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.:: Friday, July 2nd ::.

~ 11:09 AM ~

Journal has been archived.


.:: Wednesday, June 30th ::.

~ 12:21 PM ~

You are handsome.

We went for a walk last night as Neale decided to nap after dinner and I used the Soloflex. Opposites attract? Well, not exactly. We walked to the Webster Rec center and witnessed football practice. Neale asked if I "spiked the ball" which turned out to be "hiking the ball". She thought thatís all I would be capable of on the football field at the advanced age of 31. Needless to say, I could still hang in the trenches (I think..maybe a delusion) plus I have really good health insurance.

I have my last visit to the Westport Pain center this afternoon. Why? I am healed and have been for about a month. I have been going because they wish to see me (and itís not for my personality) but I need to move on.

I racked my wheat to secondary and will bottle this weekend. Why the short aging process? Well, it is wheat and it will not really clear more than it already has after two weeks. Plus, I have had low carbonation in my last two batches (ESB & Nentalbratz) due to so much of the yeast dying before I bottle. I am 'bottle conditioning' which means I count on some yeast surviving to bottling to eat the bottling sugar in order to produce bubbles. In the next batch, (Mexicola Ale) I will add a small amount of yeast at bottling, which will help in the carbonation or cause an explosion. I am brewing my Mexicola Ale recipe this weekend and the story behind the name comes from a Queens of the Stone Age song called Mexicola. The real Mexicola is a drink made with tequila and Coke but I am planning on making a light ale that brings to mind golden sunshine, velvet eyes, and living forever. Well, thatís the plan.

Bring me the real Kermit

.:: Monday, June 28th ::.

~ 08:11 AM ~

Neale decorated our bedroom. The decor from Illuminations looks great.

Today, we are having our backyard tree trimmed. There are some dead branches that I cannot reach and the branches over the roof will be removed. They will also take away the pile of trees and limbs I removed from our fence line. Next, I will tackle the weed problem in the backyard and attempt to grow grass. The kitchen demo has been moved back until July 9.

On Saturday, we had dinner at Duffs in the Central West End and saw Shrek 2.

I removed the awning over our backdoor on Sunday. It makes a difference. In addition, our fridge door was fixed.

We went for a ride at the lake yesterday. We had not been there since the move. It was a great weekend. Yet, we could use some rain as I have begun to water the lawn.

I start my Summer II class today. My online course continues until August.

A Reagan I can like (NY Times...subscription required..its free)

.:: Thursday, June 24th ::.

~ 10:53 PM ~

I did 13.8 miles (in under an hour..its not bragging if its true) on the Katy Trail this afternoon and currently Neale is playing soccer. I needed to go long, hard, and fast, which is not safe on Grant's Trail.

I would like a Swiss Army Knife.

~ 05:16 PM ~

Beer is good for you. Still, I am not drinking Stag.

~ 10:08 AM ~

Ahhh...the last day of school. We start back up on Monday!

Home Alone Laws

.:: Wednesday, June 23rd ::.

~ 08:26 PM ~

We went for a bike ride.

We have window treatments. Amazingly, all coverings were installed in under 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is the last day of Summer I and I have some grading to do. As a result, I am going in early to get a start.

On Friday, I may visit Neale downtown for lunch if the GE repairperson fixes our fridge door in a timely manner.

9/11: Just the facts

.:: Tuesday, June 22nd ::.

~ 02:47 PM ~

Don't mean to shake up any preconceived notions but I am not a supporter of Michael Moore.

Space Travel

.:: Sunday, June 20th ::.

~ 08:51 AM ~

Our weekend with Sami has gone well. We are going to brunch at Ya Ya's.

I brewed last night and it is bubbling nicely. Since it is a 100% wheat, I have it resting in a tub. It could be explosive. The new stove worked great.

Big Brother 5
South Beach for Veg

.:: Wednesday, June 17th ::.

