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.:: Wednesday, September 1st ::.

~ 11:47 AM ~

Archived! See archived jounrals for past editions.


.:: Tuesday, August 31st ::.

~ 12:30 PM ~

See the curtains hanging in the window
In the evening on a Friday night
A little light a-shining through the window
Lets me know everythings alright

~ 10:53 AM ~

I am listening to Launch. Currently, I have chosen 70s Soul. Yesterday, it was 70s Soft Rock. Neale also loves this service. Accuradio use to be the source of music but it stopped operating on her PC (possibly some server blockage). I have a desire to see Boogie Nights again. It was one the first films Neale and I saw together.

We have construction tomorrow and an inspection scheduled. Also, Barry will be arriving next Friday to do the electric. After that, we can drywall. Kitchen by the end of September!

SSI Death Index

.:: Monday, August 30th ::.

~ 05:16 PM ~

It is a beautiful day here and I just finished mowing the lawn. I came in to check the news (you know...check to make sure there is no diversity at the RNC). Well, trouble in Alton. The bonus...one of them is a former student. Ouch.

~ 10:11 AM ~

The weekend was good at times (playing pool Saturday night) but also frustrating. I attempted to install a mouse for Neale at work and I could not complete the task. Also, we wanted to shred some documents but realized it was going to take hours. I did not want to overload Neale with that responsibility but she expressed it was not a problem. On Sunday, we had a discussion about the state of things in our household and there are some issues to address. The kitchen will hopefully take another step this week. I plan on painting the ceiling and hallway this Saturday. However, the process has been stressful and been irritating at times. Our patience has been tested. We elected to use Builder Bob because of a recommendation and he was cheap. We were patient but he was irresponsible and is no longer a consideration. The contractors coming this week are much better professionally and are a bit more expensive. However, we both want it done. We have found responsible people so this should go more smoothly. However, after our midday discussion, we went to Krieger’s for dinner with Debbie, Ed, Betty, Jack, Britt, Kelly, and the children. It was simply too much for me. I cannot go to Krieger's anymore. It seems like such a small task but I cannot interact that way. Realizing that, we will make some changes. Yet, it is Monday and I am still in a funk. This will pass but I could use some good news.

Last week, I heard a story about an otter with rabies. It happens. Apparently, a groundhog also got some bad groundhog chow and went berserker. As a person with an appreciation for the furry marmot, this was only one animal with a problem. Let's not stereotype all woodchucks based on the actions of one. It is still a great holiday.

Keeping Scared
First Lady Speaks (priceless fluff)
Internet @ 35

.:: Saturday, August 28th ::.

~ 10:07 AM ~

Since I updated to XP SP2, I decided to do some other maintenance. Besides keeping up with the latest video drivers, I updated to MSN Messenger and downloaded the latest Soundblaster drivers.

I completed Medal of Honor Spearhead last night. I started last fall, got hooked on Madden, and then it was baseball season.

I heard a great discussion of Linux on NPR yesterday. Someday, I may make the switch.

My bike is still in the shop so I did yoga last night. I am getting better. Today, Neale is riding and I am walking. Then, we are heading downtown so I can install a new mouse for her and to shred old documents. Later, we plan to play pool.

My project for tomorrow involves digging below grade on the southern side of the house to see if I can patch a crack. During heavy rains, we get some water in the southern corner. There is a crack on that side. I patched the above ground part to see if it could be that easy. Of course, it was not. However, I will dig tomorrow and seal a crack along the patio and the foundation in the back (easy enough, I hope).

Damsels in distress
Alton tells it like it is

.:: Friday, August 27th ::.

~ 07:57 AM ~

The "update" for XP SP2 seems to be fine for me. Fingers are crossed....

W's medals
Hot Sauce (what the hell?)

.:: Thursday, August 26th ::.

~ 12:52 PM ~

I finished watching the installation of XP SP2 on my office PC and everything seems fine. I can still use the software I use everyday for work. The built-in XP pop-up blocker leaves my WebCT online courses alone, which is essential.

I am heading home, to the grocery store, and donating at the Red Cross today.

~ 11:59 AM ~

I received word that Microsoft is ready to install XP SP2 on my beloved home machine. So, if my PC acts odd, loses functions, or you do not hear from me for a few days, you know why.

~ 11:02 AM ~

More poor people in the U.S. Ok, now we can get back to arguing over who was in Vietnam or not and who was a on a boat on what day and where....keep voting for fools. This election is about who is a better warmonger...I mean commander in chief, right? Keep ignoring health care, wages, employment, and basic human rights.

We have a new contractor. Correction...we have a new contractor that wants to work, has voicemail, and can actually be in our home next Tuesday or Wednesday. Ok, they cost alittle more but the service is friends with our electrician (Barry) and that is good enough for us. If this blows up and we have to start over again, I may loss the little sanity that I have left for this project. Seriously, this is good news and the project should be back on track.

