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.:: Wednesday, August 31st ::.

~ 04:44 PM ~


I racked my pale ale (for Oktoberfest) to secondary last night.

We are seeing a play this weekend.

Last night, I got up at 4AM (I usually do not check the clock) to use the bathroom and the backyard safety light switched on. So, I was curious what would cause the light to turn on via motion sensor. It was a possum. Wednesday morning (trash day) must be a buffet for him. I have seen cats and raccons use the sewer grates too.

I may paint the pantry this weekened.

~ 04:15 PM ~

"...what's your deal?..."

Our ongoing discussion with the waste company has been settled. Neale did the calling so she deserves the credit. Our full size 64 gallon trashcan was delivered this afternoon. They took back their 32 gallon can, which was half the size of the can I bought (for about $70). Hopefully, this does not happen again.

The journal will be archived tomorrow.

More coffee
Hurricane causes tempers to flair
Katrina coverage & possible racism
Home Town Locator

.:: Monday, August 29th ::.

~ 12:49 PM ~

"...the subway..."

We are going to visit Ed in the hospital this evening and then out to dinner, probably House of India. We may met Ed's children and probably want to tread lightly.

THIS WEEK IN OUR 50'S HOME: The air conditioner unit leaking a touch. I wil inspect further. I noticed while I was working out this morning. It has a hose running off off of it to the floor drain but the water (slow drip) is coming from another location near the hose. Developing....

Cats In Sinks

.:: Sunday, August 28th ::.

~ 11:07 AM ~

"...how soon is now?..."

I rewatched the Grudge last night. Still, ok at best. I tuned into the Grateful Dead Hour again (I had not heard Bertha in awhile...C to G to C...you get the idea quickly). I was practicing for several hours. I will need to restring soon. My semi hollow (aka Blue) has the original strings and it keeps tune quite well. I prefer heavier strings ( Ernie Ball purples ) and I hopefully do not need to adjust the action.

Neale spent the night with Debbie. The news this morning is that Ed is awake, off the breathing tube, and speaking. He may be moved to another location this afternoon. He states that he was eating watermelon and experienced breathing problems. He called 911 and lost consciousness. He has some health problems so the exact nature of the situation is still developing.

I decided to wait on bottling and will do it tonight. A good reason to clean and inspect your bottles....I found a dead spider, which is not good drinkin'.

Let the backlash begin

.:: Saturday, August 27th ::.

~ 05:06 PM ~

"...cake...who blanked on the cake?..."

We went for a ride and then to Jersey Mike's Subs for lunch. The place is new, still training its staff, and is trying hard.

THIS WEEK IN OUR 50'S HOME: We had our doors measured and, of course, the doors are oddly sized and need to be specially ordered. Door #1 will runs us about $300 (demo and install of special door) and Door #2 will be about $500 (demo, install of special door, and casing work). So, once again, our estimate was low and we have moved this to next summer (i.e. one of the reasons I teach summer semsters). I worked on the pantry too. There was some exposed wall inside (yes, still) and I placed the final piece of drywall.

I also cleaned, did laundry, and weeded outside. One of our original Azaleas died so I pulled it.

The phone rang and Neale spoke with Debbie. Ed is in the hospital and may have had a heart attack. Things are developing and Neale is going to spend time with Debbie. Our plans for tonight (dinner at 400 Olive and a drink at the Chase) have been rescheduled.


.:: Friday, August 26th ::.

~ 08:15 AM ~

"...its the music that we chose...."

Neale is meeting our door installer today for measurements.

I am taking advantage of my free mornings and I am using the Soloflex. We are walking tonight.

The new fall schedule is working well. Wednesday is my long day but I will get alot of work done.

The new kitchen shelf has been added to the photo page (see photos, home, finished kitchen).

I am going to bottle my Emge Ale tonight.

Praise thou FSM

.:: Wednesday, August 24th ::.

~ 02:54 PM ~

"...Find my harborcoat, can't go outside without it...."

