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.:: Monday, February 27th ::.

~ 12:25 PM ~


If you are reading this then you had good luck as the site is not operating properly. I got to Tripod alright so it may be the service I use to rename (chrisandneale.net rather than the long Tripod addy) the site.

The pics of the Strat pickup replacement have been posted. Check the photos section.

The journal will be archived at the end of February. It will the 70s in STL on Wednesday. Winter is over?

Good bikers

.:: Sunday, February 26th ::.

~ 07:41 PM ~

"...I am the Floaty Thing's gopher-boy!..."

It has been a busy afternoon. I cleaned, shielded and replaced the pickups in my Strat. It has the original pickups from the late 80s Squire Strats. It was worth the trouble because it is a late 80s Japanese Strat that is well made and served me well. I installed a Dimarzio FS1 in the bridge, a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Staggered in the middle, and a Seymour Duncan SSL-4 Quarter Pound at the neck. The sound is much better. I also cleaned the inside of the guitar, which was quite dirty for never being opened since the factory. I used copper shielding from Monte for the cavity, which was regular Strat size. I learned about soldering and how I need to work on my soldering skills. Pics soon.

We gave Ellis a bath and he enjoyed the process. However, he was super crazy dog after the bath. Luckily, he is better now. He had a busy morning, slept while I was working on the guitar, and got a little nuts in the evening.

I transfered the cider to secondary (it has been very active) and it tastes pretty good.

~ 09:12 AM ~

"...is that the story your sticking with..."

Coming up on a site anniversary....8 years of supplying the Internet with no porn or gambling, how odd.

We went out for our delayed Valentine's Day last night. We went to Barcelona, which was good. Yet, very small and very loud. We saw a few people go there for appetizers and then over to another resturant for dinner. We tried the baked goat cheese, crisp artichokes with romesco sauce, cheese plate, Spanish meatballs, and a slice of three milk cake. Not the best tapas we have had but very good. We went to Portabella for a drink afterwards.

My Strat Shielding arrived from Monte Allum. So, I will take apart my Strat today and start the process of shielding it and replacing the pickups. There will be plenty of pictures so I know how things go back together.

Conversion Tables
Mr. Furley has left the building
March 12th

.:: Thursday, February 23rd ::.

~ 07:12 PM ~

"...I got humming down really good..."

Ellis did our daily walk, which is 3 miles.

I am redesigning my pedal board and I ordered my Decimatorpedal noise gate this afternoon. I need more space and a second level (a 2 X 6 as Boss pedal as 5 inches long). My Rockman X100 headphone amp that I bought in '91 sold quick on Ebay and for a great price. So, I spent that money on a much needed noise gate. I get an unpleasant 60 hz hum occasionally. I also found some nicely prices patch cables to tighten the look of the board. Given that this setup will be "it", I will fasten down the cables as well. My Boss CS-3 compression/sustainer came and I will have that modded by CMatt soon.

Billy Baroo

.:: Wednesday, February 22nd ::.

~ 07:42 PM ~

"...crazy bird lady..."

I got hit from behind again. Luckily, there was no new damage and everyone was fine. It was a minor bump as we at a stoplight in Alton and the light just changed. People were shuffling and the person behind bumped me. We pulled over and she was relived that the damage on my car was not her doing. Her vehicle had a slightly bent license plate, which could easily be straightened. She said "I made her day" by be honest about the condition of my vehicle. However, I may have to start perfecting a "injured motorist" act...I could start flopping on the roadside with a seizure or maybe temporary paralysis. Nah.

I returned my damaged guitar to Music123 yesterday. I noticed this morning that they are not currently stocking the model. So, this could lead to going elsewhere if this creates a big problem. I found a few deals on Ebay and I also have a dealer out of Milwaukee that may do a custom order. I have seen some WI66Pro's that did not have flamed maple tops and pickups combos that are not ideal. I also found a few Pilsen's on Ebay that are seductive but a bit more expensive. The Pilsen is the US custom shop version of the WI66.

I racked my imperial stout to secondary and it tasted great young...very malty, chocolate, and full bodied. In three months, it will be ready.

My Rocktron X100 headphone amp sold on Ebay quickly and I will have money for a ISP noise gate, which is great.

D-cup equals 2.1?

.:: Monday, February 20th ::.

~ 12:51 PM ~

"...queen of you..."

Happy presidental day...yeah, Polk!

Neale has the day off, which can only be trouble.

I have come to the realization that I need a bigger, more organized pedal board. I am also considering levels so some pedals that stay on (like a compression or eq) are out of the way of other effects. I purchased a Boss CS-3 compression/sustainer last night through EBay and I will have it modded by Chad Matthews later next month. However, I need a bigger space for the effects and I will purchase some scrap wood from Home Depot to accomplish the new board.

United in Service

.:: Sunday, February 19th ::.

~ 06:45 PM ~

"...I need a receipt..."

