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.:: Thursday, October 31st ::.

~ 05:16 PM ~

Have a safe Halloween.

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.:: Wednesday, October 30th ::.

~ 07:53 AM ~

We had snow, well just a little. It should be a cold night to trick-or-treat but we are going over to Dolores and Joe's home Thursday night. We are hoping for better numbers this year.

Daily .Wav
Cool Site of the Day
Movie Sound Database

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.:: Tuesday, October 29th ::.

~ 06:36 AM ~

I updated the film page last night but I will have to add a review for "Changing Lanes" soon.

Yahoo Odd news

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.:: Monday, October 28th ::.

~ 05:26 PM ~

I spent the afternoon organizing my students' exams. I was pleased, as the scores were better than the first exam for both classes.

It turned out Namesecure was having some problems over the weekend and that caused the problem with the pages not displaying. It has been the only problem with Namesecure since I have been using their service and I have been very satisfied with them.

I added more photos of Sami. She gets only cuter.

~ 07:06 AM ~

Neale and I went to Carrabbas Italian Grill on Friday. It was okay. It is a new location so it was busy. But after the hour and twenty minute wait, our server comped us some Sangria. My salad was good but the eggplant was salty. Neale's alfredo was nothing spectacular.

We rented Insomnia and Changing Lanes this weekend. Insomnia was very good and we will probably get to Changing Lanes this evening.

We went for a ride yesterday. It was just a quick 8 mile ride and saw plenty of deer. Some deer decided to use the bike path too and Neale is convinced their eyeing us for food.

The webspace is back. For some unexplained reason the pages were not available from late Friday afternoon to this morning. I contacted the two services I use (Tripod and Namesecure) and await explanation. It could be as simple as a change in servers.

On Thursday, the journal will be archived and a new one started.

No deals

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.:: Friday, October 25th ::.

~ 07:44 AM ~

I received more pics of Sami. I will post them soon.

I have an exam in both of my CSU classes today. We are going to try a new resturant, Carrabbas Italian Grill this weekend. Hopefully, it is nice Saturday or Sunday and we can take the bikes out.

History of Daylight Savings Time

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.:: Wednesday, October 23rd ::.

~ 08:20 AM ~

I added new photos of Sami. Sami is about 20 pounds and looking good.

ADA upheld but not in cyberspace

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.:: Monday, October 21st ::.

~ 03:06 PM ~

It is sunny afternoon. I am going for a walk before I get started grading papers. I only have a small pile left to do.

Update in writings.

The Academy of American Poets
Billy Collins

~ 08:09 AM ~

We went for a bike ride yesterday. We did a few miles on the Towpath. I made it a little past Boston Store and found out Peninsula is only 2.5 miles away. Next spring, I will try to make it from Boston to the Merrimann Valley (where we use to live). If it stays in the hi 50s, not too windy, and no rain we probably have a few more rides left this year.

I graded papers yesterday and almost was done with both classes. More grading today....

No More AOL CDs

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.:: Sunday, October 20th ::.

~ 09:27 AM ~

We saw Red Dragon last night and it was good. It did not topple Manhunter because William Petersen was more believable in the role of Graham than Edward Norton. In addition, the original, despite its 80s feel (more centered soundtrack presence in the film and bold colors similar to Mann's Miami Vice), did set a creepier atmosphere. Finally, Tom Noonan was creepier and more disturbed than Ralph Fiennes' version of the Tooth Fairy.

If you insist on talking during a movie (i.e. adding commentary, spoiling plot points, and feel the need tell everyone you have basic comprehensive skills), stay at home. Nobody appreciates this distraction.

Now THAT is Big Bird

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.:: Saturday, October 19th ::.

~ 10:27 AM ~

We went to the Mansfield Reformatory last night and were sorely disappointed. The wait was short and the fright nowhere to be found. The inside of the prison was creepy, the space tight but people dressed as ‘ghouls’, and a couple of chainsaws (minus chains) are not scary. The closet we got to a scare is when Neale and I were stuck in the dark for a few moments without our group. It would have been scarier if they went we a prison theme (guards and prisons) and just let us stand in the dark listening.

Tricking browsers

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.:: Friday, October 18th ::.

~ 06:04 PM ~

What's your political views? Ask the Political Compass. Mine: Economic Left/Right: -4.25 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -8.00

In the 80s

~ 06:52 AM ~

It is chilly in the morning and that has lead to windy, cold afternoons. We are hoping to get in one more ride before the season ends. I hope that this weekend will be nice for just a few hours.