Soda linked to fat (put down the Big Gulp)
Stephen King writing manual (write same novel 20 times?)

.:: Wednesday, August 25th ::.

~ 10:07 AM ~

Elisabeth Kubler Ross has died. I am in denial about it. Ok, obvious joke or obivous bad taste. In all seriousness, I use her work in class and her research was a valuable piece for teaching.

Doughnuts for A's...great?!?!
Video Game masters: the early years
Kerry on Daily Show

.:: Tuesday, August 24th ::.

~ 09:11 AM ~

After a month of being patient with our prospective handyman, we are moving on. We were recommended to him by someone close but it seems that his work ethic or personal life has changed. He does not answer his phone or appear on days he stated he would to work. So, his inactivity has set us back. We are patient but we found another handyman to do the work. Neale should be in contact with him today.

Our new A/C for the entertainment room was leaking. It turns out the tubing was pinched inside the unit. They came out the same day and fixed it for free. They are good people and we may use them for our future heating/air needs at our current home.

Got cup?

.:: Monday, August 23rd ::.

~ 10:56 AM ~

First day of the fall semester is going well. My prep is good, my students are good, I like my chances.

This is why we the ACLU. It's not like we execute people, deny basic legal rights, or harass minority groups in this country.

Pope 'no' on cloning (they have never been wrong before???!!!)
Iraq soccer tried of being political pawns

.:: Sunday, August 22nd ::.

~ 07:19 PM ~

We went for a walk in Blackburn park. Neale said she enjoyed "Collateral". We both like Mann's films but I was not in the mood for Cruise & Fox.

I have been considering my brewing schedule once the kitchen is finished. The next brew is the Aloha Haole Pale ale (a tribute to the Kona Brewing Company). I was planning on doing my Festive barley wine for the holidays. If I can get that into a fermentor by the end of September, then it is still a go. It will need at least 3 months to age and I will use champagne bottles. Also, I was planning on kegging my Oktoberfest for a possible fall party at our home. But, my plans to expand my brewing process to outdoors and kegging may not be the best decision this year. So, I will just bottle the Oktoberfest. I should have the Oktoberfest in bottles for aging by October 2nd. According to Neale, her friends are not specialty beer drinkers and would rather have Bud, which is fine with us as hosts.

I was satisfed with my wheat beer but I want to add alittle malt background to it. So, I will add some Munich malt and a bit of Crystal 10L for the next brewing.

My brewing schedule: Alhoa Hoale, Festive, Oktoberfest, Brawny, & Anomie.

~ 03:25 PM ~

We have Cardinals playoffs tickets.

~ 11:44 AM ~

Neale rode and I walked on Saturday. My bike is in the shop until an estimated date of Sept. 3rd. I went to South County Cyclery instead of Big Shark this time. When the time comes to purchase new bikes, we will probably go with South County or South Side Cyclery. They sell Treks and I prefer them unless there is an excellent deal on Specialized, which has always been a favorite of mine.

Neale is going to see Collateral. I am not that interested in the movie until it comes to cable.

The Fox
Metric Converisons

.:: Friday, August 20th ::.

~ 08:11 PM ~

I did 24.2 miles on the Confluence Trail. It did not rain but the windy was stiff. I went from the Great Rivers Museum to the Chain of Rocks bridge. When I started out I noticed a wobble in my pedals and it did not get better after I tried to fix it. I believe, after 2000+ miles, my pedal bearing are going bad. It is time for some service.

When I was checking the files earlier, I came across our Hawaii vacation photos. I will repost them.

~ 02:04 PM ~

I am done with the prep.

Great River Road
Trail Link
Rails to Trails

~ 12:11 PM ~

Since our dog has a new name and still might change, I am in the process of changing the 'riesling' link to 'our dog'.

~ 10:43 AM ~

I am in the process of eating lunch (mixed organic green [I got a pound from Costco for $3.99], two part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks, and 7 soy slices [pastarmi]) and fielding phone calls. I am also working on my LiveText site. I am letting students into my full classes. The traditional maxes at 35 and my classroom holds 36 but I got 41 in there last semester. I'll teach in the round if it works. Also, I am letting students into my online. It maxs at 20 but current numbers are 25. I am generous but I also realize that out of 162 students, I will lose 20 by two weeks. Some will change their mind, some will drop for whatever reason, and some just never show. I am the main sociology show in town so the gates are always open.

It is rainy/overcast but should clear up by 1PM. I am visiting the Confluence trail.

~ 06:43 AM ~

I am going for a ride after I finish up at work. I am in good shape for the semester. I have many assignments ready and exercises ready to go. I feel good, information is good, I like my chances.

The Olympics were fun to watch last night.

Our ride was cut short by two miles. The rain pushed us back.

No handyman yesterday...double down on today? We may need to turn up the heat.

Live With The Mom
Let's Wait another 60 years

.:: Thursday, August 19th ::.

~ 06:29 AM ~

I discovered there is a Penzeys Spices nearby.