We saw "Munich" and it was quite good. However, it is 2 hours and 45 minutes...sit tight.

We went to Sur La Table after the movie for kitchen shears. Our original shears broke. We also got a second pizza cutter and a fry pan screen.

We contacted an attorney and we will be developing our will soon. We actually have stuff. Ellis will go back to the breeder if we pass unexpectantly.

Pet's Edge

~ 09:29 AM ~

"...capture it not kill it..."

I sold my first item on Ebay. The buyer has not submitted payment yet. However, I am ready to ship. I use "Click 'n Ship" through the USPS online.

I bottled my barley wine. It had a great ruby red color and a port quality to it. In December, we will taste the results. I have a bottle of last year's barley wine stocked away too. I will probably move my imperial stout to secondary tonight.

Neale has tomorrow off. I am working.

We are seeing "Munich" today.

Campaigning through churchs?
Surprise...Native Americans really native americans
Top Ten Prez mistakes...where is starting a bogus war?
2001 explained

.:: Saturday, February 18th ::.

~ 01:07 PM ~

"...cover the treasure..."

We have succumb to Powerball fever. We got a ticket.

~ 12:02 PM ~

"...the farmer is a martian..."

It is a chilly day in Saint Louis...currently 11. We are walking in the afternoon when it is the warmest.

Neale is watching movies and organizing our DVDs today. We outgrew the box we had and they now need to be stored in the basement in the sliding cabinet. She wants to place them alphabetically. I tend to go by genre.

Ellis did something exactly how he should today. We let him out the backdoor and he went right to the dog walk and did his business then returned to the backdoor when called.

I am having my GE7 and BD2 modded by Chad Matthews. He did the mod on my SD1 and it is much improved. I also ordered my copper shield for the interior of my Strat. I will do the pickup replacement and the shielding next weekend.

My auctions on Ebay will go live in a few hours.

Germ X
Don't Ask how much it cost

.:: Friday, February 17th ::.

~ 04:52 PM ~

"...is that a dog?..."

Ellis did our old walk today (3 miles?).

File Hippo...free stuff

~ 09:47 AM ~

"...I am cleaning up so well..."

Our garbage can has gone missing. I am thinking about a chain and cement post to secure it in the future! It was windy yesterday and we had tornando sirens so it could have blown away somewhere. I searched the block last night after I got home from bowling (LCCC faculty event..my high score was a 134..it had been five years).

Neale got her Slanket last night and loves it.

I am auctioning three old DOD effect pedals I no longer us on Ebay. I may get some bids. They are not unique or special but they are in great shape. I just do not use them because it is not the sound I am looking for these days. I got to play the visiting WI66Pro for about two hours last night. I am awaiting my return label so I can send it back for a mint copy. It plays really well but I have not figured out the best settings for it yet. Luckily, I do not notice the weight as I have been playing my semi-hollow for the last several months. I need to order the shielding for the Strat mod and then I can replace the pickups.

No plans really this weekend. I will bottle my barley wine when I can drink beer again. The imperial stout is nice and foamy. The cider is still steady bubbling.

Tickets for Eagles of Death Metal and the Strokes go on sale tonight at 5PM.

I have the responsibility of picking up the refi check. Neale will deposit tomorrow. Then, revolving debt is a thing of the past for us (well, except cars and school loans).

This is for the people of the sun
Sci Fi films...that never existed

.:: Thursday, February 16th ::.

~ 09:44 AM ~

"...never been this far away from home..."

I got the news that I was granted tenure at LCCC. So, that helps solidify us in Saint Louis and makes the future much more easier to plan. Next, promotion to the next rank, which happens next year probably.

Ellis visited his brother Ripley and cousin Hope. Ellis and Ripley recognized each other and played. Ellis has about 5 pounds on Ripley as Ellis is turning out to be a bigger dog. However, Hope, tri-colored female, about the same age but much smaller was in charge of the event. She put Ellis in his place and then all three played together. Ellis also got his nails clipped as we wanted a tutorial from Diana. We want to start doing it ourselves. I trimmed the hair on his paws the other day so Ellis does not mind me poking him. He does not like the mouth spray though. We also picked up a bottle of dry shampoo to keep Ellis fresh between baths.

My new guitar arrived and it looks great. But, it arrived damaged. Before it was packaged (double boxed), it was dropped (probably at the Music123 warehouse) and there is a major dent in the binding and top maple piece below the controls. Also, the front pickup arrived loose in its socket and it is still wobbly after I tightened the screw. So, I will be calling for a replacment, which should work out best for me. I got a deal on this one because it was an "open box" and not factory sealed. However, it was the last open box they had listed on their site. Besides the damage, it played great. The neck is small and smooth, the action was very low, and the sounds were good. It has a Voice Contour Control system that needs exploration in order to appreciate all the sounds it can manage. The maple flamed top was beautiful in blue and I maybe able to get the same color. It is much smaller that my semi hollow and Strat but it fits well standing and sitting. In the end, this will be my first perfect pro guitar that does not demand updates (i.e. the replacement of pickups or tuners).