So far the new schedule is fine. The 11AM class was really good (when you can get some laughs during theory, that is a good sign) and the 1PM went really quick. However, I think some 1PM student may miss lunch, which is similar to missing breakfast and cognitive activity problem. I have three hours of office hours before dinner and my late afternoon class. In the future, I will have grading to do. I have spent the time so far working on my web-based quizzes and finding out if my new classroom has an overhead available in it. I actually get to leave the main building and venture to the new-ish Science buliding. Also, I got to pick the resturant for this weekend and I have narrowed it down to four places. There is a special promotion and a set menu for each restaurant. Since I do not eat meat and Neale is bothered by seafood or meat on the bone, we cannot go certain places for this promotion, which is fine. Luckily, the resturants posted their menus for this event.

We chose to visit 400 Olive this weekend.

Tonight, I will have Jimmy John's Subs for dinner. It is a treat since I working late on Wednesdays.

Listening to: 88.1 Afternoon Delight

~ 08:14 AM ~

"...like a drug...."

Since I do not have class until 11AM and a night class, I decided to walk and use the Soloflex before going to work. I get up at 5:30AM everyday so I have the time.

The message from the waste management is that we deserve a new can. Yet, there was no explanation on why the previous one was taken. As long as the replacement is similar size, we consider the matter old news and solved.

700 Hit Club

.:: Tuesday, August 23rd ::.

~ 05:17 PM ~

"...like a drug...."

Neale is fine. She is playing Matt in tennis.

We are taking advantage of a St. Louis promotion this weekend...dinner for $25.

Stem cell breakthrough?
Got gas?
Wah pot

~ 12:43 PM ~

"...king for a day, fool for a lifetime...."

The awkward moment of the day that no one saw: I took a sip from my work drink tumbler and forgot I got coffee. I was expecting water. Luckily, I did not spray my monitor.

Neale had an election at 5:30 this morning. So, she up at 4AM I believe. I slept in the other bedroom to minimize disturbance. I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to make my 8AM class, which was a change from my regular schedule. I think Neale was suffering from an upset stomach as she did not have breakfast or take her morning vitamins.

The fall semester has started and is going well. I have a student that is dying from cancer, the usual collection of young freshmen, a local police officer, and my first evening course (Wednesdays). In all, seven classes plus release time for assessment. So, the pot of Maui money is growing well. My schedule is fine but I will have to adjust to Wednesday night class. It is for a special program in the business department and the students are rumored to be very good. I start at 11AM on MWF so Wednesday is alittle long but it will be a good experience and I have no excuse to not get my grading done during my three hour block of office hours.

Sealab 2021 Third Season is on the way to our home. We are also waiting to rent the first season of Desperate Housewives (Sept. 20th) and the OC Season Two is already on the gift list.

We played tennis last night and I played well. Neale was facing a challenge.

The home DSL has been acting up...the recent storms have caused some outages.

More on the $250,000

.:: Sunday, August 21st ::.

~ 12:16 PM ~


We went for a ride at the Katy Trail because the lake path was being used for a race.

A spirited game of Scrabble was played last night. Neale won. We listened to music and watched the Mets almost blow a game.

We mounted a shelf this morning (pics soon...check finished kitchen pics under Home on photo page). The installation was easy and Ikea did a good job of designing the shelf.

Pizza from Fortel's Den was great. Neale tried the pesto sauce and found it dry. I had the Southwestern (mmm...chipotle) and it was very good. Smoky and low on the heat.

Conversion Tool
I put my (chicken) fingers into my eyes
Tech we miss

.:: Saturday, August 20th ::.

~ 03:00 PM ~

"...hippie girl...."

I am watching the Cards...bases loaded.

We went for a ride and then to Home Depot to price doors. It turns out that installation of the doors through Lowe's (better selection) is reasonable. So, we are having them out to measure, remove old door jams, and install two new doors soon.

I will change out the other remaining doors and install new hinges. In all, about six doors being replaced.

Cards win!

We purchased torches for the upcoming party. We are trying them tonight. Also, we are trying Fortel's Pizza Den. Last week, we tried Black Thorn and it was good. Neale did not like the crust.

I am mowing the lawn soon.

I don't know

.:: Friday, August 19th ::.

~ 10:30 AM ~

"...the tears of a clown...."