Our handyman may appear today. The kitchen was pushed back another two weeks for electrical reasons.

Volunteer March

.:: Tuesday, August 17th ::.

~ 08:06 PM ~

I did not get to donate today as the Red Cross had me at West County when I donate at Crestwood since the move. Oh well. Reschedule.

I got many things accomplished at work today. Plus, I got to work at home on my web courses.

Avast!, free virus scanning.

~ 06:14 AM ~

I started back at LCCC and went to some meetings. I was also able to start prepping for my courses again. I did some over the summer but there is some polish to do.

We watched the Olympics last night.

I am donating this afternoon.

1000 Reasons to Not Vote for Bush
Top 50 Quik Serve
Office Space
Costco Caskets

.:: Sunday, August 15th ::.

~ 09:08 AM ~

We went to Cafe Bellagio for Debbie's surprise party. I decor is ok, the food was very good, and the service was ok. We arrived at 7:30 were seated at eight, and dinner was served around 9:30. There was plenty of good conversation; otherwise, the gap in service would have been more obvious. Our party was 14 but does that require an hour and a half to prep our food? We have been in parties that large before and not experienced the same delay. Nevertheless, as I said, the conversation was good. The restaurant has only been open for a few months so they are working out the problems. We witnessed about three dumped trays and our server was visibly upset at something while serving the entrees. In one different exchange, a guest asked, "do you have good coffee?” his response was "what is good to you?". True, but not what you want to say to a guest. In all, a memorable evening and Debbie was very happy, which is most important.

"Tribal sovereignty means that -- it's sovereign. You're a -- you've been given sovereignty, and you're viewed as a sovereign entity." -- George Bush, August 9th, 2004

.:: Saturday, August 13th ::.

~ 03:39 PM ~

We have a kitchen sink. It is sitting in our living room next to the fridge, the stove, garbage disposal, and new pantry door. The second bedroom has the mircowave, dishwasher, and cabinets. There is a sale on our vinyl tile at Home Depot. Our handyman got backed up and did not make it. So, he says he will get to us this week. In better news, Barry the electrician hooked up Mr. Slim. Since it is August in St. Louis you think we would need it. Yet, it is a cool 75 with a great breeze. Mr. Slim sits quietly.

G.I. Joe Villians

~ 09:08 AM ~

I have been reading about hiking. Neale and I have no desire to spend the night in the woods but a good daytrip would be fun.

We are going for a ride today. It is still oddly cool here. Neale and I go back to work on Monday. I have my In-Service week, which means I have a few meetings to attend but I will spend most of my time polishing my courses.

R.I.P Julia
Declaration of Indepedence
US Constitution

.:: Friday, August 13th ::.

~ 08:15 PM ~

We are back. It was a good trip. We hiked at Turkey Run and Eagle Creek. Turkey Run was captured in photos (see the photo section) and Puccini's lived up to its memories. It had been too long. We have not been in Indy in 6 years and things have changed. Restaurants have closed and better places have opened. Puccini's is our favorite pizza place (outside of Chicago for me and Strongsville's A Slice Above). Terre Haute now has a brewery (Champagne Velvet) and Mogger's is still doing well. We had our first date at Mogger's and the beer list in huge.

I am watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

On a somber note, our trip was an extra hour long as there was a terrible accident outside of Terre Haute. Two motorists were killed.

MoveOn Please
Craig moves

.:: Tuesday, August 10th ::.

~ 08:00 PM ~

I uploaded the zoo pictures. Please check the photos page. The zoo was fun. We spent about three hours and it was a pleasant day. The zoo is great but not as good as Brookfield or the Cleveland Zoo's Wolf Encounter.

~ 09:00 AM ~

Happy Birthday Dad.

I have an oil change today, which is necessary given we are taking a road trip. Then, we are visiting the St. Louis Zoo.

I have to admit I am mesmerized by the big O.

Krud Kutter hates adhesive
All for an Xbox
Still waiting for XP SP2

.:: Monday, August 9th ::.

~ 01:15 PM ~

It is Bad Driver Day in the St. Louis and Alton area. So, if you cannot merge, drive slow, block intersections, run lights, or like to drink and drive, please grab your keys and get out on the highway. We need you out on the highway. We want you out endangering lives.

Neale is on vacation. We leave for Terre Haute on Wednesday. We are visiting Moggers and Turkey Run on Wednesday and then traveling to Indianapolis on Thursday.

We saw The Village and it was excellent.

What is worse, arguing over who wasn't in Vietnam or arguing over who served in Vietnam? How about voters not caring? Can the candidates focus on job creation, health care, or national security?

Fact Check
Let's fake a beheading

.:: Saturday, August 6th ::.

~ 12:02 AM ~

The Mets lost. The game was close until the sixth. We wandered around Busch stadium and saw the new stadium. Luckily, the construction had taken a break. For dinner, we went to Sen.

Rest In Peace: Rick James.

So Long Alvin

.:: Friday, August 6th ::.