~ 04:50 PM ~

I went to Whole Foods for supplies, which is the new grocery store of choice. Who do I have to contact for them to design a bigger store with wider aisles? Great food and great people but I hate the aisles. I picked up a six of Easy Street Wheat from Odell Brewing. I am brewing my Amber Waves of Wheat this weekend, which is a tribute to Alton Brown's Beer episode and Boulevard's Wheat. Alton's episode showed me how easy it is to make good beer at home (despite the mistakes he made) and Boulevard makes an excellent wheat beer.

High school smoking drops
Bush caught again
Anti-aging beer

.:: Wednesday, June 16th ::.

~ 04:51 PM ~

We went for a walk and I am watching Marathon...wait, I got bored. I am no longer watching Marathon.

~ 04:51 PM ~

Unlike the Lakers, I am a winner! Ok that is a cheapshot but I believe I fixed our washer drain. I did not go with the complete PVC option describe by my Dad but the PVC drain and rubber tubing is working. With all the tasks I have planned the complete PVC option will have to wait until a winter project (maybe).

I visited the Pain Management center again and I am doing well. They are almost ready to release me. I had a touch of restricted movement to the left.

Hitchens on Reagan (always warm & fuzzy)

.:: Tuesday, June 15th ::.

~ 06:17 PM ~

I had a rough morning but I used it as a teachable moment. In short, I had a student that overreacted about their progress in the course. After some initial reactions from all parties involved, a mutual understanding was achieved. It should be more widely known that there are instructors that care and we do have feelings. Please reconsider your stereotypes...all of them because their wrong.

Last night, I fixed the ceiling fan and glued the washer drain. I will be gluing the washer hose to the drain tonight.

Nickleback not original (really?!?!?)
10 Foods you should never eat

.:: Sunday, June 13th ::.

~ 07:58 AM ~

We visited Grant's Trail yesterday and it was a good ride. Although parking is limited and the trail needs to be extended still (it ends .5 mile from Watson near our home), it will be used regularly. I saw some the Budweiser Clydesdales and a few of the donkeys, which must be the horses' pets (a la Seabiscuit and Tony's racehorse on the Sopranos).

I mowed the lawn, installed our bike rack and replaced some light switches last night. I will finish the washer drain, the light switches and possibly the ceiling fan today.

I am watching X2: X-Men United. Will the teenage boy power fantasies ever stop?

50 Coolest Song parts

.:: Friday, June 11th ::.

~ 05:51 PM ~

We are waiting for the furniture delivery still. I dropped off a "sample" at the Quest Labs and did some exploring of the neighborhood. The plumber was efficient and quick, which at $85 an hour I can appreciate. We are stopping by Costco and Home Depot tonight. I plan on doing projects tomorrow and Neale has a baby shower for a friend in the afternoon.

I ordered materials for my Mexicola and Wheat ales. I plan on brewing next weekend while I still have some type of a kitchen.

What is "drinking during hazardous situations"?


~ 09:12 AM ~

The plumber is coming today. In addition, the living room furniture will be delivered. Last night, I caulked the bathroom and we are picking out the thresholds this weekend.

Reagan Condolence Book

.:: Tuesday, June 8th ::.

~ 08:25 AM ~

The stove and fridge are great. We need a plumber to hook up the ice cube maker. Neale contacted a plumber last week from a coworker's recommendation and they saved us some money. They will get our business for the ice cube install.

Neale has Friday off as it is a National Day of Mourning. She will be here for the living room furniture delivery.

Yesterday, I mowed and did many small tasks. This afternoon I am completing the washer install and fixing the ceiling fan.

We walked in our neighborhood last night.

Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer
How the Bee hot knees
Bush worries aides

.:: Monday, June 7th ::.

~ 10:19 AM ~

We have moved. Everything went well and we have a livable space. The fridge and stove are being delivered today and the kitchen remodel is scheduled for July. We no longer have DirecTV as Webster is nicely wooded. We are switching back to cable, which will offer us a DVR (digital video recorder...like a Tivo) in August. Our DSL is down but should be up soon. In all, it is great. I have to mow the lawn tonight and hook up the washer.