.:: Tuesday, February 14th ::.

~ 04:01 PM ~

"...got guv?..."

I washed the cars and Ellis played in the front yard. He only barked at the hose and not the passersby, which was mostly kids returning from school. It is a rather nice day here. We are going for a walk in a moment. He just ate and is doing his rocket dog routine (i.e. laps around the basement). When Neale gets home, we are going for a walk.

Guitar Notes
Buzz Feiten

.:: Monday, February 13th ::.

~ 06:55 AM ~

"...the car is sinking..."

I brewed my Russian Imperial Stout (Strum Ale) last night. There was a slight over boil as I looked away for 10 seconds, which is all it takes with such a huge beer. The only other over boil I had was with another stout. Clean up is easy but a bother after two hours of brewing. The batch will be ready in three months but will benefit from more aging like the barley wine. I will bottle my barley wine next week then move the cider and the stout to new carboys.

We are going to visit our breeder this week. She has a dry bath product for us. It will help keep Ellis smelling fresh. He had a good day yesterday with one exception. He found some cat droppings and I had to get that away from him. It was a mess.

I was reading about guitar set-up and what a pro would use to do so. I have several of the items but need the following: feeler gauges (for auto repair, they help measure the gap between string and fret) and a tube of graphite lube. I will pick up some Loctite for my new strap locks as well. They are all small items but at several stores.

Random Fortune (refresh for new)

.:: Sunday, February 12th ::.

~ 08:41 AM ~

"...new man like you...a hairdresser..."

There is frost on the lawn. We are going for a walk this morning. Then, Neale is getting her groceries and tanning. I need to pick up some water at Whole Foods. I am brewing after the movie. We are using our free movie passes to see "Backback Mountain".

I am using Schaller strap locks on my new guitar instead of Dunlops, which are on my other two electrics. However, the Schallers are back ordered. The rest of my order is on the way though.

Ellis is enjoying his new toys, which are Puppy Teething Keys, Fluffy Orange Man, and his H20 Hardcore Firehose chew.

Fun old films
Bad condiments

.:: Saturday, February 11th ::.

~ 03:39 PM ~

"...can he erase two minutes, twenty seconds..."

Ellis is weighing in at 19 pounds and looking good. The vet said he may top out at 30 to 35, which would be fine given his breed. We are checking with Diane to see how big the parents were in size. He is playing with his Kong as I stuck a treat inside of it. Lunch is coming at 4 for him. We used a seatbelt restraint for his car ride today and it worked well. He laid in the backseat and was quiet. He does not mind car rides. The travel crate was getting to small for him. I will exchange the seatbelt restraint because it is a size too small for him. He also has new collar jewelry as he has his 1 year rabies vaccination tag. I am taking him for a walk after lunch.

Neale is out buying new pants and I picked up some malt extract for my Russian Imperial Stout that will be brewed tomorrow. It will take 3 months to age. The barley wine is almost ready for bottles and the cider is bubbling nicely. I have some IPA and Mr. Brownstone in bottles currently. Both are ready to drink but we are doing phase one so no beer until Feb. 20th.

I am watching the Olympics.

Mega is defragging and still running smoothly for a machine from 1998.

Since I purchased and installed Debbie's new printer she gave us the gift card for Best Buy that she was given to buy the printer. I found a better deal at Circuit City. We spent the gift card on new DVDs....Pleasantville, Road to Perdition, Braveheart, Crash, and Ocean's Twelve.

My last two replacement pickups just arrived. I will be soldering soon.

Real Beer
Great Monkey Trick

.:: Thursday, February 9th ::.

~ 11:19 AM ~

"...don't call me nigga, whitey..."

I submitted my schedule for the fall of 2006 teaching. I am scheduling 7 classes but 5 will probably make numbers for a class. I teach a course at LC for our Greenville partnership and I am the only person that can teach it currently. I started the course so it has my fingerprints on it. However, we want to add a night session to mix up the offerings. So, the plan is have the class at night during the fall and in the morning in the spring. The students need to do observations in actual classrooms in the local school district so making time available for them is key. I am pushing the night class as it is the first time we have offered it.

We are rewarding Ellis for 'quiet' to avoidance the problem on Tuesday night. He had a bone last night so he was occupied. But, there is a rationing to the bones so he weight stays normal. He does enjoy chewing at this point. I check his mouth daily so his mature teeth are poking through slowly.

Sly Stone at the Grammy Awards was bizarre.

Thanks to the new finanicial situation and the IRS giving back. We were able to have a little fun with our money. Pics soon of my new tone...

Origins of Firefox

.:: Tuesday, February 7th ::.

~ 02:09 PM ~

"...looks like you got a decision to make..."