I failed to mention the odd thing of the week. The garbage men took our garbage can. I will let that sink in. The garbage men took our garbage can. I was leaving the house on Wednesday to go to work (the association lunch) and I saw the guy pick up the can. I had to wait for him to cross the street to leave my parking spot. In my rearview mirror, I noticed the was not back and I thought he put it on the wrong side of the road. Nope. It was gone. We called our waste company and were promised a call back from the route manager, which has not happened. I would like to express my appreciation and healthy affection for Teamsters, my long standing boycott (yeah....riiigghhttt) of AB products, and desire to have a garbage can. Otherwise, the landfill in the backyard is a go.

We have priced interior doors and will start replacing them soon. The door to the entertainment room and stair door will be replaced completely. The other door frames will just be repainted and new door hung.

~ 09:54 AM ~

"...rock for light...."

Long time...no updates. Well, it was a busy week of in-service activities and I spent several hours updating my courses. I am ready for Monday.

Neale says a condo on Maui may be our best option. We prefer a nice hotel/condo but we spend veyr little time in the room while in Hawaii. Our list of priorities is good sights, good flight, good beach, good food, and then the room. We should have solid plans soon.

Big Brother 6 is turning out to be really good.

Whales and Wales
XP Tips and Tricks
Theory of gravity...clearly flawed

.:: Monday, August 15th ::.

~ 04:54 PM ~


I cleaned out the fridge. It never got warm but it was not cold on Sunday afternoon. We dumped anything with dairy. Luckily, Neale had not gone to the store and I only lost some Egg Beaters. But, the mayo and salad dressings were moved out and almost empty.

I must have done something right with the drainage. There was no water in the basement after three days of rain.

I started taking Creatine.

It was the first day back for faculty to start our in-service week. I spent a few hours in the office and accomplished a few tasks. I have several things to do but I will ready for next Monday.

Since we lost power on Saturday and Sunday, I am brewing tonight. It is my pale ale recipe again, which will be served at our fall party.


.:: Sunday, August 14th ::.

~ 09:19 PM ~

"...don't be common...."

Power is back!

I cleaned & read. Neale visited.


.:: Friday, August 12th ::.

~ 10:03 PM ~

"....the sky is falling..."

I finished 5 tasks today. I replaced/added to the backdoor sweep, painted the ceiling around the new fan, rechaulked the shower, replaced the yard light, and switched the bathroom outlets/switches.

We are going for a ride tomorrow, I am brewing, and mowing the lawn.

~ 04:09 PM ~

"...lovely pork queen...."

Once again, I ventured into electrical work and I changed the switches and outlet in the bathroom to white (Neale requested). I also changed the light in the backyard. The previous light was half working and at one time may have had some type of motion sensor. Well, that was gone. Attacked by squirrels? Hawks? I dunno know. I had to remove the electrical box and I mounted my new motion sensor light flush to the house. I will make adjustments tonight.

Neale is enjoying a happy hour with her coworkers.

Go ahead and laugh.... Real Men of Genius ad collection.

Delay back into spotlight

.:: Thursday, August 11th ::.

~ 10:37 PM ~

"....I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s, and a Dope Beastie t, nipple rings, and New tattoos that claimed that he Was OGT, From '92, The first EP..."

We went to Ted Drew's last night. Neale had the Frisco and I had the banana concrete.

My summer semester is over (except for the stragglers) and Neale's hearing was canceled. She came home early. I was doing errands (Whole Foods, Brew Shop, Home Depot, Schucks, & Costco). We went for a walk and it rained.

Neale talked with Doroles tonight. She enjoyed the call.

I am watching "Hide and Seek" because I see everything eventually (in film that is).

My Strat sounded terrible through my current setup tonight.

Thank you
In search of
Can I add some?

.:: Wednesday, August 10th ::.

~ 08:28 AM ~

"...yes I'm startin' to sweat....you know my shirt's all wet...."

It is the last day of the semester that I am in class. We have to finish presentations. During office hours, I have some grading to do. I still have all day tomorrow to finalize grades and submit them to the college. I am about 80% finished with my online class and 60% finished with the traditional class. Overall, it has been a great summer and I piloted a few projects that turned out well. Next week, we have in service week and I have to redo/update several class assignments/projects. Luckily, it does not have to be done in a week but I do have to start. My race class will not make for the fall. It is a course that makes once a year, usually the spring because students like my fall course and want more sociology. But, it is not required for their graduation or programs. However, I did receive 4 credit hours (a normal course is 3 hours) of paid release time to do assessment this year, which is helpful.