We saw Harry Potter last night and it was better than the previous Potter films. The directing was better and the themes were more dramatic. Also, the time travel worked well, which is difficult making work.

Rest in Peace: Reagan

.:: Friday, June 4th ::.

~ 09:33 AM ~

I am heading over to the home to open the place for the DirecTV and SBC installers.

My Nentalbratz Ale tasted very good at bottling, which should be a sign of a great beer in a few weeks.

Troubling news in the neighborhood as a neighbor was killed. Neale spoke with a detective. Unfortunately, without a photo, we could not place the man.

Pictures by Freddy
Church & State?

.:: Thursday, June 3rd ::.

~ 08:27 AM ~

I am bottling my Nentalbratz Ale tonight. It has aged for 3 weeks in secondary. My Bandywallop and ESB have turned out well.

Doomsday Amendment
Fact Check

.:: Wednesday, June 2nd ::.

~ 11:57 PM ~

Yes, a long time since the last update. I have been busy at the new place and doing many tasks. Luckily, the improvements are going well and we have had great help. My parents (& Sami, of course) helped with the bathroom update (see Photos section for pics). I have been painting, moving, breaking, building, and cleaning everyday since the closing. On Saturday, we move all of the big items with help from Two Men & a Truck. Saturday will be the first night in the home. It will be great.

50 Things Fishy with Berg
Home Depot
Black Viper's XP
Contact Sheet: How to Use a Telephone

.:: Tuesday, May 25th ::.

~ 05:11 PM ~

My plans for home improvement have been nixed. A terrible thunder/hail storm moved through the area (centered, where else, Webster). It took me 2 hours to get home and it would have been too wet and too late for me to get started. I have plenty of time but I like to do something each day before we move in. I still have next week and Neale has changed her mind about painting the fireplace. The primer has also taken very well so the walls may only need one coat.

My summer classes are going great.

~ 07:59 AM ~

I mowed our lawn yesterday. After an hour and a half, I had something. It was a new reel mower (the blade height needed adjustments) and the grass was long. The mower was good after the grass was shorter. Today, I am back to painting and I will string trim the lawn.

Neale was going to pick up the new vanity but it was longer than what she expected. The correct vanity will be here later this week.

50 Things Fishy with Berg

.:: Sunday, May 23rd ::.

~ 07:23 AM ~

I painted for six hours yesterday. The first coat of primer needed to get into all the cracks. The existing surface is grooved so it was not as quick as painting flat drywall. I believe today will go quicker. I am tackling the fireplace last because the brushes will pick up some grit.

Neale finalized our curtains. We have some long windows and needed some special items.

Today is Harrison and Casey's brithday party.

Mitsubishi still struggling
NPR brain tricks
Jesus Landing Pad
Ground Zero...breaking new ground for the rich

.:: Saturday, May 22nd ::.

~ 09:09 AM ~

I washed the walls and painted the ceiling yesterday. I will apply two coats of primer today and do some yardwork.

Neale is sore from soccer so she does not want to ride.

Need help?

.:: Friday, May 21st ::.

~ 09:11 AM ~

I am washing and priming the walls in our family room today. I sanded last night and installed our frontyard accent lights. I may do some yard work today and trim a tree or two. I am also moving some items over to the house. We will not live in the residence until June 5th.

Neale played soccer last night and had a good workout.

Word Answers

.:: Tuesday, May 18th ::.

~ 07:11 AM ~

We finished the paperwork and assorted details yesterday. We have closed on our home. About 5:30 yesterday, after a trip to Home Depot (a new favorite), we visited our place.

We are planning all of the improvements and we start moving on Friday.

My courses started yesterday and it went well. We have graduation on Wednesday.

CNN:Low Carb Diets work

.:: Sunday, May 16th ::.

~ 03:25 PM ~

Neale is on her wey to view the prospective home. The previous owner should have made the recommended changes. She will also get some measurements and photos for the kitchen update and bathroom remodel. Later, she has an appointment with Home Depot to discuss the kitchen plans. We talked about it today and she knows my wishes.