~ 02:12 PM ~

It is a beautiful day here. If anyone is curious, it was about this time last year that I drove to St. Louis from Cleveland.

~ 11:20 AM ~

We are going to watch and cheer on the Mets at Busch stadium tonight.

Athens 2004

.:: Thursday, August 5th ::.

~ 07:32 PM ~

Scott got voted off Big Brother...there is a such thing as karma.

Eagles of Death Metal vids.

~ 06:22 PM ~

Neale went to union station to see Kerry and Edwards' whistlestop. The speeches were similar to the one's at the convention.

I am enjoying a Flemish Red Ale from Duchesse de Bourgogne. It is my first and its unique. It smells tart fruit (cherries?) and vinegar. It has a soft aftertaste but a tangy first bite.

I am considering becoming a marrow donor.

Alcohol sharpens the brain
Science is fun

~ 02:10 PM ~

I am grading. It is the last day for my Summer II traditional students. My online students have until tomorrow. We finished presentations and they were quite good. I suspected only three people threw their presentation together at the last moment, which is not bad for a class of 22. The best presentation was about TV & children and the most honest was from a student that lost her sister in a car accident about three months ago. She was discussing grieving. Our class was a part of her recovery; it provided structure to her days. In two weeks, I start up again. In a week, I come back to polish my classes as we are using new software in my education class. We just learned the software last week.

Neale is playing soccer tonight.

We enjoyed "Goodfellas" again last night. I saw the ending about three weeks ago and needed to see the whole movie.

XP Patch coming soon

.:: Wednesday, August 4th ::.

~ 08:26 AM ~

After missing my practice in June (the move) and July (the demo), I have started doing yoga again.

I have given my community service some consideration. I am trying to contact Jobs with Justice but their website/webmaster seems less than responsive. I also contacted KDHX 88.1FM, our local community radio, to volunteer to answer phones during their pledge drive. I am a member and wish to help. In addition, I continue to donate at the Red Cross. Community service is a part of my tenure consideration, which occurs in two years. Personally, I can only do things I truly care about and I cannot do service just for credit. I think that cheapens the experience and the service organization.

Missouri joined Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Nevada is writing discrimination into the constitution. Progressive? No. Next, Missouri may want change to extending voting rights to only white property owners.

How Gas Prices Work

.:: Tuesday, August 3rd ::.

~ 07:41 PM ~

I spend my day teaching and I do it because I think it is right. Occasionally, I get a religious person that wants to use the Bible to justify hating or hurting another person. Occasionally, I get the typical white male that just cannot get it that there is discrimination, prejudice and racism that blocks a person's progress in society. “...Oh, can't get a job...well, try again. Oh, still can't get a job...move. Oh, can't sell your house...well, don't bother me the Cards are on. Some people just want to blame the system.....". It is amazing how the power of positive thinking or good 'ol fashion values or new age philosophy works when you are a dominant group member. Yet, most people are getting it. However, Neale got a flyer at the polling place from a group claiming to want to reduce discrimination. I checked out the website and pictures of aborted fetuses splashed across my screen. That does not bother me because medical procedures are rarely pleasant. I checked out vasectomy pictures before I had the surgery and they were not beautiful. What was more troubling was how the abortion website was connected to a Ku Klux Klan website. I will post neither links but I will get up tomorrow and keeping doing the right thing. How about you?

Declare Yourself

~ 03:58 PM ~

I spent some time grading today. It is a process and an exhausting one. Not exhausting like building a house or a road but it is the time of the semester where I am the 'gatekeeper'.

I went to get my oil changed at the dealership. However, the local machinist went on strike on Saturday. I called to make the appointment yesterday and they had no problem taking the appointment. Therefore, management is taking the reservations but there is no one there to fill the reservations. I guess they are using this as part of the bargaining process but for me it makes management look foolish.

I voted today. Neale is voting after work. I checked my ballot and took notice of the 'got chad?' sticker in my election booth. The chads were stuck on 80% of my ballot so I went through and manually removed them with my fingernail. A woman that voted right before me left with her ballot and had to be called back. I voted against discrimination being written into our state constitution (proposed Amendment 2) and against linking education to more gambling. As an NEA member, I wish people would stop using gambling to fund education.

White House West

.:: Monday, August 2nd ::.

~ 09:36 PM ~

"Let the Eagle Soar"

~ 12:36 PM ~

For most of the summer, it was Peggy, our division assistant and I on the fifth floor. Today, my colleagues showed up to dust off their desks and delete the hundreds of useless emails that gather in one's inbox over the last two months.

I was unaware the FTC wants our spam. I will forward them some today.

Tomorrow, we vote in Missouri.