We are going to the Mansfield Reformatory tonight. Tomorrow we are seeing "Red Dragon" with Dolores and Joe. We have seen all the Lecter films and even though this is a remake of our favorite ("Manhunter") we are looking forward to it.

I have the Halloween lights up on the porch and will be picking a pumpkin soon. Mom sent a box of goodies from Cheryl & Co which were great.

The Onion

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.:: Tuesday, October 15th ::.

~ 06:27 AM ~

Our Portland trip was great. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun. We did get to see a few sights in the area and may have some photos soon (thanks to Steve's digital camera).

Neale and I went for a ride on the towpath yesterday afternoon. We started at the Station Road Bridge and made it to Boston Shore.

I Use to Believe

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.:: Thursday, October 10th ::.

~ 08:43 PM ~

I went to the dentist today. Considering it had been 2 years since a cleaning it went well. They used a sonic brush (I forget the name) to clean my teeth and it went quickly. Plus, there were no cavaities or problems.

Neale is in Portland and I leave tomorrow morning.

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.:: Wednesday, October 9th ::.

~ 08:14 AM ~

My second LCCC class had their first exam and did well as a class. I was pleased. It is a ten-week course so we move faster than my other more traditional LCCC course and I was concerned on how they would perform.

I finished my course prep in the afternoon and was able to go for a ride in the early evening. I did a quick ten miles and went down Rt. 82 to the Meteropark for the first time yesterday. Despite being rush hour there wasn't a problem with traffic and the shoulder was actually in good shape. I don't recommend the ride down the shoulder for a nervous rider but it was better than I expected. Also, the ride back up the hill went well as the incline isn't too bad.

P & L

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.:: Monday, October 7th ::.

~ 07:35 AM ~

I went to the Ohio & Erie Towpath yesterday. I started at Lock 39 and traveled to Red Lock, which was an 8.75-mile trip. My goal was to make it to Boston Shore but I was not sure how much further it was south of Red Lock. I found out later it was only another 1.5 mile away. I also learned that the Towpath is more forgiving than the Meteropark for riding long distance. I averaged about 16 mph and my legs were still fresh when I completed my journey. The path was also beautiful as the leaves are turning and the canal was coated in many spots with a luscious green.

How and Why the Internet Broke

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.:: Sunday, October 6th ::.

~ 11:09 AM ~

Neale went shopping yesterday. She is using her bonus to round out her wardrobe. She found something nice for the upcoming wedding. Later we went for a ride together and accomplished 10.4 miles. The longest distance Neale has gone this season.

From Smattering.org: The Friday Five.

1. What size shoe do you wear?
:: 10 1/2. But, some of my shoes are 12's because they are more comfortable. Also shoe size is a distorted idea given that most companies make their own shoe size model. For example, running shoes are 11's and my dress shoes 12's.
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
:: 9 and I try to wear them all. I rotate my footwear especially during the summer. Also, I am not hard on shoes. I have had a pair of boots for 8 years and only had to have them resoled several years ago because J. Crew put on a weak sole. So, the shoes that wear out the quickest are my running shoes. They last about a year.
3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)?
:: During the summer I prefer my slides and sandals. For biking and walking I prefer my running shoes but I am considering a nice pair of Merrell trail shoes to replace my abused sneaks. I am also eyeing a pair of Merrell walking shoes for causal occassions & work.
4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite?
:: My favorite pair of shoes are my slides (brown, no heel, closed toe). They are Airwalks, about 5 years old and still in good shape. I only problem I had was that when I was conditioning them I did the insides (mistake!) and had brown feet during the summer, which I had to clean every night. Luckily, that has worn away and their back to being as comfortable and useful as house slippers. My slides inspired Neale to pickup a pair in both black and brown from Eastland.
5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes?
:: I spent $120 on a pair of dress slides from Kenneth Cole. Also, my "Brad Pitts" (?!?!) from Cole were alittle expensive. I don't mind paying for shoes because happy feet are very important to me. As the salesperson that sold us our bed said "you spend most of your life laying on your back or on your feet." He had a good point so my feet are happy and the bed is still great.

I worn Neale out for biking this weekend. I will be going by myself today...maybe the Towpath.

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.:: Saturday, October 5th ::.

~ 08:55 AM ~

I didn't get to ride last night. It rained. So, I went for a walk. The rain and wind added some resistance. When I got home, I was in the mood for a movie so I dialed-up "We Were Soliders". It was ok. I was expecting much. Sam Elliot was looking old and I swear Madeleine Stowe had some work done.