We had good ride today and the lacrosse players & families were better organized. Last weekend, they were driving on the path, the grass, and being generally rude to the other users of the park.

I am bottling my ESB and racking the Nentalbratz to secondary today. The ESB has a great color.

I start my summer teaching tomorrow. I have classes from 10:30 to 2:10 with a 20 minute break in between for lunch. Also, I have an online course, which meets for 16 weeks too.

Vanishing Votes

.:: Saturday, May 15th ::.

~ 07:59 AM ~

The Berg story is getting stranger. If this turns out to be much different than it currently is, this could be one of the biggest reversals of emotion in recent memory.

We are heading to Home Depot this afternoon to order our kitchen. We received good news about our closing costs yesterday. Also, the current owners offered to pay for the new heater/AC in the family room.

Bag News Notes
Big Oops

.:: Friday, May 14th ::.

~ 05:49 AM ~

I am watching They Live, which is the only film Roddy Piper is good in.

Neale finished her hearing and is coming home. It sounds like it went well.

My lunch was fun.

I have been moved down to twice a week at the Pain Management Center. However, I learned that the smallest masseur could really work the back.

~ 11:48 AM ~

It's Friday. I am finished grading and am awaiting two exams that should be in my mailbox by Monday. We have a faculty lunch at 1PM, which I am plan on attending.

I have another appointment at the Pain Management Center today. I am feeling really good and they will probably move me down to once a week starting next week. Shortly afterwards, I should be released.

Neale is running another hearing today. She started yesterday.

I plan on going for a ride today if it stops raining.

Cold Turkey
The Power of a Fake Degree
Mexican Lights
Old library

.:: Wednesday, May 12th ::.

~ 09:42 AM ~

I am calling the utilities companies in a few minutes. I gave a final this morning and I one more to go. The grades will be done and I have 3 of 4 classes prepped for next semester, which starts on Monday.

We are closing on the house on Monday. There is a final walk through on Sunday. There has been modifications made based on Webster inspections and our recommendations. Neale is handling the permits next week.

Whitehead shot
I see Bigfoot

.:: Tuesday, May 11th ::.

~ 01:52 PM ~

If you thought your family had problems, read this.

~ 11:16 AM ~

I watched a doc about Stalin before coming into work today. He made some mistakes. Where is the Trotsky doc?

Tomorrow, I am starting the utilities at the new place.

My Nentalbratz almost erupted last night. It has been very active. It should be finished this evening. What is next? Is there one more batch before the move?

I did an hour of yoga yesterday without pain. I am almost back and cleared from my doctor.

Walmart watch

.:: Monday, May 10th ::.

~ 02:43 PM ~

I heard a story from a student today that makes me appreciate what I have that much more.

My Nentalbratz is bubbling nicely. I learned a few things about hot weather brewing yesterday. I really need to refrigerate my extra water and turn the air down on those days. I will be brewing outside by the fall, which requires a few changes to the established method.

Misunderestimated Man

.:: Sunday, May 9th ::.

~ 08:24 AM ~

Happy Mother's Day

We have new furniture, which will occupy the front living room in the new home. In the next place, it will become the everyday furniture. We are still looking for a dining room set and need something long & thin. It should be able to sit six. We might go to IKEA for the dining set.

Trailhead Brewing was good but not on par with Schlafly or Great Lakes. The service was o.k., the food was fine, and the beer was good.

My starter is nice and foamy so I will be brewing later today. We have brunch at 11:30 and then we are going for a ride. I need to go to the gym too.

Moore admits it was a stunt
Rumsfled's dirty pics
Limbaugh...way way out there

.:: Saturday, May 8th ::.

~ 12:31 PM ~

Our day was planned around Neale having to make a phone call at 11AM. Needless to say, she forgot some documents and did not need to make the phone call. We did get our ride in at the Katy Trail and I already cleaned the house.

We are going to shop for living room and dining room furniture this afternoon. The present furniture will stay in the back TV room at the new place. Eventually, the new living room furniture will become the everyday furniture. After the shopping, we are going to Trailhead Brewing for dinner.

