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.:: Saturday, August 30th ::.

~ 09:21 AM ~

Neale is once again in Greenville, IL finishing an affidavit. I have already completed the cleaning and laundry. So, I am enjoying MST3K's "Quest of the Delta Knights", which is a good episode.

Despite the warning of thunderstorms, I plan on going for a ride today. Yesterday, the path was empty after the rains.

Since I am eating lunch at work, I decided to bring lunch at least 4 of the 5 days. Dierberg's frozen veg section has a good selection so I want to try everything and provide my impressions.

First: Woodstock Organics
Lentil Soup...B/B+....Power Lunch Soup...B+/A-.....Santa Fe Black Bean Soup...B.

Realbeer.com: St. Louis Beer Guide
Rate Beer [ Beer Reviews, Beer Information and Beer Ratings ]

.:: Friday, August 29th ::.

~ 12:05 PM ~

My first week teaching at L & C is finished. I received my office furniture yesterday and it is very nice. I am still considering painting. I will paint, it is the choice of color we are considering. Soon, I will be able to add some lamps.

Our weekend is mostly unplanned. Neale has some work to do but I am caught up. On Monday, Britt & Kelly are having dinner for family.

CD Freaks

.:: Thursday, August 28th ::.

~ 11:08 AM ~

My first week at L & C has gone well. Classes are fun and the students are getting use to being back in the classroom. I am also getting use to my new schedule, which has not been a problem. I am mixing up the deliveries in order to keep material organized for me. Later today, I am getting a refresher on WebCT, which is the software they use for web-based instruction at this college.

Americans United for the Separation of Chruch and State

.:: Sunday, August 24th ::.

~ 08:45 AM ~

We visited Gateway Arch yesterday and I have posted the pics on the Photos page. The Arch has changed as you can buy tickets online and have appointments to ride the tram. However, the tram is still all-original.

We had dinner on the Hill at Gian-Tony and it was excellent. Earlier, we visited a few neighborhoods where we are interested in homes. It is only the beginning of the search.

My classes start tomorrow. The first day is basically a discussion of the syllabus and a chance for us to get to know each other.

St. Louis Attractions

.:: Friday, August 22nd ::.

~ 11:22 PM ~

We are planning to do some free tourist activities around St. Louis tomorrow. It was cooler than the last few days here today so the weather should be bearable tomorrow.

We got our US Bank account. However, I will be in better spirits after the trip to the DMV is a success next week.

I decided to go with EMS Free Surfer Mk II. So far, it is very nice.

~ 08:58 AM ~

I needed a new Pop Up Stopper for my work machine and the one I use currently at home is no longer free. Links to my possible replacements are below....

Avant Browser, a tabbed browser with Flash Filter, Popup Stopper, Cleaner and Google Search
EMS-Project - EMS Free Surfer mk II

~ 07:53 AM ~

It is the last day of my in-service week and I have a new faculty roundtable to attend. I am also moving the last box of books, some desk supplies and a carpet. I am waiting to decorate my office after my new furniture arrives. I currently have some temporary furniture. I did receive my new Dell yesterday but I have not had too much time to explore it. Of course, it is a very nice machine.

We are heading to US Bank to establish our new account this afternoon.

We made a promise to explore St. Louis this weekend so expect more photos soon.

Sobig fastest e-mail infection ever

.:: Wednesday, August 20th ::.

~ 07:50 AM ~

I have a faculty union lunch to attend today. I finished my syllabi prep this morning and will make copies later this week.

At our local park, we found a sign for Budweiser Sports League and we are interested.

Google News

.:: Tuesday, August 19th ::.

~ 07:30 AM ~

Yesterday, we had an all-day workshop on critical thinking. There are meetings all week and I am prepping for my courses. Later today, I have an HR meeting. My office is not finished so I am prepping at home. It should be finished soon.

I updated the photo page. I added pictures of our current home and my new car.

Jimmy John's: Jimmy John's Website
Mr. Goodcents

.:: Friday, August 15th ::.