I do not like to think about terrorist events or the threat of events, especially when Neale works in a federal building and terrorists (your American militia variety or your Saudi funded variety) target them too. But, I am also not naive. We cannot go back to a 'simpler time' people. The president talks about 'the American people' and the 'evildoers' but the rhetoric does nothing. The 9/11 commission have identified that nothing has really changed in terms of national security. Bush has done nothing to make us safer. The reasons given for the aggression towards Iraq were lies. Are you safer today than September 12th? Who has the Patriot Act arrested that was a legitimate threat to national security? Why are most Democrats choosing to not question why Kerry/Edwards are/were in favor of the war? I heard/read the speeches and they were not for peace. So, I am alittle curious why some people think it is unusual for New York to once again be a target. We live in an age of terrorism. The threat level in New York never lowered after 9/11. We fooled ourselves for many years and thought it cannot happen here. Very few people realize that the WTC was attacked before 9/11 and terrorists do not have 'rules' about rotating targets. I guess I feel better but feel uneasy about the Olympics and the news. I need to go grade papers. Stay safe.

Elections 2004
Nancy to George: No thanks

.:: Sunday, August 1st ::.

~ 07:15 PM ~

We rode the Katy Trail today and found a new access point off of Jung's Parkway. I explored more of the link path and realized there is not that much to it. We enjoyed Farotto's pizza as a change from Imo's fare.

Despite the rain, I did not have to mow this weekend. I finally have my mower properly adjusted and the last mow was quite a trim.

Next week, Neale is taking the week off and we are finally doing our Terre Haute-Indy trip. We have wanted to go since April/May but the house has kept us occupied. Builder Bob should be working on our kitchen soon and then we can dry wall. Britt is going to introduce me to dry walling and I will do the rest. After the cabinet & countertop install, I will paint (I requested something besides white) and do the floor last.

Neale is watching "Legally Blonde II", which is simply terrible. The first one had something but the sequel is just useless.

I watched the end of the Mets game (lost) and the end of the Cubs game (win). The Cards are on ESPN currently. The Cubs may have Nomar but Bowa is still my all-time fav Cub shortstop (ok, maybe Ernie Banks.) I cannot talk about the Cubs without thinking of Buckner (...and the Mets win it!...I get emotional everytime I see/hear that). The guy won a batting title and he is remembered for one grounder. He did not lose the series just as Steve Bartman did not lose it for the Cubs (that was the recently traded Alex Gonzalez). Tony Larussa is an underrated manager. If he were in New York, Chicago or LA, he would more appreciated.

~ 12:37 AM ~

It's all ball bearings these days.

Yellow Times

.:: Saturday, July 31st ::.

~ 04:36 PM ~

We went for a ride at the Katy Trail and then had lunch at Trailhead Brewing. I rode the new link path between the Katy Trail and the Creve Coeur trail. Getting to link involves climbing a steep section and crossing the bridge, which has a separate bike path. The section in between is flat and has a tunnel. In all, the space between the two is about 3.5 miles. So, my total ride was 15 miles. I have put on about 500 miles this summer and we still have months to go in this season. We rode on Thanksgiving last year.

I am watching "The Station Agent" with my coworkers and Neale is at the theatre watching "Anchorman.” I plan to watch "The Village" soon.

This is my last week of summer school and we are seeing the Mets on Friday.

Nomar is wicked at Wrigley

.:: Friday, July 30th ::.

~ 08:01 PM ~

The Mets traded Ty Wiggington to the Pirates for Kris Benson. Although not as tough or reliable as Lenny Dykstra, Ty embodied a gritty blue collar ethic that was fun to watch. The Mets may get Ty back in the off season but prospect Wright now has to prove he deserve to play everyday.

~ 01:33 PM ~

I am also awaiting the delivery of the dishwasher and microwave. I believe GE is delivering these items. The rain has stopped but the heat & air guys have not returned. I plan on going for a ride later today. Neale is shopping for furniture with her mother. Debbie decided to redecorate her living room.

I enjoyed Bell's Oberon last night and I wasn't as impressed as I was with their Kalamazoo Stout, which was excellent. However, the Trappistes Rochefort 10 I had was fantastic.

Moore is big in Cuba.

Rest in peace Mr. Crick.

~ 10:17 AM ~

Neale had an early morning election but was back by 8:30. The heating and air installers showed up this morning but the steady rain prevented them for using their power tools. The outside part of Mr. Slim needs to be anchored to the side of the house. In even better news, More Tree Service gave us a great quote for the limb removal. We will go with them once we get a few other projects paid off.

Builder Bob will be framing the kitchen in a week. Then, we can start the dry walling and get the cabinet installers in our home. We decided to replace the kitchen floor but that is last. We will be using the same vinyl tile that we used in the bathroom. I was not pleased with the linoleum in our new kitchen.

My copy of the first season of Sealab 2021 arrived yesterday.

More trouble voting in Florida
Movie Titles

.:: Thursday, July 29th ::.

~ 10:01 PM ~

I am glad I am happily married and not otherwise.

STL Jobs with Justice

.:: Wednesday, July 28th ::.

~ 08:09 AM ~

I rode at the lake yesterday and I am hoping for a heat wave. I was like Pac Man passing people. Alittle heat will drive some people back inside and free up the path.