~ 08:09 AM ~

"...the name of the game...."

Happy Birthday Dad!

I have a plan to seed the backyard in the early fall.

Neale lost to Matt last night. I had a great ride though.

More body types

.:: Tuesday, August 9th ::.

~ 08:31 AM ~

"...more mature...."

We played tennis last night. It went well. My serves were better but I was missing some easy ground strokes. Yet, it was fun and Neale was encouraging. She is playing Matt tonight.

Neale mentioned a quesadilla maker because she has had problems making them the traditional way. I make great omelets so that skill transfers for me. By the way, I do not use dairy in my omelets besides butter. The maker arrived and she was pleasantly surprised. The unit came with a recipe manual and we made some changes after following the directions for the first quesadilla. Other than running really hot, it does what it says it does.

Neale went to the nearby racetrack with Sara on Saturday night. Yes, any suspicions about race tracks were confirmed but there were some improvements according to Neale. She won on one race.

I have achieved my goal of killing or removing about 80% of the broadleaf in the backyard. But, I now have a no grass and no broadleaf backyard, which is mostly dirt. Although the maintenance of dirt is wonderful, I wish to have grass. So, I am pursing that next. There is a short list of smaller jobs to do, which is nice given last year we did not have a kitchen at this time.

International Civil Rights Center
Discovery lands safely

.:: Saturday, August 6th ::.

~ 04:00 PM ~

"...stir it up...."

Neale is spending the evening with Sara.

I installed the fan and it went well. It took 2 hours but luckily the wiring was redone for the preexisting fan.

You the Man down dog

.:: Friday, August 5th ::.

~ 11:49 AM ~

"...are you goin' to pay for that?...."

I am installing the ceiling fan today.

Wonder why I snorkel in Hawaii?
The Scorpions (not the 80s version)

.:: Wednesday, August 3rd ::.

~ 06:46 PM ~


I finished mulching (pics soon). Neale took the night off so I walked alone and I am finishing my Soloflex workout.

I had a good day at work and got alot of work done. I usually have a good day in the classrom but it is the end of summer sessions and I have grading to finish for three classes.

Gitmo email
Feel the burn

.:: Tuesday, August 2nd ::.

~ 07:03 PM ~

"...now that's tasty...."

Neale is playing tennis with Matt. We will play over the weekend.

I spread more mulch today. Luckily, the mulch is cheap because we are on our 21st bag. However, it is worth it and looks much better. I also picked up some cheap mums to accent the front yard.

I was scheduled to use the Soloflex but my body is telling me to relax. I used the Soloflex on Sunday.

I am installing the new ceiling fan on Friday. Also, I am bottling my Oktoberfest and racking my Emge to secondary.

Steal my ride

.:: Monday, August 1st ::.

~ 08:34 AM ~


My desire to grill last night was foiled by my Match Light refusing to light.

Oh no....hours of frustration

.:: Sunday, July 31st::.

~ 01:59 PM ~

"...I ain't drunk I'm just drinkin'...."

We went for a ride, lunch at Panera, and then to Loews. We picked up a new ceiling fan for the kitchen, which I will install in the next few days. It is a smaller fan and more like our taste than the gawdy current fan.

We also picked up four bags of mulch and spread that around the tree and in the flower beds. However, we need another 8 bags, which I will pick up soon. We did not get to do our major landscaping this year but the mulch helps.

I painted my wah pedal. It arrived alittle chipped but the sound and function is fine. My last pedal is coming from Alaska and my set up will be complete. I got an email from the seller last night. He preferred a money order rather than Paypal. I sent it ceritifed mail with delivery confirmation to cover myself.

What Jesus Do? Well, not be so self absorbed for starts

.:: Saturday, July 30th ::.

~ 07:04 PM ~

"...so sad to see you go...."

We went for a morning walk, then the art musuem, Botanical Gardens (see photos page), and Schafly. Cheers!


.:: Friday, July 29th ::.

~ 01:32 PM ~

"...makes the world a better place...."

