transition. Next, English is not easy to learn and we have 100 different versions in the US alone. Think for a moment; examine all the dialects, accents and regional difference in the Midwest alone. Finally, the job did not go to Mexico because of Mexicans alone. The people that decide to open or close factories and fire or hire are CEOs. I checked their 95% white males. There are a few women in the Fortune 500 companies’ leadership roles and their recent additions. If anyone wants to bring jobs back to the US, then we can start by ending NAFTA. Who wants to end that? It is not Kerry and it is not Bush. I am guessing my Blockbuster racist is not voting for Kerry, nor is he choosing a third party. Mexico did not take your jobs; it was the CEOs and our big business loving government. If you want to help the American worker, then consider a third party.

I downloaded the Doom 3 demo. It staggers and creeps along on my system at times. It is a beautiful game.

Osama robs gas station

.:: Saturday, September 25th ::.

~ 12:26 PM ~

I curious question...how does Ali G do it? Respek!

Sad news on Butler's campus.

Our kitchen plumbing is not up to code. Therefore, we need to replace it. However, we are seeking out who is responsible for this. Our home inspector and local city inspector both missed this. It is not cheap and we want to be compensated. This is developing, as we need to clarify with the plumbers the exact nature of the quote because we have already paid towards the plumbing in the initial negotiation with Home Depot. This will be taken care of and will move forward. We decided that if we need to we would take this to court.

Spin Sanity

.:: Friday, September 24th ::.

~ 11:45 AM ~

I updated the photos section. I added pics of the new cabinets. The bottom set will be added after the addition of a new drain and access points for the dishwasher, disposal, and sink. I am meeting with the plumber today. After the plumber, I am going for a ride. Viva la bicycle.

Due to a cranberry soaked towel (Neale spilled a drink), my khaki pants were ruined. Since I have lost a few pounds of fat, my 38 waist pants were loose. So, I made the leap to 36 and they are quite nice. I still have a pound or two before they are completely comfortable but I am close.

I decided to switch to using Firefox at work. However, it does not play with LaunchCast. So, IE is used for that.

Listening to MyStation: Queens of the Stone Age "Give a Mule What He Wants".

People's World Weekly

.:: Wednesday, September 22nd ::.

~ 11:53 AM ~

Your eyes are fine. I have made minor style changes to the most popular sections of the site.

~ 10:47 AM ~

The Workers' Rights Board is tonight. It is may first Jobs with Justice St. Louis event.

I am listening to the Smiths. They are timeless.

RIP Russ Meyer

.:: Tuesday, September 21st ::.

~ 10:17 AM ~

I have been busy today. Somedays I just teach and do some stuff in my office. Today, I have more plates in the air than ever this semester. I recently got a raise so I am earning it. I also have the situation where I cannot cross campus without running into past students. Luckily, all the interactions are good. I have not made any enemies that I am aware of at LCCC.

Neale got a performance award at work. It was a very nice amount of money and recognition. She has received them before in her brief tenure.

Listening to Launchcast... Pixies "Monkey Gone to Heaven".

Lightbulb burns for 96 years. The bulb in my fridge burned out yesterday...it was 2 months old.

Britt stopped by last night and gave the kitchen a "thumbs up". We sponged the walls and I have to do some light sanding this afternoon. There are some spots that still need alittle more mud but it is ready for cabinet installation.

God FAQs

.:: Monday, September 20th ::.

~ 10:23 AM ~

Go Joe. If you wonder why I am crying, it is because the GI Joe parodies are too funny.

~ 06:31 AM ~


Proof America is bored

.:: Sunday, September 19th ::.

~ 11:48 AM ~

Talk like a pirate.

I went for a ride yesterday and it has been awhile (due to maintenance and home improvement) that I have gone hard and fast. I will be going later today. I have to apply another coat of mud first. I will be taking in the Rams game while doing it. Neale is visiting her grandparents, as it is their anniversary. However, it is at the retirement village so the menu is not for me.