Knight Rider....Airwolf.... Street Hawk.

Convention Bloggers
For Love of a Sandwich
100 Most Missspeled Wrods

.:: Tuesday, July 27th ::.

~ 12:23 PM ~

I got back on the horse yesterday and enjoyed the ride. The path was quite busy due to the mild July weather. After about 6 attempts, I have my mower adjusted perfectly. The self-propelled reel mower is cutting like a champ.

I am not laughing.

Wal-Mart says no to Heinz
Costco has heart

.:: Monday, July 26th ::.

~ 07:38 AM ~

We saw "The Bourne Supremacy" last night and enjoyed it.

Smoke? Bad. Worn out Lazy Boy? Worse.

.:: Saturday, July 24th ::.

~ 10:25 PM ~

Despite the rain and overcast skies, I decided to go for a ride. I was waiting out the weather and watching the Cards, which was a good game. I made it to the path a little after six and was going to get in at least 11 miles. Well, the trail was empty and my mind wandered. I hit a safety fence post and went over my handlebars. Luckily, I landed on my shoulder and rolled. My bike was fine except for my front wheel, which was a little bent. I will look into getting it fixed on Sunday. Therefore, besides a scrap or two, I am fine. After riding for two plus years, it was my first accident, which is not bad.

SNL is running the Mary Kate and Ashley episode. I read/heard that someone was curious if they would run this as one of the twins (Mary Kate?) went into eating disorder rehab soon after the show.

~ 09:28 AM ~

I am watching MST3K's Girl in Lovers Lane. Jack Elam...creepy and distrubing to the end.

Army of One (and some yellow discipline)
Top Sport Announcers

.:: Friday, July 23rd ::.

~ 11:18 PM ~

Ah yeah
Can you see them
Out on the porch
Yeah but they don't wave
I see them round the front way yeah
And I know and I know
I don't want to stay...

~ 07:24 PM ~


~ 10:21 AM ~

I added more pics of the kitchen demo.

Pay gap in D.C.

.:: Thursday, July 22nd ::.

~ 11:15 PM ~


~ 10:20 AM ~

Happy Birthday Neale. She is in Mt. Vernon, IL. today and will return Saturday nite.

The kitchen demo is done! No more swinging hammers. In all, a good experience and it saved money. I will post more pics of the finished product soon.

Google circa 1960
ACLU Pizza
No smoking in prison

.:: Wednesday, July 21st ::.

~ 01:03 PM ~

The good times keep rolling. I smashed away at our lovely (dust covered) home yesterday while watching/listening to the Cubs blow a big lead. Today, I will tackle the final wall. Hopefully, the plumber is working away as I write this. Also, the heating & air conditioning guys should be cutting a hole in our family room. I believe Mr. Slim (our dual heat/AC unit) will be there but not connected to power yet. That is where Barry, the electrician, gets to visit once again and turn it on. On Saturday, I am meeting with on handyman, Builder Bob, to discuss the framing of the kitchen. Then, we can get closer finishing this project. I may not like every moment of this process but I will quite proud of our work when we are done. Also, this is a good example of how our marriage/relationship works....division of labor and utilizing individual strengths. Plus, I insist on seeing every drop of blood and sweat "paid" for when we sell this property. Neale could not agree more. We will if I am still able to demo a kitchen at age 36 but I do stay active. Yes, I realized I work out in order to move appliances, swing hammers, and move our stuff.

KFC: Kickin' Chicks

.:: Monday, July 19th ::.

~ 07:18 PM ~

I am watching the Cards & Cubs. Nevertheless, the Deep Sea Detectives will take me away at 8. The show is about an underwater find of an Mayan site. I read about it in National Geographic a few months ago and the actual footage should be enjoyable.

We went for a ride and I got in 10 miles.

Linda Ronstadt got fired for stating she liked Moore's film. Are some people so blind to the possibility that they are wrong about Bush and the war that they riot after Linda Ronstadt makes a statement? Yes. If it not clear that the reasons Bush gave for the war were incorrect or outright lies, then I guess Fox News is doing its job. Are we safer? Did our troops die to protect freedom or corporate interest? I do not agree with Moore's style but he did get people talking about issues that I have been talking about since September 12th, 2001.

There is no bad beer...well, actually there is. I have had a Mich Ultra (it was in a friend's fridge) and St. Louis city water has more body.