It is nice day outside. However, the ground thawed so it was a little muddy for Ellis and I. He was barky a moment ago and wanted to chew on a few non-chewable objects. The Bitter Apple spray works well.

Tonight, we are going to Debbie's place so I can install her new printer. Neale is getting a haircut as well.

We got great news from the IRS in the form of a refund. Last year, we had bad news and make adjustments to our withholdings. Neale will make another small change but we will be getting refunds instead of paying. Given the positive change in our finanical status, we get to do something fun with some of the refund.

I got my Boss SD-1 back with the TS-808 mod and it sounds great. I will send a few other pedals to guy.

Super Bowl Ads
Cartoons and free speech
Nicotine patch for dogs

.:: Sunday, February 5th ::.

~ 03:18 PM ~

"...more pregame...we want pregame..."

What are you doing reading this? Get back to the pregame!

Oh, how I love the Internet somedays. I got a nasty new virus this morning. It is called SpyAxe and its close relative is SpySwitcher. Symantec has no easy tool to remove it because SpyAxe is new. Norton does not solve the problem either. Adaware and Spybot remove parts of it but leave the rest so when you restart you have the same problem. I found a forum online and a small DOS tool a guy developed. I had to reboot to safe mode and run the tool. It is gone. It is just basically annoying as it constantly tries to change your security settings and directs your browser to a site that sells software to remove it but that software only opens up more holes in your firewall. So, after 6 hours and some cursing, it is gone.

I am actually watching some of the Puppy Bowl (plus Kitty Halftime show). Ellis has no reaction to the dogs and cats.

Ed and Debbie bought Ellis a Enstein Bagels' doggie bagel. Britt, Kelly, and the kids were suppose to stop by but they ran out of time before Anna's soccer game (indoor).

I got my last replacement pickup at Ebay this afternoon. I will be installing a Dimarzio HS-2 in the bridge, a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Staggered in the middle, and a Seymour Duncan SSL-4 Quarter Pound at the neck. I ordered a 40 piece soldering kit from Amazon. It will help keep all necessary soldering tools organized. The Seymour Duncan website has great info on how to and schematics.

Straight guys survival guide for Brokeback Mountain
Big Bunny

.:: Saturday, February 4th ::.

~ 06:53 PM ~

I want to express my outrage that Mr. Bush pandered to the anti-manimal. lobby. Science is soooo overrated. Pigman must be shunned.

Lava pocket
Firefox clone from the Evil Empire?

~ 06:19 PM ~

"...lets get sushi and not pay..."

Go Steelers...like everyone else.

We went to Bill's (Neale's recently passed grandfather) house to pick up some stuff. I saw the inside for the first time. It was interesting. As many know I have a low tolerance for clutter and I cleaned twice a week. We picked up some small tools like some vise grips and attachments for an electric drill (bolt driver). Also, we got a small lockbox for personal papers. No saber saw yet.

Ellis went with us to Roxanna. He is fine on car rides and sleeps in his crate. He learned "stay" today at obedience class. There is a two week break as our trainer is going out of town.

Save it for later

.:: Friday, February 3rd ::.

~ 07:08 AM ~

"...destroy the network..."

I made Neale pork tenderloin and smashed potatoes. It is her favorite cut of meat, she would not make it for herself, and Alton Brown has been doing shows on it. Alton is correct about the great deal on tenderloin at Costco but it would be too much for us and Neale's avoidance of frozen meat. Also, the Costco tenderloin would need a lot of cleaning. I purchased tenderloin just under a pound at Schucks. We do not own a meat thermometer but after 70 minutes it was done. She can't stand pink in meat.

Ellis is being a little barky this morning. He wants me to chase him and I refuse too encourage that behavior.

I am close winning some auction on Ebay for new pickups. The seller is the same guy I purchased my first one from last week. The guy modding my Boss SD-1 pedal also sells copper foil pre-cut for my Strat pickguard. I plan on shielding my guitar when I replace the pickups.

Opening lines

.:: Thursday, February 2nd ::.

~ 10:50 AM ~

"...6 more weeks of winter..."

Yes, Phil saw his shadow. We are celebrating Groundhog Day with a toast tonight. This year's Furry Woodchuck drink is a fuzzy navel. We are changing from the pattern of brown drinks and going with the name this year.

Ellis has mastered going down stairs. He has no problem with the backyard stairs either. He is still working on 'stand', which he thinks is 'down' most of the time.

A coworker point out that there is a corgi named Ein in current cartoon and it is airing on the Cartoon Network. The cartoon is called "Cowboy BeBop" and it is a Japanese cartoon. Ein does not talk I am told.

The insurance companies by everyone in the accident have been contacted. Developing...

We got great news on the refi of the house. The home appraised higher than we thought and we will be getting more "cash in hand" to eliminate our debt. In a few months, we will be in great shape.