I downloaded Firefox today and will be trying it.

We enjoyed House of India last night but were shut out at Dave & Busters. I enjoyed a Flying Horse lager. It was my first beer from India. The pool tables were taken by a reunion and a wedding reception. Yes, someone had his or her wedding reception at a Dave & Busters. Therefore, we opted for Shoot a Rack, which is closer to our home. Once you overcome "the Accused atmosphere,” it is a decent place. Cheap drinks, no decor, Zappa on the jukebox, and low, low prices, cannot beat it.

Menu St. Louis

.:: Saturday, September 18th ::.

~ 10:48 AM ~

Neale is playing tennis with Matt. I am going for a ride. I also plan to mow the lawn. We want to sponge the walls too. The sponging process takes about 40 minutes.

We went for a ride yesterday afternoon and it was like a safety test. We had children wandering the path, a track team, an aggressive biker (which hit a kid in front of us), and suicidal rabbits. Needless to say, we passed the test.

I added pics of the drywall to the photos section. Please look at the bottom of the 'our home' page. The installation of the cabinets is planned for next Thursday. I plan to paint when I get a chance.

Yesterday morning I was watching the news and not quite awake yet. I saw a reporter and a car accident out of the corner of my eye. It was from Kansas and here is the video.

We might play pool tonight.

Enjoy the view

.:: Friday, September 17th ::.

~ 10:40 AM ~

Short, disturbing film about how to open a U-Lock with a ballpoint pen.

~ 10:15 AM ~

I mudded the whole kitchen last night. It took about five hours but the improvement was noticeable. We would sponge tonight but decided to take a night off from home improvement. We have one more layer to add and I can do that Sunday. A corner near the glass block window needs more work and may take a fourth coat plus actual sanding.

I may go for a ride this afternoon. I need to stop by Costco for some bulk items.

Bullfrog Films

.:: Thursday, September 16th ::.

~ 11:18 AM ~

We passed another building inspection. All that is left is the final inspection. The sponging of the drywall mud worked well. There are some rough spots but that is because there needs to be more mud applied in that area, usually a corner. This afternoon I will mud again and build up some corners, especially the ceiling where the old cabinets were in the previous design.

Mayflower leaves England

.:: Wednesday, September 15th ::.

~ 10:45 AM ~

I love you and you are beautiful.

I have been listening to Launch while at work. Neale started me doing this and she just lets it play while she is at her desk. I take the time to edit the song/artist choices a bit more since my desk time is more relaxing. The classroom is my stage and in these four walls, I take my shoes off and relax. Well, I was examining my artists in the 'my station' setting and it is electic. I have equal chance of hearing Gloria Gaynor or Material Issue or A Perfect Circle.

67% Jesus

.:: Tuesday, September 14th ::.

~ 11:24 AM ~

The drywalling of the kitchen is complete. The cornerbead is in place and it is sharp. I got a bit of a nick on my calf. The taping and mudding is in process. We did not start mudding until 8:30 and when you have been up for 15 hours, installed walls, and exercised (got to use the Soloflex), you should not mud for too long. It takes patience and touch. Britt gave me a quick tutorial and I will finish the first wave today. The key point is that "less is more" and keep the tool clean. We will sponge tomorrow. I believe we are going for a total of three coats of mud.

Today's Angry Millionaires: The Rangers

.:: Monday, September 13th ::.

~ 06:20 AM ~

We have walls! The drywalling is almost finished and we mud tonight. Cabinets will be installed next week.

Deep fried Oreos. Deep fried Oreos. What?

No light down south

.:: Saturday, September 11th ::.

~ 12:30 PM ~

We drywalled last night and it went ok. The old wood is tough to drill into and we have many outlets. But, it was progress. Today, I am going to remove the ceiling piece, finish fastening the sheets, and possibly hang some myself. There is a section on the west wall that does not require any cutting for outlets. The two inch screws in the old framing are too diffcult to sink. The one and a quarter inch nails were better. However, I need some even shorter screws for the landing area. So, a quick stop at Home Depot will supply us with nails better suited for our situation. I used Hometime as a resource and Britt has been very informative. Tomorrow, we finish the drywalling and start mudding. I will mud everyday until Tuesday.