~ 12:38 PM ~

There have been slight delays in the kitchen remodeling. We need to turn off water to the kitchen and that is not possible without shutting off water to the whole house or the actions of a plumber. I do not plumb and am weary of water damage. The plumber is coming Wednesday and Wednesday afternoon/night, I will complete the demo of the kitchen. The sink and countertop are ready to fall as soon as the pipes are removed. The bathroom wall has some tiles at the bottom left to remove and there is tile behind the sink to destroy. Since that wall is the strongest, I do not have to worry about collateral damage as much I have before in the other walls. The collateral damage to is point is a small crack in the living (easy patch), one nail pop in the bathroom (easier patch), and a hole in the stairwell, which I swear just fell out. I wanted to drywall the stairs so we may elect to destroy the stairwell walls too while we have the dumpster. Britt will be giving me a tutorial on dry walling (mudding, etc.) in the near future. But, we need to have some wall work so are new cabinets have a place to hang. We contacted our contractor friend and he will be able to get to us shortly. In all, a minor delay but yet some progress. We saved ourselves about $2000 in doing the demo and we can survive without a stove for a few weeks (despite the fact the homebrew is once again on hiatus and I cannot boil for bottling either...the Mexicola will be aged nicely as it is still in secondary).

Heavan is a halfpipe
Vote Bush (if you live in serious denial)
Kool Keith

.:: Saturday, July 17th ::.

~ 11:20 PM ~

Check the photos section for witness of the kitchen destruction.

~ 10:20 AM ~

I got about 50% finished with the kitchen yesterday. I am not that sore and plan to do about a fourth today. I am focusing on the sink & cabinets with the help of Britt. Tomorrow, I am working on the last wall, which is against the bathroom. Tuesday there is our first inspection and Barry, the electrician, comes in during the week. Next weekend, we will drywall.

Tonight, we are celebrating Neale's birthday at P.F. Changs.

Simply put, I had one of the best beers I have ever had this weekend. Bell's Kalamazoo Stout, a sweet stout, was great.

Massive Blackhole

.:: Thursday, July 15th ::.

~ 09:27 PM ~

In the morning, I get to use a sledge hammer on my own walls. It is oddly rewarding.

~ 08:31 AM ~

Neale wants to see "Anchorman", which should be good. We are celebrating her birthday this weekend because she will be in the field at an election next week. I believe we are getting together at P.F. Changs once again.

HomeStarRunner: Exp Film
Your Nigerian Email
Senate fails to pass hate legislation

.:: Wednesday, July 14th ::.

~ 08:29 AM ~

We have new electrical and the kitchen demo may start this weekend. I will start on Friday if Britt is ready to go this weekend.

It was nice to see Clemens get blown up in the All-Star game.

Moore's back up
120 Years of Electronic Music
FU and YR H2

.:: Tuesday, July 13th ::.

~ 12:22 PM ~

Bin Laden aide gives up

~ 08:39 AM ~

The greatest outfield in history? I do not think so. Greatest chemically enhanced? Yep.

I caught half of The History Channel's "The Last Mission" and want to see the rest soon. I learned that I have seen Jim B. Smith (one of the aircrew, I believe) before...he was in two of my favorite MST3K episodes.

We receive our new electric today. I believe there will be a new 100 AMP box to handle the new applicances & outlets, a new meter, and a line for our new air/heat unit (yes it is called 'Mr. Slim') in the family room.

Ron Richardson: Yeah? Are you gonna make it all 220?
Jack Butler: Yeah. 220... 221, whatever it takes.
--- Mr. Mom

Election? We do not need no stinking election!!

.:: Monday, July 12th ::.

~ 08:19 PM ~

We have our building permit and our electrician is visiting tomorrow.

Despite the 100 Heat index, I got in 8.7 miles. I have put on 300+ this year so far. I did three laps at Creve Cour park and I was feeling up to a fourth. I have not done four but I may have to. I am awaiting a shipment of Rock 'n Roll lube from Airbomb. The stuff is simply great. I need to degrease and relub after some wet weather.

Neale is watching "Basic Instinct" and I am taking in the Home Run Derby.

Bush's Rank and File not in tow
Helpful Info If You Work On a Farm
XP Service Pack 2

.:: Sunday, July 11th ::.

~ 02:09 AM ~

Neale is watching "Fever Pitch", which is another Hornby book made into a film (see "About a Boy" or "High Fidelity"). The attraction is the presence of Colin Firth, which has bumped Andy Garcia off her attractive actor list. Sorry Andy but age catches up with us all.

I developed a strong bitter recipe (Brawny bitter) to use some of my stored grains. I have several different containers of grain from past recipes and they need to be used. The oldest being some Crystal 60L, which was the grain of choice in the first half of recipes. Needless to say, I have changed directions and lessened the presence of Crystal 60L. I have an ordinary (brill) and an extra special bitter (scrummy) recipe too. The strong is just another version of a good session beer. I am satisfied with the Brill recipe and the ESB will need some small adjustments (addition of water salts, different hop profile) when I brew it in the future.

~ 11:52 AM ~

Neale is downtown at work. She is taking a phone affidavit. We plan to ride later today. Yesterday, we rode and started at the Weldon Spring trailhead of the Katy Trail. It is a partially shaded path, which Neale prefers during the summer. I plan to bike from Weldon Spring to St. Charles later this year. The trip should be about 15 miles.

I washed and cleaned my car yesterday. Turtle Wax's Spray and Shine is a nice product.