It's 9AM and time for Mystery Science Theater. The ep. is the terrible Giant Spider Invasion...Alan Hale needed a paycheck.


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.:: Friday, October 4th ::.

~ 07:19 AM ~

Java Magnetic Poetry

I didn't walk or bike last night. I decided to take a break. Neale walked during her lunch hour so she accomplished her goal for the day. I opted for some Chinese take-out and planned to bike today. Neale will be attending a co-workers celebration this afternoon as they got hired at the Board.

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.:: Thursday, October 3rd ::.

~ 06:26 AM ~

Logical Rudeness

No more blondes?

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.:: Wednesday, October 2nd ::.

~ 07:56 AM ~

I used the Polo Club gym last night. Neale worked late so the bike in the garage was unable. No problem but, I did contact the main office to see if they could locate another garage door opener. This morning we just went down together and I closed the garage after Neale left so I can access the bike when I get home. She has errands to run after work (groceries & returning a pair of pants) so she will not be able to ride. I will not be able to go to the bike path (unless I want to brave the mile of shoulder down to the park, which I have not done yet) but I will be able to get in some miles around the neighborhood.

I mailed some apps yesterday. I am looking for spring employment.

Quickie editorial: Leave Martha alone, go after the big fish.


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.:: Tuesday, October 1st ::.

~ 05:02 PM ~

I was able to grade all the papers for my 8AM class today at lunch, which frees up my evening. I may go for a ride this evening.

~ 06:18 AM ~

The MLB playoffs begin today.

I am showing the video "Obedience" in my morning class today. Despite being in B & W, it is one of better videos available on the subject.

We are Tivoing C.S.I: Miami since it is on at 10PM US Eastern. Neale likes it more than the original C.S.I. But, we both agree that Michael Mann's Robbery Homicide Division is well done. The last show we are looking forward to is 24.

American Diabetes Association
CDC Diabetes Public Health Resource

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.:: Monday, September 30th ::.

~ 07:05 PM ~

Neale got home early. She had a busy day of taking affidavits. She is watching Stand By Me, which is one of few King films I can stand (no pun intended). I am almost done filling out apps.

As time went on, we saw less and less of Teddy and Vern, until eventually they became just two more faces in the halls. It happens sometimes, friends come in and out of your life like busboys at a restaurant. -- Gordie, Stand By Me (1986)

Yes, I know it is the last day of 2002 MLB season. The Mets finished last. Ugh.

~ 04:05 PM ~

I am checking job openings and filling out some apps. Luckily, there are a few openings available. It is a very nice day here. I think I will be going for a walk later but my legs are sore from the riding I did yesterday. I managed to get closer to the end of the trail. Yes, it is my goal to do the whole path before it gets too cold outside to ride. I started at my last turn around point in the Rocky River Reservation and went north. When I reached my limit, I believe I was only about three miles from the end of the path. But, I could not quite finish as that part of trail is hilly and I was at my mileage limit for that afternoon. In all, I did fourteen miles and averaged about 16 mph. In addition, I was able to get a few more photos for the site.

Since I work in a large city, I get to see some odd things every once in awhile. Today, at the end of my first class, a man came up and started to adjust my overhead while I was talking with a few students. I had no idea what he was doing or if he was maintenance man. If he wants to play with the overhead and not bother me, then fine...enjoy.

I have almost finished Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. It was good but not as good as American Gods.

Newsradio really made me laugh this afternoon.

A Case to Define the Digital Age
Use it: Newsletters

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.:: Sunday, September 29th ::.

~ 10:19 AM ~

Yesterday was quite busy. In the afternoon, Neale went shopping. She was enjoying her bonus and adding a few items to her wardrobe. Also, I had some course prep to do. In the late afternoon, I installed Neale's bike computer so she can keep track of her distance, speed, and time. We went to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath. I got some pictures to add in the future.

SNL showed "The Best of Will Ferrell" last night and it was great. My personal favs are "The Cowbell" & his Gulae impression...so funny, so strange.

We will be going for a ride this afternoon.

Viking Kitties Sing Zeppelin

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.:: Friday, September 27th ::.

~ 05:34 PM ~

If the weather cooperates, Neale and I will be at the Race for the Cure tomorrow morning.

From Smattering.org The Friday Five.