I had an feeling this would happen... McYoga.

Neale is at Anna's first soccer game. We are going to ride and then I will start back in the kitchen.

We are aware it has been 3 years since 9/11. We remember those that were lost but we do not live in fear.

What not to say...dummy

.:: Friday, September 10th ::.

~ 10:24 AM ~

I am enjoying a Lifesaver Fusion. Lifesavers are the candy of choice in my office this semester.

I had a rough morning yesterday. I talked with Neale and we worked things out. The problem was not with her but the complexities of daily life in the recent months. It is frustrating at times. For example, I need an oil change but my dealership is still on strike. It has been six weeks. We are friends with the owners of the dealership. So, we call them to make sure that is ok to get an oil change at a Jiffy Lube or Valvoline. As you can see having to call a guy to do something to my car is just another one of those things that gets way too complicated in a matter of moments. As an adult, I would like to change my oil and get on to other tasks. This may not seem like much but taken in context, it is frustrating. We talked about it and worked it out.

I am also quite distrubed by the culture of fear and the producers & sellers of it. Why do they want to scare you?

We start dry walling tonight. Neale and I are going to get the materials this afternoon.

I went to a St. Louis Jobs with Justice meeting on Wednesday. It was uplifting. There is a Worker's Rights Board on Sept. 22nd and I will be attending.

Public Radio Fan

.:: Wednesday, September 8th ::.

~ 06:25 AM ~

There was a classic exchange between the US and Russia yesterday regarding the recent Chechnyan events. Remember, the Bush Doctrine contains the following clause: "do as we say, not as we do".

Most Censored News stories
Bush: OB/GYNs cannot practice their love with their patients

.:: Tuesday, September 7th ::.

~ 02:24 PM ~

My bike is ready. They were slow but cheap. I will be back on the trail on Friday.

An odd penny may help the Red Soxs. Buckner groans.

Its not beer but is still yummy. Mead!

~ 11:36 AM ~

That's not a knife. The video is priceless.


.:: Monday, September 6th ::.

~ 08:57 AM ~

We visited Stone Hill Winery, Adam Putcha Winery, and Hermann Brewpub. Overall, a nice group of establishments. The Vignoles was our personal preference and we will have some available if you visit.

I added photos from the Missouri Wine Country trip to the 'photos' page. In addition, I added the new kitchen framing to the bottom of the 'our home' page.

Today, I am patching the holes in the kitchen. The home inspector warned us of a possible fire hazard around the bathtub, plumbing stack, and above the stairs. The fire would run towards air (i.e. the basement or attic) and we need to prevent that path. However, the holes are awkward to reach so I plan to close the hole above the stairs with plywood and use fire retardant insulation on the others. The inspector referred Neale to mineral wool. I also plan to look at the odd piece in the ceiling. Britt has a theory that there were larger cabinets in the kitchen once and they attached to the ceiling. So, that odd piece in the ceiling need to be patched and dry walled along with the walls next weekend. The new cabinets will not reach the ceiling. I was planning to paint the ceiling but that can wait until after the dry walling. The electric is almost finished and Barry just has to tie into the breaker box.

I am taking tennis lessons in October and Neale is joining a pilates class. Both are offered through the Webster Rec center. Neale's class is an 8 week course and my tennis lessons consist of 8 classes.

Norton Grapes
Bush by the Numbers: 4 years of double standards

.:: Sunday, September 5th ::.

~ 10:44 AM ~

We are celebrating Labor Day by taking a trip to Missouri Wine Country. I believe we are having dinner at Stone Hill.

While we were playing Scrabble last night (Neale won...again), there was a noise outside (sound of claws scraping on the roof, a tap on the window). It must have been a raccon or a large bird. I went out to check twice but could not see anything.