The Ernie Ball Volume pedal I won through Ebay came yesterday. Works great and I read on the Ernie Ball website that they will rehap any used pedal for $45 dollars, which is a good deal. The entire pedal works based on a string (which is kevlar) and would be difficult for me to replace when or if it breaks.

Neale did not make butternut squash soup this week so I am searching for a recipe.

I am watching the Cubs. It is nice not to have anything demanding to do this Friday.

Bush flips the bird?
Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton

.:: Thursday, July 28th ::.

~ 08:51 AM ~

"...you thought you leave while the hot tub was installed...."

It was cool yesterday and we went for a ride.

In order to avoid polluting landfills and becoming Duracell's favorite customer, I purchased a power supply to daisy chain my effect pedals. The Boss Octaver sounds great with solos.

My tire was fixed at the dealership. However, my 'tires for life' may be useless because the tire was damaged. In short, I am never buying another car from this dealer. Terrible service.

Top 10 Web Fads
Fedralist Society

.:: Tuesday, July 26th ::.

~ 01:32 PM ~

"...I love living' in the city...."

My commute is roughly 45 minutes and goes smoothly most of the time. In the two years I have been working at LCCC, I have had two delays due to traffic. In Cleveland, it was much worse because I was going with traffic to downtown and the Cleveland expressways were badly designed (and poorly kept). Last summer, there was a power outage and the lights caused backups so it took me 45 mins. to get to Brentwood, which normally takes 4 mins. Today, there was an accident on 270 that backed me up for an hour and 20 mins. Needless to say, I called in to cancel class, which was a first. But, I did make it into work after stopping for lunch ( Jimmy John's subs now takes Visa) and mailing my money order to Alaska (an Ebay seller I did business with for a Boss GE-7 pedal). I was able to get work done and feel better about the day. However, I do have to go to the dealership for an oil change and I need my tire fixed. There is a small nail in the tire that was causing a slow leak. Hopefully, they fix the wheel and put it back on the vehicle. If I have to, I will demand four new tires instead of one new tire. As you can guess, they need to wear evenly and I have "tires for life" coverage on the vehicle. It should be fine but I never enjoy trips to the dealership (if I have not mentioned that several times before).

I am done with my Ebay shopping for sometime. In the space of a few days, I was able to pick up several high recommended effect pedals to complete my guitar setup. I also saved money on all the deals. Pics soon when I get everything set up.

New photo of the Taulbee family on the photos page.

With Lights Out

.:: Sunday, July 23rd ::.

~ 07:24 PM ~

"...you are forgiven...."

Neale had fun a Judy's afternoon event. There were relatives in attendance that she has not seen in quite sometime. Steve made chocolate martinis and Neale brought some home for me to try. I have not but first, there is vodka in the drink and my idea of good martini is Bombay Sapphire and vermouth exiled to lower Algeria. Second, I never understand the idea of dessert and drinking combined, I want one or the other. But, I will give it a try.

I mowed and went for a quick ride on Grant's Trail. For everyone in cool areas, it is hot in the Lou this weekend. Our favorite pizza place is closed because they lost their AC. Happy Joes actually puts sauerkaut on their pizza if you ask. I had it once and it is good. They gave us a discount because the pizza broke (it was the veggie deluxe). I was tempted to fire up the grill and do portobellos or soy brats but I made black bean soup (with parsley) in the slow cooker.

Mark Prior is pitching batting practice at Busch....Steve Bartman must be responsible.

For the deaf and the just plain depraved dumb, I downloaded and spent the afternoon experimenting with Audacity. Beware...I may pollute the space with my sound clips in the near future. I need a better mic for sure. The standard PC mic makes me sound even worse.

~ 01:12 PM ~

"...subcutaneous phat...."

I posted Neale's birthday pics. Please check the photos page.

My brewing went well. It was my first 90 minute boil. The airlock was blown this morning. Nice and active.

Theories and nutcases
Big Dig Artifacts

.:: Saturday, July 23rd ::.

~ 03:55 PM ~

"...let's blow our minds and make it lazy...."

Matt Morris seems to be pitching batting practice at Busch....oh, its an actual game.