Secret Truth Behind Groundhog Day
Slang Dictionary

.:: Wednesday, February 1st ::.

~ 04:19 PM ~

"...new over the old..."

New photos from Ellis' play date have been posted.


.:: Tuesday, January 31st ::.

~ 02:58 PM ~

"...find what your looking for?..."

Ellis had his nails trimmed yesterday. He did not enjoy the experience.

I am back to the Soloflex. I placed some bat tape on the smooth bar and I have a sticky cloth designed for baseball bat gripping. I will also use gloves.

Neale was convinced that Ellis needed more room so I got out the larger crate.

I am contacting the insurance of the other driver in the accident I had a few weeks ago. The police report was available last Friday.

The Internet as social glue
Challenger myths

.:: Monday, January 30th ::.

~ 07:20 AM ~

"...she is probably still out there..."

We went to Britt's birthday party (34th) and enjoyed the time. They are coming to see Ellis next weekend.

I am taking Ellis to get his nails trimmed and pick up some non-slip material so the Soloflex bar does not slip and smack my arm again. I will start using gloves. The bruising has really cleared up (Vitamin C and iron works!) and the bump is getting smaller each day. I am back to the Soloflex today.

The cider has a good layer of foam.

Demonic tots
Top Jobs

.:: Saturday, January 28th ::.

~ 05:33 PM ~

"...don't smell so good..."

Ellis had a big day. He played with Chauncer for an hour and went to puppy class. We worked on "heel" and "stand".

(l to r) barley wine (primary), cider (primary), and Mr. Brownstone (ready to bottle)

Cider ingredients

~ 12:33 PM ~

"...I want to be all I can be because I have been what I have been..."

Neale got her Corolla titled and picked up MO plates. She is with Ellis at a coworker's home on a "puppy play date". The coworker has a Springer Spaniel puppy that is younger than Ellis.

I am going to start my first batch of cider soon. I have everything cleaned and the yeast is warming up.

We have obedience class this afternoon. He has mastered "sit", "come", "down", and does well on the leash. We worked with him on the stairs last night and he still has problems with the very first step. Once he gets about halfway, he does not have a problem.

I am having an effect pedal modded by Superior Sounds Design. Since I have a Rat 2, my Boss SD-1 needs to be better defined and the mod will take it to the sound of a classic Ibanez TS-808. If it goes smoothly with this service, I will mod my Boss BD-2 as well.

I am cleaning and doing laundry as well. It has been a year since I purchased the new black PC and I needed to update my Norton Anti-Virus. So, I updated to Norton 2006. It seems to work well and has some better features.

Tonight, we are going to a trivia night with some friends from Neale's work.

Some photos
Norton 2006

.:: Thursday, January 26th ::.

~ 07:51 PM ~

"...thumping like this..."

Uhn tiss

Soldering 101

.:: Wednesday, January 25th ::.

~ 05:50 PM ~

"...drop dead..."

The chain in the toilet broke. So, I just needed to replace the chain and not the entire flapper/lever mechanism. I purchased a length of chain from Home Depot and fixed the toilet. Total cost: $1.06.

Neale is at a coworker’s bachelor party. She should be home soon.

I removed the four stumps in the backyard. I used a shovel, a saw, and the mighty sledgehammer. Ellis was less than impressed and I believe he got cold. So, I had to bring him in. Overall, he spent about three hours outside. He missed Charlie today.

I am enjoying some Tofurkey.

The appraisal of our home went well. The refi will be a welcomed change.

50 people you may want to avoid

.:: Tuesday, January 24th ::.

~ 08:09 PM ~

"...grabbing the southwest by the bottle..."

Last night, Neale did not pass the emission test with the Corolla. The check engine light came on the night before and there was an issue for real. So, we dropped it at Dobb's where they could also do the safety check (another MO requirement). The repairs were a few hundred but Steve heard of this and felt responsible since he gave us the car. In the end, it worked out for the best.

I bought another 6.5 gallon carboy for the cider, which I will make this weekend. It is my first cider attempt.

Ellis has "sit" and "come" mastered. He got some of "lie down" tonight. We worked with him for 10 minutes.

I am not using the Soloflex this week or doing yoga because of the bruise, which is getting better. But, I wanted to do some activity besides walking. It was in the low 60s today so I decided to cut back the remaining bushes in the backyard. They were damaged in the tree falling incident in December plus we wanted a clean backline to the yard. There are about 4 bushes and I removed the limbs from all of them. I will dig out the stumps soon if it stays nice and dry. Ellis was on a staked leash and he was fine with that new experience. The neighbor dog Charlie was out and they ran back and forth together. They seem to like each other's company and there is little barking. Just alot of running back and forth, which is good for Ellis.

In other backyard news, our neighbors repaired the fence that was damaged by the tree. However, they are to fence repair as I am to landscape painting. But, it will keep Ellis fenced in. We may decide to put in our own privacy fence.