I have no idea what this is
Bush supporters boo Bush's best wishes

.:: Friday, September 3rd ::.

~ 06:14 PM ~

When I got home, our electrician was missing. He has reappeared and is back to work.

I post some beer reviews over at Beer Advocate.

~ 10:38 AM ~

I adjusted my diet/eating habits recently to lose a few pounds. Overall, I am happy with my appearance but I am only a few pounds away from losing some belly fat and getting a flatter stomach. The Soloflex and yoga are working very well for me and some less body fat will help with my muscle definition. I freely admit that I well never run shirtless on the beach or in my front yard so this is mainly vanity. As everyone knows, I enjoy a good beer on the weekends and love brewing my own. Well, I had not had a beer or any alcohol for three weeks, which was fine and I have lost a few pounds. However, I was looking forward to having one to stray a bit from my "carb counting" and reward myself. Despite my avoidance of meat, I practice moderation with everything else. While reading the Riverfront Times (STL free weekly arts & entertainment paper) for good places to play pool, I discovered the best beer selection in the area according to readers. It is Corral Liquors in Granite City (small town in IL, near Alton) and their selection is the best I have ever seen (better than Binny's in Naperville, IL). Yesterday, I stopped by and picked up a few bottles. I found bottles of: Dogfish 120 IPA, Burgerbaur Rye, Hophead ale, and Young's Oatmeal. All rare in most stores and highly recommended by places like the Beer Advocate. The Dogfish 120 IPA is "the holy grail" for hop lovers and usually sells for $9 a bottle in bars. My bottle was $3 and Neale even liked it. But, after not having any alcohol for three weeks my hardy tolerance was gone and one bottle had me tipsy. Two bottles had me unable to operate heavy machinery or drive a car in the greater 50 states. Bear in mind, this was over the course of three hours. Well, as of Monday it is back to the counting but I am enjoying a pizza tonight. Once again, it is a very friendly Saint Louis thin crust so not a big sin.

I am painting the kitchen ceiling tomorrow and some of the hallway. Barry is at our home doing the wiring and he will be back on Monday.

Neale got her new mouse installed at work and loves it.

Homeland Security for gyms
What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.
Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth
Low-Carb? Not for too long if you Atkins

.:: Thursday, September 2nd ::.

~ 11:25 AM ~

I find you in the morning
After dreams of distant signs
You pour yourself over me
Like the sun through the blinds
You lift me up
And get me out
Keep me walking
But never shout
Hold the secret close
I hear you say
---Peter Murphy's "Cuts You Up"

In a bold move, I have switched to 80's alternative. Neale accused me of being stuck in the 70s.

I just finished making a posting in my online class about Islam and the misconceptions about the Islamic faith. At times, I am just one teacher battling the news, films, and local religious leaders. Do we condemn Christians because of Bosnia? No. Stop the confusion and take a sociology class. I'm going to get that made into a t-shirts or a bumper stickers. The same goes for 'Mad Cow Disease'. As much as I would like to have more people eat tofu, your burgers are safe. I passed a car the other day that had a bumper sticker that read: Stop Mad Cow Disease. Well, more people get trampled by cows each year. So, take a cue from the NYPD and RNC protesters, buy some plastic fencing and fence in some cattle today. Deaths from BSE are far rarer than getting trampled by our bovine friends.

~ 06:30 AM ~

Our inspector comes today and there should be more good news.

I am enjoying Allegro's Kenya Grand Cru, which is a full city roast and much milder than my usual French/Espresso roasts.

GOP does not reflect America
Cheerleaders for Truth

.:: Wednesday, September 1st ::.

~ 08:12 PM ~

The framing in the kitchen is great. We have to wait until the drywall is installed to do the pantry door though. However, it was a good step and the inspector comes tomorrow. Then, Barry does the electric on Friday.

Yoga Journal
STL Art Fair
Get Green

~ 11:47 AM ~

We have carpenters in our home. There will be good news when I get home.

Black Box Voting