We ate dinner at CJ Muggs and watched "Criminal Law" last night. The actor who plays Oldman's love interest was Karen Young and I could not place where I had seen her. After some research, she was on the Sopranos. Thank you IMDB.

I racked my Mexicola Ale to secondary and sampled my Wheat. The Wheat was very fruity and light. However, there is a tart aftertaste, which should mellow out in three weeks. I could not get a sample of the Mexicola Ale.

I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee from Green Mountain. The Kona is very mellow and smooth.

Stupid dirty girl? What? What?

.:: Friday, July 9th ::.

~ 08:54 PM ~

I joined Neale for after work drinks at the Schlafly Bottleworks. There was a good turnout of NLRB agents. I tried Schlafly's Maibock and found it good (B-/B). I am attempting the Maibock style soon with my Emge Ale recipe. If anyone wants to provide an answer on why I named my recipe 'Emge' feel free to do so. I came home with a growler of Schlafly's IPA and my first ceramic stein. Currently, I am watching the Mets beat the Marlins. The Mets have really come around the last two weeks. The Cubs...wait til next year.

We are having an Oktoberfest Fest this year to show off our place to Neale's coworkers. I will brew and keg my first beer. It will be my Something Wicked recipe.

STL Shakespeare
Shakespeare Festival
Bush Campaign Strategy: Fool You Again

.:: Wednesday, July 7th ::.

~ 01:01 PM ~

The alternate route worked well. I was earlier than usual. Yet, I did leave at 9AM versus my usual 9:15AM. I felt embrassed in class for having missed a day. The students probably did not mind as much as I do but I was embrassed.

....float on...good news is on the way....

~ 07:55 AM ~

Yesterday was rough for me. The power outage and downed trees in Webster/Brentwood caused a morning traffic jam that caused me to miss my class. It was a bad start to my day. The rest of the day was series of small accomplishments and frustrations. However, today I will take an alternate route as I am still seeing reports of power outages in the area. We never lost power on our block but there are people in the area that have been without power for 36 hours.

I contacted a local breeder and we are awaiting news.

Presidential Trivia

.:: Monday, July 4th ::.

~ 12:34 PM ~

We had fun at Harry's last night. I posted photos of the fireworks in the photos section.

I was watching The Four Feathers and I realized that Heath Ledger has never been in a movie that I liked.

Talk Left

.:: Sunday, July 4th ::.

~ 06:51 PM ~

Neale finished decorating the living room. I took photos and added them to the photo page (see new home). The latest photos have been mixed in with the previous photos.

I brewed my Mexicola ale and bottled my Wheat this afternoon while watching the Mets sweep the Yankees. The wheat tasted good...nice estery/fruit flavors. I decided to wait to flavor the wheat until next time. I want to see if my recipe is any good. I also learned today that honey malt does actually smell like honey.

We are heading downtown shortly.

56 Deceits in Moore's film

.:: Saturday, July 3rd ::.

~ 10:31 PM ~

We went to the Katy Trail and then to Trailhead for dinner. They remembered our appetizer this time. The Blonde ale was forgettable (as all Blonde ales are), the kolsch-style was unremarkable, and the dark brown ale was good. They say it is a blend or mixture of five grains and I am guessing the grain bill is this: 2-row, 40L, barley, chocolate, & black patent. Is that cascade for hops?

Halliburton and the Declaration of Independence...see the connection? Oh, wars are good for business... gosh.

Good 'ol boy bans Moore (but probably loves Gibson)
Gimme a C

~ 04:41 PM ~

We finished decorating the living room. Pictures of the room will be posted soon. Britt, Kelly, and their children stopped by today. Debbie also gave it an lively approvable, We were discussing when the kitchen demo would start. It appears it will not be next weekend.

There was been showers off and on since Friday afternoon. People at the Fair St. Louis missed their opportunity to see Kenny Rogers sober. I went for a ride and got caught in the rain. I did get 8 miles in after the rain. We are going for a ride this afternoon and stopping by Trailhead Brewing for dinner.

The local Fox station carried the Cubs game and switched to the Mets/Yanks during the rain delays. The Cubs were finally rained out and we were able to see the Mets win a close one against the Yanks. The Mets are still in the race.

Although we can support the sentiment, Bill Cosby needs relax a bit. Its not always what you say but how you say it. As for his new animated series, its really really really not that good.

Better Personality quiz
Body Worlds

.:: Friday, July 2nd ::.

~ 11:37 AM ~

Neale took the day off. She is gathering decorations for the living room, tanning, and updating her license. Our living room chair arrives today. So, I am waiting for the chair and planning to mow the lawn. I may have started on the doors this weekend but our paint source is unavailable.

We are joining Debbie and Ed for the Fourth downtown.

I had a good ride last night and I am going out later today. Neale is taking the day off. She had a good game last night and is alittle sore.

I am bottling my Amber Waves of Wheat and brewing the Mexicola this weekend.

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