We had a great time last night. Debbie organized a suprise party for Neale. Steve, Joan, and Gram Deb flew in from the West Coast and Vegas. Great time.

It is about 93 degrees and I went for a ride. We were out late so Neale decided to sleep in and then go shopping. Also, she is spending time with Steve and the rest of the family.

My Dunlop Wah came and it works fine. I have gotten a few good deals at Ebay and an almost done with my setup. I will fashion a pedal board and post pics when it is ready.

Fashion police go bad
Gee Wally
You're golden baby

.:: Friday, July 22nd ::.

~ 04:18 PM ~


It is Neale's birthday. Thanks for all the cards and letters.

I donated and met a new nurse. She did a good stick.

Please check the photos page, then new tone for more pics of my early birthday present. I got a great deal and I loved the color. Excellent guitar.

He's the fry guy

.:: Thursday, July 21st ::.

~ 08:33 AM ~

"...not fade away...."

The photographer was in my class for about a half an hour yesterday. He said he got the shots he needed. We will see where they turn up.

More bombings in London...oh no.

eat, eat, eat
Horse, horse, horse
AFL-CIO meeting
Shark, shark, shark
Monkey, monkey, monkey

.:: Wednesday, July 20th ::.

~ 08:49 AM ~

"...stand back....take that and that...."

We went to Hacienda as a celebration of finishing yet another phase 1 of South Beach. Neale swore that I had been there before but she admitted that it was someone else. Overall, great place, we will return.

I am brewing my Emge Ale this weekend.

I won an auction on Ebay. It was my early birthday present...pics soon.

Bomb Mecca?
Things that only happen in movies

.:: Monday, July 18th ::.

~ 03:38 PM ~


Please check the photos page for updated photos of the secondbedroom (see "bedrooms and family room") and basement (see "basement and garage").

Our batteries in our bike speedometers/odometers have worn out. So, I replaced the batts. However, it was easier to reset completely. But, let the record reflect: Chris 2310 miles and Neale 1045 miles. I mention this just so we can keep track of the total for the bikes.

I won my first Ebay auction. I purchased a Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal, which was about 50-40% the price of a new one. I will need to do some touch up painting on the pedal but it should be fine. I am currently eyeing another item, which ends in 36 mins. and if I get the right price, it should be about 50% off retail. Oh yeah!

Save Toby

.:: Sunday, July 17th ::.

~ 04:52 PM ~

"...no new tale to tell...."

We went for a ride this morning and then to the Farmers' Market about three blocks from us. It is actually an International Farmers' Market, which is more like a grocery store than a farmers' market (i.e. Soulard or Cleveland). However, the produce was cheaper and looked good.

I cleaned the garage and Neale's car. She purchased a new blind for the basement and new shelves for the second bedroom (pics coming). We hung the shelves and picture this afternoon.

My Oktoberfest is bubbling nicely. I probably stressed the yeast as I pitched it when the wort was a touch too warm. But, signs of fermentation were present about 1PM and there is a new head now, probably no explosive fermentation in this batch. Next, is the Emge Ale, which is a marzen and will use the exisiting yeast cake. Then, a the Brill Bitters and my Hop Head IPA, which are both second attempts at previous recipes. The IPA has a different hop addition schedule.

Good story from Iraq

.:: Saturday, July 16th ::.

~ 11:13 PM ~

".... See chameleon...Lying there in the sun...All things to everyone...Run runaway..."

I finished brewing my Oktoberfest. It went well despite the late ending. We went for a walk when Neale got home and then to Sweet Tomatoes, which was 1/2 price due to Neale's birthday (Club Veg!). Neale said our nephews and niece enjoyed "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". She said it was a very different twist than "Willy Wonka".

I did some more touch up painting and cleaned some overpaint. Tomorrow, I will clean the garage, clean Neale's car, and hang some shelves.

~ 10:46 AM ~

"....you can't quit me baby..."

I purchased our QOTSA/NIN tickets this morning. It is general admission but I think we have outgrown any moshing.

Neale is watching "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" with Debbie and our nephews/niece. Britt and Kelly are away at a wedding so people are sharing the child care duties. I am doing my best child care by staying as far away as possible. Besides, I am cleaning the home, doing laundry, and exercising.