Damn lies
No good for soy

.:: Monday, January 23rd ::.

~ 04:02 PM ~

"...la mancha..."

Neale is off getting her car an emissions test and a safety check. She may get the title today. I was in the mood to cook so I made her favorite, cheddar cheese soup. However, I wanted to use something different than regular American cheddar. So, I stopped at Whole Foods and got some better cheese (an English cheddar, a creamy Guyere, and a nutty Manchego). She should like it.

At my doctor's request, I am taking extra doses of Vitamin C and Iron.

My classes are off to great start.

Buddy Biscuit
The Slanket

.:: Sunday, January 22nd ::.

~ 06:52 PM ~

"...sweet Shaun Alexander..."

We went for a walk. I got some coat cleaner for Ellis. Neale does not like dog funk. He did have a strong odor last night. The coat cleaner changed that and he did not mind.

We are watching the NFL playoffs. We may order pizza from Racanellis.

I bought 2 SRV recordings with my Border's gift card.

I found some Bell's Third Coast Old Ale at Whole Foods. It should be great.

~ 10:23 AM ~

"...are you making moral judgements Ms. Peacock?..."

Neale is at the office catching up on her work. It is slow time of the year but she still has deadlines. I am cleaning and hanging with Ellis who is currently power napping. He did not get his 8PM meal last night but he did not miss it. He had another round of shots and the vet said he would be a little listless. Well, there was no "ballistic puppy hour" when we got home. We went to Marconi Grill for dinner since it was Steve's last day in town for awhile and it is kid friendly. Despite having a party of seven, we got in at the restaurant in less than 25 minutes around 6PM. It was our first time back in possibly two years. So, we had pasta twice this week, unusual but a nice change.

Neale is considering a personal chef or a trip to Meal Makers. She is having trouble cooking and she does not want me to cook for her since I do other things around the house.

I am going to the grocery store, Canine Center, and Borders today. Later, I want to watch some of the NFL playoffs.

Mensa Test
Mensa Test Answers

.:: Friday, January 20th ::.

~ 07:25 PM ~

"...oh yeah, that's over..."

Neale met with our mortage banker to finalize the refi. We are having the house reappraised next week.

I saw our doctor and my blood pressure lowered some but we need to improve it. So, the dosage was slightly increased. I also ordered an automatic blood pressure cuff from Amazon.

In other news, our doctor looked at the bruise and agreed it was just a bad bruise. What do you think?


.:: Thursday, January 19th ::.

~ 10:49 AM ~

"...when the waves turn the minutes to hours..."

Neale is getting the title switched for her Corrolla.

We had dinner with Steve and Judy Hoffman on the Hill last night. We went to one of Steve's favorites called Cunetto's and it was good, which was quite busy for a Wednesday night. We have not been to an Italian place on the Hill since lowering our carb intake. Neale has avoided pasta for the most part in the last two years (she had to have the Mogger’s pasta though since that has sentimental reasons). I had brown rice pasta late last year and it was pretty bad. I also tried the protein rich Barilla product but original fresh pasta still tastes the best. She got the old favorite fettuccini carbonara and I had Ditalini con Piselli (no cholesterol version).

I am visiting my doctor tomorrow to follow up on the new meds and see if they are working. I will have her take a look at the bruise since I am there. I have been icing, elevating, and using some heat. It is alittle sore, looks terrible, but not effecting anyhthing in my daily rountine.

Yank or Reb test

.:: Wednesday, January 18th ::.

~ 07:33 AM ~

"...lick themself clean..."

We are going to dinner with Steve and Judy on the Hill tonight.

My bruise is getting better as long as I keep it evalated and iced. I am also some Icy Hot. It is not as black & blue as I thought it would get. The impact point is getting better too.

Ellis is having a good morning. He had a hyper puppy hour last night.

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.:: Tuesday, January 17th ::.

~ 07:59 AM ~

"...girl at the rock show..."

I need to clean house as we have used all the space on Tripod. Updates soon.

I managed to smack my arm not once but twice using the Soloflex while doing bench presses. My hand was sweaty and it slipped...twice. I will post pics soon. The bruise is a hall of famer.


.:: Sunday, January 15th ::.

~ 02:56 PM ~

"...its a surprise to me..."

I posted more photos of Ellis.

~ 11:18 AM ~

"...I feel like Seabiscuit..."

Neale is over in Roxanna helping her Dad. I am watching Ellis and cleaning. Ellis tolerates the vaccum. Luckily, he does not bark at it. Steve gave us a few items from Bill's collection (battery charger, soldering iron, lights for auto maintenance, and a small butane torch).

"Wedding Crashers" was decent. It had some laughs but not like "Anchorman".

Gotta go W
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.:: Saturday, January 14th ::.

~ 05:48 PM ~

"...reflection has changed a bit..."