~ 06:36 AM ~

Yesterday went well. I met a few people and they were all very nice. I moved my books into my office and sorted the old texts left by my predecessor. I still have a few boxes to move over to LC and I will do that over the next week. I kept some of his videos, which are always handy. I will be getting some new office furniture, a phone and a PC soon. I am on the fifth floor of Caldwell Hall in the main LC complex. I have a window with a view of the front of campus. I also did a few things that are a part of today's new faculty orientation like pick up my keys, parking passes, and finish my HR paperwork. A nice benefit is the faculty-staff-student exercise complex, which I will use in the future. I have been using our complex's facilities but when we move to a home, I will need a gym. I plan to workout before I come home but still walk or ride with Neale.

What I learned yesterday: Lewis & Clark use to be a Womenís' College until the late sixties.

I am presently teaching six classes this semester, which is one more than usual. There is a surge in enrollment at LC so they added an extra class. However, the planning was excellent and my class schedule is well organized. I have to keep 10 hours of office hours and I plan to do my prep during my office time. My first class is 8AM so I plan to leave home about 6:45. It has taken me 50 minutes each time I have driven to LC but morning traffic and construction may slow my morning commute down. When they finish the construction on 270, it will be a good thing.

I picked up my Lancer's owner manual and it does not say how much fuel is left when the low fuel indicator light comes on. Neale knows that her light tells her that she has about 30 miles of fuel left. I am keeping track of my mileage using my trip meter and I will drive it until the light comes on this week so I have an idea. I will ask my service rep during my first schedule maintenance next month.

Neale is in the field and should be back Saturday afternoon. We had some cell phone problems last night as our calls were dropped twice.

Traffic.com - St. Louis - Traffic Map
Howstuffworks: "How Power Grids Work"

.:: Thursday, August 14th ::.

~ 08:25 AM ~

The vent was installed and they did a good job. It took from 8 until 3 so I guess they only do one unit a day. Nevertheless, it works and looks great. They even did the internal installation.

I attempted to find the Katy Trail yesterday but I did not. In addition, it started raining.

I am moving into my LC office today. I have some books and furniture to move.

Neale has her first overnight since the move to St. Louis. She will be back on Saturday.

I am considering fasting for a few days in the next month or so. It will be a juice fast.

The Agonist--Breaking, Balanced News From Around The Globe
MS Tech Net: Blaster Info

.:: Wednesday, August 13th ::.

~ 08:16 AM ~

The external dryer vent installation crew is here. They are taking out the ceiling in the utility room. They are clearing a way towards the outside wall.

Yesterday, we went for a ride around the Creve Coure Lake. It is a 6-8 mile trip. It is a wide paved trail and follows a lake. Then, it circles around an athletic field and a cornfield.

Last night, we watched Big Brother and continue to enjoy it because it is the reality TV that we can do. We cannot eat odd animal parts or date but we can sit around and gossip. Then, we enjoyed The O.C. which I think is based in some sentimentality for 90210 or Melrose Place. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is still fun yet it does have some drawbacks. However, I am looking for some styling paste and considering a new haircut.

My Lancer is great.

I have switched over to the Pilot G2...great pen.

Pilot Pen

.:: Tuesday, August 12th ::.

~ 07:43 AM ~

Our washer and dryer were delivered this morning. We purchased them from Best Buy and had them financed. We went with Whirlpool because of the reviews. However, there is a slight problem with the dryer vent, which I am looking into.

Neale's new office is working out great. The traffic is less, the hours are better, the caseload smaller, and her office is bigger. She does have to travel more but it will balance out with the smaller caseload. The people are great so far.

I plan to move into my office this week when I get the word from my division head. I am planning to keep all my books and old class materials in my office. It is considered good practice to keep student papers for a year or two. So, I have materials from when I started at CSU. All I need is some file cabinets in my office. If I read the campus map at L & C correctly, my office will be in the main building, which is a large stone building.

We watched Anatomy of a Shark Bite last night. It was good but could have been an hour.

RepairClinic.com - HomePage
BobVila.com - The Ultimate Home Site

.:: Saturday, August 9th ::.