1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?
:: I like to go for a walk, read, or explore the web.
2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands?
:: I change from the clothes I was wearing at work, get some water, and unpack my bags.
3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells?
:: Lavender.
4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself?
:: By myself.
5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't?
:: Exercise.

Make your own Bush speech

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.:: Thursday, September 26th ::.

~ 06:22 AM ~

Steve arrived in town last night and we had dinner at Don Pablos. It was good to see him. He is in town on business related to his new self-employed profession in real estate.

Hey, DAYPOP is back!!!

Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater (he was Servo and Bobo) fame has a new book called "A Year at the Movie: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey".

Talking during the movie?!?!
Dream Moods
Classic Reader

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.:: Wednesday, September 25th ::.

~ 07:39 AM ~

Steve visits today. We are taking him out to dinner tonight.


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.:: Tuesday, September 24th ::.

~ 06:15 AM ~

I start my second course at LCCC this afternoon. I am looking forward to it. However, since I am teaching 4 courses this semester, I am working on keeping them all straight. My three other courses are well into their respective texts but this course starts the journey all over again. Keeping them all separate isn't really a problem; it is just the first time I have had this situation.

We watched "Artificial Intelligence: A.I." last night. It wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't that good either. We both like Spielberg and I love many of Kubrick's films. But, this movie is full of heartbreak and loss. If Spielberg injected the feeling and sentiment that was lacking in Kubrick's original vision of the film, then I thank him because without those touches this would have been a horror film. We both understand the point of the film (real vs. not-real, what is real?, what is human?, etc.) but the last hour of film left us emotionally drained. Maybe I haven't had enough time to reflect but it is safe to say I will not be able to rewatch this movie for quite some time. In homage to other films on the subject of 'real', this film is full of elements from other films.


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.:: Sunday, September 22nd ::.

~ 07:28 PM ~

We went for a ride this afternoon after Neale reviewed some notes. We have worked out a new arrangement where Neale drops me off about 6 miles from where she starts riding. I head the opposite direction from her for about 5 miles and then head back towards her. So, I get my usual 13-17 miles in and she gets use to the bike path. In all, we both get an hour of quality riding in. I explored a few new areas this weekend. I have been meaning to take the camera along but I forgot.

We are watching the Sopranos and hanging out this evening.

I added four new photos to Neale's family and friend's page. Please check out the photos section and scroll down to the link. The photos are from Neale's trip in August to St. Louis.

~ 10:03 AM ~

We saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night. Quite good. Despite being out for 4 months, it was sold out on a September saturday night.

We are looking forward to Steve, Neale's father, visiting this week. He will be in town for business.


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.:: Saturday, September 21st ::.

~ 08:38 AM ~

From Smattering.org The Friday Five.

1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?
:: Yes, if they have email. I use it to talk with friends, colleagues, and students. But, my letter writing is lacking.
2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?
:: I prefer email because it is easy. Also, meeting in person is best. I do like using the phone but I have to ready to talk to the person. Snail mail is good for business and professional needs (i.e. sending apps) still. I do write blog entries and people do enjoy them but they do not spark conversation (yet).
3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?
:: I use MSN Messenger but mostly to notify me if I received an email while I am online. Nobody I know uses Messenger so there is little instant messenging done.
4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?
:: Most of my friends live far away. Neale has more friends in the area.
5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?
:: Distance does make the heart grow fonder. When Neale was in Terre Haute and DC, I was sick with fondness.

Neale has some work to do today. I am planning on going for a ride. The weather should cooperate this weekend.

Web Attack

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.:: Thursday, September 19th ::.

~ 12:15 PM ~

I like to teach. No, I love to teach. I feel that I am making a difference when I am doing it. I also know that it is a job like many others. I know that jobs have negative and positive aspects. But, I did not believe or agree that a negative aspect of my job is students' abilities especially when they are first year students. On occasion I have to be in the uncomfortable situation when another instructor complains about students' abilities. I find it shameful and disgusting that another instructor would complain about that. Maybe it is because I remember what it was like to be a first year student. I wish other instructors would remember what it was like for them during the first year or two of college before they were sooooo distinguished (yes, that is sarcasm). I wish they would remember that teaching is a privilege. I go to class each day mindful that I have that privilege. Maybe we don't get paid enough, maybe the hours could be better but it is a privilege. I value that I get to teach and I do not value those that complain about it. There are many jobs available. For those of us that really want to help students and want to provide opportunities for them to be the best they can, let us. If you don’t, leave and find another job that rewards your hubris.

American Association of Community Colleges

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.:: Wednesday, September 18th ::.