I am watching the Mets.

Bad Jocks

.:: Friday, May 7th ::.

~ 08:53 AM ~

I accidentally pulled a bottle of my Bandywallop ale last night. It was very young and carbonation has not taken place. Yet, it tastes quite good for a young beer. I am brewing my Nentalbatz ale this weekend, which is Northern European ale that uses some leftover grains and the notorious Ringwood yeast strain.

Gas Buddy

.:: Thursday, May 6th ::.

~ 07:44 AM ~

I had another adjustment and it went well. I am doing the homework and working on my posture. Needless to say, I ate without pain last night. It was the first time in three weeks.

We went for a ride. It was warm and alittle windy. I went against the wind and Neale went with it. Why? That is just us.

We have a Mother's Day brunch on Sunday.

I am going to the dentist today. With the hope that we would live in Webster, our dentist is in Webster. I have not been to the dentist since last April.

Pat Tillman's brother
Moore's new film
100 Mistakes for the President to choose from

.:: Wednesday, May 5th ::.

~ 10:21 AM ~

Feliz cinco de mayo.

Check your PC for the recent worm. Update your virus files, check for available patches, and just say no to forwards and suspicious emails.

My adjustment went well. I have to see a physical therapist for a few weeks though. I will be working on my posture and doing some small exercises.

FCC Swamped with Oprah complaints
Beer Calories and Carbs

.:: Tuesday, May 4th ::.

~ 11:28 AM ~

I will receive my adjustment this afternoon. Needless to say, I am looking forward to it. I was pricing a Soloflex over the weekend and will finally have a home gym in the new place.

I got my card. Who needs cash? Shhh.... Despardo is on.

Gun safety expert shoots self
Media Matters

.:: Monday, May 3rd ::.

~ 01:00 PM ~

I can listen to Air America online. Yeah.

~ 12:04 PM ~

Good news for you faithful reader! I upgraded my Tripod account from free to basic, which means I pay $4.95 per month for NO ADS and more server space. Why the change? Well, I saw this morning for the first time some "side search" tool, which was just plain annoying. So, they worn me down and I am sure you will all enjoy not having to close any "pop-ups" that were not killed by your pop-up software.

We destroyed another corkscrew last night so we decided to make the investment of a Houdini Corkscrew by Meterokane. I have wanted one for a two years and it may be that last corkscrew we buy. Those new corks are tough.

I bottled the Bandywallop last night and I really cannot describe it yet. I tasted a malty maple syrup but that partly due to age and the introduction of corn sugar for bottling. Of course, the sugar will be converted to bubbles by the last remaining yeast and I will have a much better idea in two patient weeks. But, I make it a habit to taste the young beer to see how the aging process goes. I could really taste the Magnum hops though. It was remarkable how the Altbier changed from a sweet malty brew to a lovely brown and mellow beer. It was the first beer I brewed that I could see through. I did not get to taste any of the ESB as the transfer managed to get all the young beer to the secondary and leave only trub.

I spent a week without a credit/debt card (i.e. how our household runs) and it was only a problem once. I usually only buy gas and groceries during the week. However, a recent Amazon purchase was slightly delayed as the number was canceled to protect our account. It should be here today.

New virus...update your virus files and scan
Supreme Court

.:: Sunday, May 2nd ::.

~ 08:59 AM ~

We had a great time yesterday at John's annual Kentucky Derby party. We talked about several topics and since were new homeowners; there was discussion about bathroom remodeling.

I decided to move the Homebrew recipes to a separate page. Aptly name...index- 33 in the file manger.

It is a nice day here but showers are coming. We will probably ride after the early afternoon showers.

I am bottling the Bandywallop and racking the Scrummy ESB to secondary today.

CNN: US Troops abuse prisoners

.:: Saturday, May 1st ::.

~ 11:21 AM ~

The weather is windy and rainy so we are going for a walk.

I enjoyed some MacTarnahan's Amber Ale while watching the Mets last night. Tasty but not impressive.

So long TechTV.

Who lobbies for cheats?