~ 12:44 PM ~

....No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on...Oh no

It is a sunny and breezy day in Saint Louis. It is quite nice for August in Missouri. It was a busy week. I drove from Cleveland to St. Louis on Tuesday. We started unpacking on Wednesday. I had a majority of the boxes gone and a rough sort done by the evening. The dish is back up, the phone works, my car is great, and Neale got a great deal at Cingular (free phone and $40 a month including their "roll-over minutes" promotion). The house is almost together as we have the bed left to organize (we lost a bracket in the move but that should be solved this afternoon) and the pictures need to be placed on the walls. Despite being bruised, sore, and suffering from moments of anxiety over the week, it has gone very well. We only lost the bed bracket, one glass, a kitchen canister, and a glass in a picture frame in the move. So, it is almost done. We will have pictures to share and post soon. The division of labor in our household worked well as we both played to our strengths. We are also proud to be done unpacking as we know some people take months to unpack. We still have to purchase a washer & dryer and find a new phone.

Neale starts work on Monday and has already visited the office. Things are different in the St. Louis office but for the better. We plan to head down on Sunday to move in to the office. I will probably go over to Lewis and Clark on Wednesday and my first day is the 15th. I have an orientation and in-service week coming up.

Tonight is Neale's high school reunion at Lewis & Clark.

Despite our three years at the Polo Club and the installation of DirecTV, we actually got our security deposit coming back in about a month. Neale thought we would be penalized for the dish installation but it worked out for the best.

Cingular Wireless

.:: Saturday, August 2nd ::.

~ 03:59 PM ~

I received more information about my new job. I have been placed on a new faculty roundtable as my first committee assignment. I believe it will be my only committee this year.

I watched "Sweet Lorraine" this morning, nice film. I have about 12 channels and plenty of time this weekend.

Neale says we are moved in to our new place. I will do the unpacking Wednesday and work with the DirecTV installer. I should have the place back to normal soon.

My comfortable Airwalk slides failed me. They lasted six years and have been replaced by a pair of Merrell Primos.


.:: Thursday, July 31st ::.

~ 12:46 PM ~

My CSU class had its last regular class meeting. Monday we have an exam and it is all over but the grading.

Although, I plan not to document the move, I will post pictures of my new car, our home, offices, and my journey to St. Louis by early September.

I made some small updates throughout the site.

BBC News

.:: Wednesday, July 30th ::.

~ 10:55 AM ~

After finishing my exam and study guide last night, I went in pursuit of food. It was hunting and gathering because I am in a new part of town and one that does not cater to veggie meals. After getting off the Jennings Highway, I passed 4 burger places, one fried chicken outlet, one fish restaurant, and a Subway. I was not in the mood for Subway since I was guessing that they did not have the veggie patty (not many Subways around here do). So, I decided to go to Super K to gather some breakfast goods (my room is an 'efficiency suite' so I have a kitchette). I found some MiniWheats, milk, OJ, apples, coffee, and bagels. Then, I moved on to dinner. There was one option available in the frozen food aisle...Mac and cheese, which is a bit rich for me. I really do not want to cook in my room but PB&J was not sounding too good and the same for pizza. Simply, I missed Giant Eagle. Hard to believe but our Giant Eagle had veggie-friendly ready meals (veggie sushi and egg rolls plus a veg frozen section) and some choices (besides frozen pizza) in the regular frozen aisle. In the end, I settled for Schlotzskys Deli. I will have to make a trip to Chipotle before leaving...soon and I already miss cooking. I may try carrying out from a nearby resturant but I do not feel like eating alone in a resturant.

Speaking of sushi, I plan to roll my own soon. But, I will not be using any instructions found here. Disturbing.

My plans for the weekend are seeing a movie, maybe three. Seabiscuit is a strong contender.

BBC News

.:: Tuesday, July 29th ::.

~ 03:37 PM ~

I dropped Neale at the airport and I am at my CSU office to make my last exam.

My truck has moved on. We donated it to Our Lady of the Wayside this afternoon. Although sad, it is for the best. Neale picks up my new car tonight and I am sure I will be very happy with it when I get there next week.

~ 07:51 AM ~

We are packed and out of the Polo Club. Currently, we are at an Extended Stay and it is nice. I have a weekly rate and it works out to $35 dollars a night. For $35 a night, this place is very nice. Neale leaves today and I am in Cleveland until next week. The move went well and my packing saved time. They were done moving in an hour and a half. We highly recommend Two Men and A Truck. In sad news, today is my truck's last day with me. It is no longer an everyday vehicle and is off to help someone else.