I have ventured onto to Ebay to see if I can get some low price sound gear. So far, I have a few bids in and if it works out, I will save at least 50% on the items I have chosen. My general rule will be 50% savings, otherwise I can wait.

Bush headed down
Gimme gimme lip balm
Real addiction

.:: Wednesday, July 13th ::.

~ 08:32 PM ~

"....what are you going to do? Crush her with a garage door..."

We went for a walk. I used the Soloflex. I tried Neale's pilates DVD last night. She is no longer interested and I got quite an ab workout.

I am brewing my Octoberfest this weekend. Neale is babysitting during the afternoon on Saturday.

Saturday morning NIN/Queens tixs go on sale.

Nostalgia time: We are watching "Cloak and Dagger".

Enjoy! (choose left, look at the red dot for 30 seconds, and then your hand)

~ 03:34 PM ~

"....what you gonna do?..."

Firefox 1.0.5

Another hit for doughy guys everywhere

.:: Tuesday, July 12th ::.

~ 08:45 AM ~

"....I'll do this one myself..."

Since I was looking like such a mangy hippie, I got a haircut yesterday.

Neale has started looking more into our Maui trip.

I was working out and watching the Home Run Derby. Abreu made a new record for the event.

Wet the Cheat
I am sure they will laugh about this....someday

.:: Sunday, July 10th ::.

~ 04:26 PM ~

"....that which fails must first be strong..."

Being this productive on the weekend is really getting habitual...its got to stop. Next weekend, I pledge to do nothing I swear. We walked this morning, went for groceries, I mowed/weeded/trimmed, Neale had to visit a complainant; I painted, and will be leaving for Indian food soon. Enough already...where is the laziness?

Tao Te Ching
Why does anything exist?
Gossip Fueled Art

.:: Saturday, July 9th ::.

~ 07:49 PM ~

"....it seems our youngest was on something called acid..."

We went for a ride this morning, lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, and then I worked on the basement. I primed upper stair walls and touched up the basement. Neale finished decorating the second bedroom.

We are walking tomorrow as Neale has to work. Since we are short on rain, I have not mowed the lawn in several days but it does need it. The backyard is looking better.

Good news
Counting the days until Rove is out

.:: Friday, July 8th ::.

~ 10:58 AM ~

"....I got my own car, I'm popular..."

I slept in the second bedroom last night because I stayed up late watching TV and playing guitar. I new mattress is nice.

I am painting the stairwell today. I should finish the grey paint and maybe prime the top of the stairwell, which will be ceiling white. The next project will be a new ceiling fan in the kitchen and then the doors upstairs.

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.:: Wednesday, July 6th ::.

~ 07:20 PM ~

"...I think your smart you sweet thing...."

Neale got some good news. Steve may come into town for her birthday. Longshot though.

I went for a ride at the lake. I was the only biker going against the wind on the long open stretch. Where is the challenge of going with the wind?

I got a new PC at work. It is not as cool as our new machine (aka La Mega) but it is faster than my previous work machine.

I decided to finish the painting of the stairwell on Friday. The basement is basically done and needs a few touches. It makes the room look better than the previous brownish paneling. So, it was worth the time.

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.:: Monday, July 4th ::.

~ 08:56 PM ~

The quarterback is toast

~ 06:28 PM ~

I have completed the painting of the basement and it looks good. My reward.... Olympus and Neale just got back. I will do the stairwell and touch ups on Wednesday. I need a day off from painting. The fumes are a bit much.

We went for a ride today and I did 13.3 miles, which was the longest and hardest I have gone this year.

Neale had an odd experience at the grocery store. A woman broke into song while checking out new make-ups bags.


~ 09:07 AM ~

"...puff the magic dagon...."

Cheers! 4th

I primed the basement stairwell and painted half the basement yesterday. Today, I will finish the basement.

We placed our blanket for the fireworks yesterday and it was still in place so we had a good place for fireworks last night.

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.:: Sunday, July 3rd ::.

~ 08:44 AM ~

"...retire to the moon...."

I primed the basement walls yesterday. Also, I received my new amp, which is fantastic. We are going to catch fireworks tonight after I paint.

Check photos page for new pictures of the basement paint and new amp.

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