Debbie came to see Ellis. Then, we took him to Petsmart for a nail trimming and they trimmed the hair on his paws. We picked up two gates, a new non-edible bone, and a bag of Mother Hubbard's Meatiess for training. He was a good client and met another dog. Next, we went to puppy class and there were 23 puppies in the room. With the exception of a couple of other people, we were one of the few people that researched and read about puppy training. There were some that were still smacking their dogs with newspapers and letting the dog run their homes. One woman had a "Hooch" dog and she was wearing work gloves to control the rope that was strapped to him. Do you want a dog or livestock? The trainer was really good and agreed with our view of how to train a dog, which is the view of breeder informed us was proper. Ellis met a few dogs but slept through most of the discussion. He did not bark really. He has gotten really quiet around me except for his play with toys. He prefers to sleep at my feet when I play guitar. There was no training since there was 23 dogs and the trainer needed to add another class. It was actually pretty quiet given the number of dogs and there were some dogs smaller than Ellis. One owner waited 6 months to start her dog in training and she was doing everything wrong in the meantime.

Neale left to get some boots for the snow and we ordered pizza from Deweys. Later, we are watching "Wedding Crashers".

Neale got some great news from Steve about his father's estate. By the end of the year, we will be in great financial shape. Next, we are finishing the refi and next month will be much more favorable on our accounts.

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.:: Friday, January 13th ::.

~ 06:57 PM ~

"...you can't talk to me like that..."

Ellis is enjoying a Nylabone (ham and cheese I believe?). He is having a good day. He hung out while I was working out and he slept while I was playing guitar.

Neale is dining with Steve, Joan, and Britt. In other news, I am a single parent.

~ 02:08 PM ~

"...a size 14 into a size 7..."

I had a morning meeting and I am home with Ellis. We are reading his body language better. He has now accomplished the ability to give "the look" so we know it is time to take him outside. He may have seen snow for the first time.

Neale is over at her Grandfather's place helping clean out his home with Steve, Joan, and Britt. I would be over there but I have Ellis to watch after.

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.:: Thursday, January 12th ::.

~ 01:29 PM ~

"...exchange insurance..."

I had a minor accident today. I was merging onto 367 and there is construction so it narrows to one lane. I signaled and got over but the car behind (who was going faster than posted) hit my rear. The bumper is scratched the tail light cracked but it still works. So, the car will go for an estimate on Monday. After the hit I drove a little to the shoulder, which was closed off for construction. The other driver and passenger followed and were rather vocal. I asked if anyone was hurt but they were not interested in my well-being. They also wanted to avoid the police and take my insurance card. Well, I called Neale and then 911. The Bellefonte Neighbors police arrived and took a report. It will be available in a few days. Overall, no one was hurt and the other guy hit me while going too fast in a construction zone.

Ellis is going for a Pravo vaccination as he is starting obedience training Saturday.

Chronic of Narina or Crazy Delicious

.:: Wednesday, January 11th ::.

~ 04:45 PM ~

"...something good..."

Ellis is having a much better day. He was really worked up yesterday and it was the break in the routine. We believe he is starting to get use to it though. Also, made some behavioral changes. When I got home today I thought he could use a longer walk and that did not take. He knew where we usually turned and was bothered by not turning at the school crosswalk. So, we made it to the end the block...barely. He was constantly distracted, which is not like him lately on the regular walk. We will try the regular walk when Neale gets home. I admit I was overwhelmed last night and I got frustrated. Neale was right; he is getting use to the new schedule.

Oh, the "git er done" crowd

.:: Tuesday, January 10th ::.

~ 06:08 PM ~

"...turn it up..."

I had a productive day at work. We have a few new campus systems to learn. Neale is working late to finish a presentation. So, I have been working with Ellis who has been a ball of fury. His excertions has been numerous and he became a sponge on our 30 minute walk. He has not had a mistake but he has also been out several times.

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.:: Monday, January 9th ::.

~ 12:39 PM ~

"...hey its little steven..."

I had a rough morning as I was leaving the house. I was realizing that our vacation was really over and I was leaving Ellis for the longest time since he has been with us. He is so sweet and helpless. Yes, there is some stubborness but we know he does not know any better yet. However, I am getting along and working. I will home around 4 today and Neale is stopping home at 2. My schedule this semester will be better as I had one class not make enrollment so I cancelled it. I will be home to him around 1 or 2 during the week and there in the mornings of MWF. I only have 5 classes (a first!) and two are online. So, he will not be left in the crate for long.

~ 08:50 AM ~

"...ain't no stoppin' us now..."

Vacation is over. I have two meetings this afternoon. Tuesday is the first early day. Neale is also back. It is nice that we have the time together.

Neale went with friends from her work to see "The Good Body" and she liked it.

Ellis had his first bath last night and it went well. He smells much better. He is getting better at climbing.

Dog Toyz

.:: Saturday, January 7th ::.