.:: Saturday, July 26th ::.

~ 08:46 AM ~

The boxes are filled, the truck is here, and I am a little sore. The ABF trailer arrived yesterday and we got the spot we wanted for it. The Polo Club management worked with us on reserving parking spots, which was nice. We have been model residents so it is nice to see something in return because we will not see our security deposit (remember those DirecTV holes in the wall for the cables). I finished all the heavy boxes yesterday and was able to stack to the ceiling of the trailer. We have about 15 cubic feet as an estimate and wish to not go over. Today, I will finish the smaller boxes and move some small furniture. Hopefully, Sunday I will get to do some grading and have my part in the move finished. The PC will be packed late Sunday night. On Monday, movers will come from Two Men and A Truck to move our living room furniture, TV, and bedroom furniture. By Monday noon, we should have the apartment cleaned, our keys turned in, and on our way to our hotel. Neale leaves Tuesday afternoon and I leave the following Tuesday when my CSU course is finished. My LCCC course ended last night.

Neale is at work tying up some loose ends.

When I get to St. Louis, I have to coordinate the DirecTV installation and finalize the delivery of our washer & dryer. Neale is going to Wisconsin for Kristen's wedding the second weekend of August and the following weekend is Alton High's reunion. She will have a few days off from the board.

Tonight, in a break from moving, we are having dinner and seeing a movie.

In Senate, Stiff Resistance to a Drug-Import Bill

.:: Wednesday, July 23rd ::.

~ 11:42 AM ~

My class was great this morning.

Neale's birthday went well. We went to the Fulton Bar & Grill last night.

With my truck not selling and our time in Ohio coming to a close, we are considering donating my vehicle to Our Lady of the Wayside, which will help people in the community and provide us with a tax deduction. It feels good to do this.

Iran confirms holding top al-Qaida operatives...in jail

.:: Tuesday, July 22nd ::.

~ 06:20 AM ~

Happy Birthday Neale! She says thanks for the cards and gifts. We are going out to dinner to celebrate.

The farewell party over the weekend was fun. Thanks to everyone for attending.

I started packing the boxes. I have most of the kitchen done. Probably finish the kitchen today and finish the second bedroom closet too.

No takers on the truck yet. We lack a high visible spot to show the truck but have the options of donating the truck to a local charity for a tax deduction or giving a used car lot a visit later this week. It will be moved and something received in return, which is fine for us.

CDC Travelers' Health

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.:: Friday, July 18th ::.

~ 09:21 AM ~

Well, no takers on the truck yet. There is still time before we consider other options.

There is a farewell party for us tomorrow.

We are cleaning out the fridge and planning on dining out next week. These occassion call for creative cooking.

An American dominates the course and Americans still do not follow the Tour De France.

Yahoo! News - U.S. Children Fatter but Less Violent, Report Says

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.:: Wednesday, July 16th ::.

~ 04:49 PM ~

It is a nice day here and we are going for a ride.

What's for dinner at the Red Kitchen?

IP Chicken - Find Your IP Address!

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.:: Tuesday, July 15th ::.

~ 04:26 PM ~

I picked up more moving supplies today. Soon, we will start to fill the boxes. However, next week begins the big push.

Neale's birthday is soon. She wants to go to the Fulton Grill for dinner next Tuesday.

My class this morning was a bit rough because I was bothered by the attendance. It was the day after an exam and a few people decided to take off. Considering that this is a summer course, missing a day is significant and assignments cannot be made up.

I have 8 days left in my Internet course, which has gone well.

Tired of the same old Google? Try BananaSlug.

Symantec Security Response - Search and Expanded Threats Page

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.:: Monday, July 14th ::.

~ 07:26 PM ~

My tamales were great. But, it is not a quick meal as they take an hour to steam.

We got our new lease today and my roadside coverage package from Mitsubishi. If anything on the powertrain breaks down while under the 7 year/100,000 mile warranty, I get a free tow to a dealership for repairs of warrantee parts. So far, I am very pleased with them.

The Home Run Derby is tonight and the All-Star game is tomorrow. This time it counts....unless it is cancelled.

NOW: Transcript - Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewart | PBS

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.:: Sunday, July 13th ::.