~ 08:32 AM ~

100 Words a College Student Should Know

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.:: Tuesday, September 17th ::.

~ 01:47 PM ~

Dumb Laws

~ 11:54 AM ~

The students took the news on the exam rather well. They did fine as a class so I expected they would. But, then they did something odd as a class. I use the overhead regularly and LCCC has the screen set up in the corner of the class against the windows and next to the overhead lights. I have been leaving the lights on in this class room up until today. They said as a class they wanted the lights off. It was weird. Usually it is like one or two people but this was like a concentrated effort. I like the lights down anyhow and at CSU we have the dimmers. I feel it also helps participation.

~ 06:43 AM ~

It seems like simple graffiti and defacing of public property but the Britney Underground reveals a deeper meaning.

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.:: Monday, September 16th ::.

~ 08:39 PM ~

We went for a bike ride. It is a cool night and it is getting darker earlier. We may have to move the bike riding together to the weekends.

Neale is making potato soup for herself. I have some gnocchi and wonder what I could with it tomorrow...hmmm.
A) Gnocchi alla Giordano B) Ricotta Gnocchi C) Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola. Ah no, it isn't a light meal. I will probably just do a red sauce....keep it simple.

~ 05:39 PM ~

Although Comedy Central keeps moving it around and changing the cast, I enjoy "Beat The Geeks".

What happen to Daypop?

I would like to give a big thank you to those that visit the site regularly and enjoy the content. Please keep comin' back.

~ 07:49 AM ~

The Sopranos debut was good and the food was great. We had fun.

It was a very wet weekend and it kept me from riding. But, I will try to make it out this week.

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.:: Sunday, September 15th ::.

~ 09:35 AM ~

We watched The Young Sherlock Holmes last night. We hadn't seen it in awhile and it was good.

We are going over to Dolores & Joe's tonight to watch "The Sopranos" premiere. Several people from Neale's work will be there.

Call For Help

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.:: Saturday, September 14th ::.

~ 10:18 AM ~

Neale is getting a haircut and then heading up to work. I believe I am pretty caught on course prep at the moment (unless there is a surprise lurking...must check).

From Smattering.org The Friday Five.

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
:: In high school, I liked my AP English course. I was given good books to read and I have never stopped reading since. In college, sociology of course.
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
:: In high school my favorite teacher was Mr. Heagney (AP English) and in college Dr. Menedez (Social Movements & Pop Culture). Both are still teaching.
3. What is your favorite memory of school?
:: Sports, parties, and graduation.
4. What was your favorite recess game?
:: Four-square and soccer.
5. What did you hate most about school?
:: Too much study hall and I should have taken a computer course.

"Well I did not think the girl...could be so cruel...and I'm never going back...to my old school" -- Steely Dan "My Old School"

Neale's Alton High
Chris' Yorkville High

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.:: Thursday, September 12th ::.

~ 01:12 PM ~

I installed Windows XP Service Pack 1 on Tuesday and it made a few noticeable changes to our PC. I was able to use the Express function through Windows Update and it took about 2 1/2 hours. However, it was another few gigibytes of disk space taken up on our hard drive. I understand why newer PCs ship with two hard drives or one HUGE 120 GB drive. Operating systems are not getting any smaller.

Kill Pop-Ups

Tucows' Top Utilities to Have


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.:: Wednesday, September 11th ::.

~ 07:12 AM ~

Neale will be staying home today and I will be teaching. However, we will both remember the day, as I am sure you will too.

US Plans Quiet 9/11 Observances
Librarians' Index for 9/11 & beyond

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.:: Monday, September 9th ::.

~ 07:55 AM ~

Neale went for a ride yesterday in the early afternoon and got some work in. Later, I went out after cleaning the car (the air conditioner had a leak so I had to scrub the carpet) and rode for 17.4 miles. Plus, I explored a few bridle trails. Luckily, I didn't find any horses. Since buying the bikes back in late July, I have put on 172 miles, which has been very fun.

Neale watched the classic "The Breakfast Club" yesterday. "So it's sorta social...demented and sad, but social. Right? " -- Bender

Things you wish your computer had...

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.:: Sunday, September 8th ::.

~ 12:05 AM ~

Neale and I watched Rear Window again last night... Hitchcock always great.

The Morning News

Listening to....

"If I only could, I'd be running up that hill.
If I only could, I'd be running up that hill."