~ 07:33 PM ~

"...cool water..."

We went to Ellie's for dinner. It was merely ok. Ellis has taken to the dog run area. He had one accident today but is doing well in other doggie behaviors. He climbed the stairs for the first time. It was funny to watch. However, he cannot do down.

My Lai

.:: Friday, January 6th ::.

~ 06:58 PM ~

"...I have given up..."

We installed the dog run. I hope he learns to use it. He has been using the same spot in the front yard. The half ton of stone was moved in under an hour. Neale helped fill buckets. I tamped it down. He may get to use it tomorrow. He finished his Dentabone and is entertaining himself with his toys.

Neale is out with Sara. We got some great news from her about the refi. Sara is a branch manager and works with these matters regularly.

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.:: Thursday, January 5th ::.

~ 05:57 PM ~

"...its like walking in sand..."

I cleared the grass and dirt for Ellis' dog run. His outdoor activities are already attacking the grass. We will pick up the washed pea gravel tomorrow. We are using a half a ton so I will get my workout in carrying it in buckets to the backyard. He had one accident today but it was small.

I restrung my main guitar today. I am getting a slight buzz though. It is not fret buzz so I will keep looking.

~ 08:23 AM ~

"...you're a slum lord..."

We are going to Wells Fargo this afternoon to start the refi process. We could get a better deal through another place though. So, we are shopping around.

Steve and Joan are coming to St. Louis this weekend.

Ellis got his dog tags (pic coming). Neale picked it up at Canine Center. He is having a better morning than yesterday so far. He had a day without accidents yesterday.

DIY effects

.:: Wednesday, January 4th ::.

~ 11:54 AM ~

"...lookin' good buddy..."

I bottled my IPA last night. I will rack the amber this evening. So, I will probably brew on Friday. Neale is over her cold. She is doing some errands and spending some "adult time". She got up early this morning for Ellis.

Ellis is doing fine. He had an incident with an acorn this morning and I had to remind him that those were off limits. He was being stubborn though. We don't want him to choke on an acorn. But, we are learning with him. We have noticed improvements in his behavior. Tomorrow, I am making a small dog walk in the corner of the yard.

NEA salary issue

.:: Tuesday, January 3rd ::.

~ 04:41 PM ~

"...a salute to painting..."

Ellis got a clean bill of health from our vet. He weighs 13 pounds. He will start his heartworm medicine soon. His next set of shots is due in a few weeks. His surgery will be in several months. They may give his body more time to drop his other testicle. As of now, he is having abdominal surgery went is rather involved since the other testicle is hidden. He has only had one accident today and it was after playing around noon. He is enjoying his first Dentabone, which according to the Pedigree website should only be twice a week. He is chewing and throwing it. They have Dentasticks for daily use. Neale also found a good bone at Petsmart which he enjoyed last night. He made it half up the stairs today but how he would have gotten down was not thought through to completion. He would have gotten stuck. Also, we have the downstairs for heavy play (although he has no idea what "fetch" is) and the upstairs for "chill time".

Neale is still ill but she getting better.

Housewife Tarot

.:: Monday, January 2nd ::.

~ 04:57 PM ~

"...go Buckeyes..."

Ellis spent most the afternoon sleeping. He took his first trip around the block. He liked the small Kong filled with peanut butter. The peanut butter is from Kong and comes in a "easy cheese" style container. We are visiting the vet tomorrow as part of our buyer's agreement. We will also get a quote on his upcoming surgery.

Neale is watching him now and I am working out. I tool last week off. I am also scanning photos from my parents.

Sonic boom
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~ 10:58 AM ~

"...giving people what they want since 01/01/06..."

We had a rough storm last night. The sirens went off. However, it was mostly lightning. Ellis did not seem to mind. He has had two accidents this morning though. Also he is testing boundaries with the chewing on things that should not be chewed. He likes the pedalboard corner and my slippers. However, he is learning but I have said 'no' more today than ever.

I am brewing tomorrow as I need a carboy and know my LHBS is closed on Mondays.

We are going for a walk. Neale's cold is not better. However, she had to get up early for Ellis.

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.:: Sunday, January 1st ::.

~ 05:43 PM ~

"...we have a dog...his name is ellis..."

Pics of Ellis have been posted on his page. We picked him up at 10AM and were home at 11AM. He is curious, gentle, and sweet. He likes his toys but his attention span is quite short. He misses his litter mate. The Mother Hubbard peanut butter treats were enjoyed and he expected someone to attempt a steal. So far there has been no accidents and he has made outside three times. The dogs behind us gave a bark and Ellis barked back but we are no encouraging alot of barking. He had his second meal of the day. He has three meals and it is 1/2 cup of dry food, water, and one tablespoon of plain yogurt. For the first meal, he gets cottage cheese with the food. He watched me have lunch and did not bother, which was a good sign.

Dinner for One
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