~ 8:31 AM ~

We broke even at Dave & Busters and got some stuff for our efforts. Of course, we got our t-shirts but we also picked up some mugs, a CD wallet (which Neale actually needed), candles, and I got a new hat to wear biking. In all, good clean fun.

Neale is playing tennis today (yes, not with me...I need lessons...or something) with Rudy. Yesterday, her serve was not up to par and she made some unforced errors. However, I am sure Rudy will see a different player today. We are going biking in the afternoon.

Next weekend, there is a "going away" party for us and then we start packing. We have collected a huge pile of boxes and they are living in our dining area. Since they are broken down, an accurate count is tough but I am estimating 50-70 medium & large cardboard boxes. I would take a picture but I am slightly embarrassed to have a pile of boxes in my home. This week, I get tape and moving blankets. Neale has promised to find newspapers.

Want to buy a truck? My ad for the S-10 appears in the Trading Times this week. Best offer! Priced to move (literally).

The Joel Stein.com
Tenet admits error in approving Bush speech

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.:: Saturday, July 12th ::.

~ 3:11 PM ~

I ordered two containers of Rock n Roll Extreme Lube from Airbomb because I haven't been entirely satisfied with Finish Line Cross Country. After reading the reviews over at MtbREVIEW.com, I was impressed by the consensus on the product. Since most of those riders spend a lot of time in mud and water, I figure the two containers should last us for a considerable time. I am using the chain cleaning regime from Web Mountain Bike.com and it is working for me. Since the trails have been wet and some get run-off from the surrounding rivers & streams, keeping the chain clean has been more of a concern this year.

~ 1:36 PM ~

Last night went well. I picked Neale up about midnight. I really noticed last night how badly some people were driving. Considering Ohio recently dropped its legal limit to .08, there should be a few more arrests.

Neale is playing tennis this afternoon with Rudy, a friend from the board and I am going to a ride when she gets back. I installed a new set of brakes last night and cleaned my chain (the paths have been wet). The brakes I bought at Dicks had posts that were too big so I had to go to MC Sports (they were out), Tim's Cycle (recently out of business), and back to Dicks. At Dicks, a friendly salesperson gave me a free set of brakes considering they only had the one set on hand. He went in the back and came out with a set I could use. I installed them (which was easier than the front installation) and was up and riding. Considering it will be even warmer where we will be moving, I also installed another bottle rack.

Since we are only a hundred or so tickets short of a prize (yes, only a free t-shirt) at Dave & Busters, we are heading there tonight to win a few more times and turn in our tickets. We are not sure the tickets transfer so we want to get something for our efforts. Neale is looking forward to the "coin-pushing" game, which fulfills the slot machine fascination we had in Vegas.

I watched "Motel Hell" last night on AMC. WHAT happen to AMC? Thankfully, an episode of "League of Gentlemen" was on BBCA.

I made enchiladas for lunch. Tomorrow, I am attempting tamales for the first time.

Remember "Duck and Cover"? or "Big Man on Campus"? How about "When You Are a Pedestrian"? Then, check out the Internet Movie Archive.

Mountain bike product and mountain bike trail reviews: MtbREVIEW.com

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.:: Friday, July 11th ::.

~ 06:59 AM ~

I am up early on my day off because Neale needs a ride to work. She is going out tonight with her coworkers/friends and does not want to be concerned with driving. Believe this is to responsible, not that she is going to be dancing on a bar or the like. Well, that is what she tells me.

With my day completely clear from grading (I am all caught up), I plan to install a new set of brakes on my bike. The rear brakes are done and since I had success replacing the front ones, I feel I am up for the task.

We watched "Murder by Numbers" last night and it was not as bad as we expected. Not a memorable film by any means but a nice change for Sandra Bullock and good to see Ben Chaplin working. What happen to Chris Penn?

Listening to: Poi Dog Pondering's "Liquid White Light"

MyQuiz! - Make a Cool Quiz and Question your Friends Online
Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign, 2004 - Official Website
White House 'lied about Saddam threat'

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.:: Thursday, July 10th ::.

~ 11:31 AM ~

I do not know if it is related but I have a headache today after I used the new machine at the Red Cross to donate. The process takes plasma, plateletts, and red blood cells. It is quicker than the previous method. I don't know for sure so I will jump to any conclusions. I plan to continue to donate in St. Louis.