It doesn't hurt me.
Do you want to feel how it feels?
Do you want to know that it doesn't hurt me?
Do you want to hear about the deal that I'm making?
You, it's you and me.

And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
If I only could, oh...

You don't want to hurt me,
But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware I'm tearing you asunder.
Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts.

Is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don't we?
You, it's you and me.
It's you and me won't be unhappy.

And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building,
Say, if I only could, oh...

It's you and me,
It's you and me won't be unhappy.

"C'mon, baby, c'mon darling,
Let me steal this moment from you now.
C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
Let's exchange the experience, oh..."

And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
With no problems.

And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
With no problems.

And if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
With no problems.

If I only could
Be running up that hill
With no problems...

"If I only could, I'd be running up that hill.
If I only could, I'd be running up that hill."

"Running Up That Hill" from The Whole Story...lyrics courtsey of Kate Bush Lyrics

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.:: Saturday, September 7th ::.

~ 09:06 AM ~

I uploaded some photos from this summer. Neale rides a bike, the snaps from the USAF Musuem, and a pic of Neale's office building. Also, two more pics of Sami in photo series number five and a nice photo of Jacob's Field from June.

From Smattering.org The Friday Five.

1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?
:: I dislike aggressive drivers. Their dangerous and rude.
2. What irritating habits do you have?
:: I'm not very sociable with new people. I seem aloof and uninterested but I am really just unsure of how to approach them.
3. Have you tried to change the irritating habits or just let them be?
:: I try to be more open to new people and since I do public speaking everyday I have gotten better.
4. What grosses you out more than anything else? Why?
:: Misplaced bodily fluids, which is rather vague but to be polite, I prefer them in their proper receptacles.
5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do?
:: Working to the point I forget what's really important...quality time with family and friends.

PC Pitstop

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.:: Thursday, September 5th ::.

~ 06:15 PM ~

Give platelets and get free stuff.

Yes, another pin to add to Bobby Blood Drop. Oh, he is happy.

Pierre's French Ice Cream Co.

~ 06:32 AM ~

Neale tried the bike path and did well. We started in a picnic area parking lot and then went over to one of our usual starting points when we walk together. She did fine on the narrow path and I was able to get in my usual distance/time. We will go out together this weekend.

After missing a month, I am donating platelets this afternoon. Click here to read more about apheresis.

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.:: Tuesday, September 3rd ::.

~ 05:16 PM ~

Neale had some errands to run yesterday and I had some prep to do. So, we went for a bike ride in the late afternoon. But, as luck would have it, it decided to rain. Rain hard. So, we're trying again today. Neale should be home soon.

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.:: Monday, September 2nd ::.

~ 11:40 AM ~

July Fourth photos have been added to the Photo page.

~ 10:03 AM ~

I have alittle work to do as my LCCC class has their first exam coming up. I believe I will grade their exams by hand but I think I am making scantron (those scannable sheets with the little circles) the norm at CSU. With three classes, I may not have the time to grade everything by hand like I have been doing.

Later, we are going for a ride.

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.:: Sunday, September 1st ::.

~ 11:43 PM ~

We went to the USAF Museum today. They had many good displays and plenty of information. We took a few pictures, which will be posted soon. On the way home, we stopped by Uno Bar & Grill for dinner and it was good. I have been working on my recipe for deep-dish pie at home and I really want their crust recipe. Going to search online for it....

We planned to see Signs last night but the drive-in didn't let viewers switch screens. So, we did see the really, really bad FearDotCom, which was suppose to be filler before seeing Signs. Fear was simply thee worst movie I have ever paid to see.

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.:: Saturday, August 31st ::.

~ 07:26 PM ~

Neale rode today. We will tackle the bike path together soon. I did about 17 miles today and tried a few unpaved trails.

We are going to the drive-in tonight. We will have to suffer through Fear.com first and are looking forward to Signs.

~ 08:23 AM ~

Neale and I got the desire to play some pool so we went to Dave and Busters in Westlake to play. The tables are great and the atmosphere is very good. Our server was great. We did not play any other games but we did get our fill of pool. We tied two games each.

We are planning to take a trip down to Dayton tomorrow to see the USAF Museum. There are several events in Cleveland this weekend (Browns game last night, Taste of Cleveland, Air Show, and an Oktoberfest) but we have been planning to see the USAF Museum all summer so now is a good time. I believe we are going to the drive-in tonight after we go biking.

Dolores passed along some pictures from July 4th. I will post those soon. Also look for pictures of the bike path and the USAF Musuem soon.

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