Time to leave Ohio... Jerry Springer is announcing his run for the Senate.

Columbia World of Quotations
Bush on AIDS in Botswana

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.:: Wednesday, July 9th ::.

~ 10:17 AM ~

Wet...did you say wet? Oh, yes more rain. It was a downpour on the way to work.

Like moths to a flame, Neale and I jumped onto the Big Brother 4 bandwagon. We have taken a break from "reality TV" since Survivor and only watched a few episodes of America's Top Model. America's Top Model drew our interest because looking attractive is hardly a skill so it isn't much of a game show. Rather, it is more of a documentary on the competitve nature of modeling, which we profess no knowledge of that industry.

~ 06:36 AM ~

I will donate for the last time in Ohio today. I hope to continue my donations in Missouri.

I placed an ad for my truck in the Trading Times. It will post next Wednesday.

It will be a dry day in Cleveland. We have had a lot of rain and storms recently.

No interest for life of your debt? - Jul. 1, 2003

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.:: Monday, July 7th ::.

~ 10:41 AM ~

"Everything I know about people, I leant from pens. If they donít work, you shake them. If they still donít work Ė you chuck them away, bin them!" -- Pauline, Employment Services of Royston Vasey.


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.:: Sunday, July 6th ::.

~ 08:22 AM ~

We did some errands yesterday and got most of them done. We are still searching for a new bank and have found one. However, we want to open the account and have everything transferred over to that new account before we move. We are getting closer to that goal but the sticking point is the opening an account at a branch here and then transferring the branch location once we get to St. Louis. Obviously, the switching of the branches is not a problem for us but more of a problem for the bank. Another call to customer service should get that worked out.

Our 4th was fun. We drove to Cincinnati to see the Mets and Reds play with Geo and Wendy. The game was great as the Mets won big and Armando got the save. It was warm though. Great American Ballpark was nice and more personal than Jacobs Field which it shares some resemblance too. They recently bought a home in Columbus and are settling in. We stopped by after the game and had dinner at the Bag of Nails. Their good people and we hope to see them again.

Neale got her new bike seat at Lakewood Cycle. We went looking for a Treva saddle but walked with a Pyramid Cloud-9 saddle. After a ride yesterday, she said it was much better than the previous saddle.

We saw 28 Days Later last night and it was good. Ok, you may be asking "what is that about?" if you haven't heard of it, which I understand since "The Hulk" (ugh), "T3" (Arnold is 55, enough already), "Legally Blond II" (more syrupy than Vermont), or "Bad Boys II" (whatever happened to Big Willy Weekend?) have been clogging the airwaves. It is a zombie flick. So, now you are probably having two possible reactions A) How was that? Or B) Oh, those are garbage, they glamorize violence, they hurt the image of women in the media, or....blah! Well, if you chose "B" then go find your copy of "Sleepless in Seattle" or whatever Merchant Ivory film you have seen 5 times this year and forget about being challenged at the theater. Yes, I like the films of Merchant Ivory too but a steady diet of that like a steady a diet of zombie films will probably leave the each viewer with a malaise. So, I encourage balance and variety. If you chose, option "A" then check out my review on the film page because zombie films are not as simple as you think. Also, the Slate did a good review if you do not like mine.

The Dynamic Earth @ National Museum of Natural History

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.:: Wednesday, July 2nd ::.

~ 04:13 PM ~

I mailed our application and assorted materials for my new car today. One of the "perks" of the deal (besides the $$$ off sticker) was free tires for life of the vehicle. There are a few requirements on my behalf but I was planning to have my work (oil, maintenance, etc.) done at the dealership anyway.

I am still researching DSL in the St. Louis area and I am leaning towards Covad or Speakeasy.


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.:: Monday, June 30th ::.

~ 01:49 PM ~

First days are always....unavoidable. However, it gets better.

~ 06:26 AM ~

It is the first day of my CSU Summer II class. I am teaching a section of "Sociology of the Third World" for them. I previously taught this course in the spring.

Once again, I will be archiving the journal (see links above) and starting a new one for July and August.

Katharine Hepburn dies at 96

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