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.:: Friday, December 31st ::.

~ 09:26 AM ~

We are going to the Fox to see the Rockettes (which started in St. Louis) and having dinner at Zoe. Happy New Year. Be safe.

The barley wine went well. It is bubbling nicely.

Lasers in cockpits
Colt .45 its bad, its nationwide

.:: Thursday, December 30th ::.

~ 10:37 AM ~

We had a great time last night at Cafe Bellagio.

Nice article on fixing one's PC.


.:: Wednesday, December 29th ::.

~ 06:40 PM ~

We are going out to dinner with Steve and Joan. We are heading to Cafe Bellagio, which is an excellent place. Although it is Italian, it is more northern Italian than the pasta heavy southern Italian.

I made my starter today. Tomorrow, the barley wine is born.

I had a really weird occurence last night with Firefox. It disappeared....literally. I reinstalled and retweaked it. Then, about 10:30 AM, it reappeared.

Kodner Gallery
Sontag passed

.:: Tuesday, December 28th ::.

~ 12:19 PM ~

We went for a walk. It is great winter day here. No snow for us.

Neale spent last night at Britt's party. Steve and Joan were there. I am "holidayed out" so to speak.

I am taking a trip to my local homebrew shop. I need some malt extract for the barley wine. I am brewing on Thursday and making my starter today. I also can bottle the rosy raspberry brown soon.

Ten Things about Scalia and Thomas
Know your justices?

.:: Sunday, December 26th ::.

~ 07:40 PM ~

The selfish they’re all standing in line...
Faith in their hope and to buy themselves time.
Me, I figure as each breath goes by,
I only own my mind.

The north is to south what the clock is to time.
There’s east and there’s west and there everywhere life.
I know that I was born and I know that I’ll die.
The in between is mine. I am mine.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with time...
We’re different behind the eyes, there’s no need to hide.
We’re safe tonight.

The ocean is full cause everyone’s crying,
The full moon is looking for friends at high tide.
The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrows denied.
I only know my mind. I am mine.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with time.
We’re different between the lines, there’s no need to hide...
Cause we’re safe tonight.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with time.
We’re different behind the eyes, there’s no need to hide.

And the feeling it gets left behind...
Oh the innocence broken with lies.
We’re different behind the eyes.
We’re safe tonight.

---Pearl Jam I am Mine (Who owns you?)

2004 Disappointing Films (besides Last Samurai)

.:: Thursday, December 23rd ::.

~ 01:00 PM ~

We went for a walk. It was the coldest day of the year. I have my cold weather gear down.

We are wrapping gifts.

A little terror

.:: Monday, December 20th ::.

~ 02:07 PM ~

I am working out and have limited viewing options. I witnessed a half hour of Passions. It is simply bad. Very bad.

Scared of Santa
Happy Holidays..but it will cost you

~ 12:59 PM ~

Neale is out doing our holiday shopping. You are all getting slipper socks.


.:: Sunday, December 19th ::.

~ 08:39 AM ~

We took our holiday card photo last night. Check your mailbox for snail mail greetings. By the way, thanks for your card.

The opening page photo is the home in 2004 holiday mode. Sorry, no tree this year.

We watched Collateral last night. Recommended.

I am watching MST3K's "Warrior of the Lost World"...nice.

Yahoo Video Search
Earthsea not accurate
Tin roof rusted and fire damaged
Bush shuts down GPS

.:: Saturday, December 18th ::.

~ 09:10 AM ~

Ok...I'm done for the semester.

"...Too many sad days, too many Tuesday mornings...."

Ok... what is wrong with some people? Let's make this clear one more time. Muslims are not the enemy. Baptists are not the enemy. Jews are not the enemy. Lutherans are not the enemy. Stop the hate. Oh, by the way, happy holidays.

"...Two dozen other stupid reasons
Why we should suffer for this
Don't bother trying to explain them
Just hold my hand while I come to a decision on it..."

10,000 Firefox users make history

.:: Wednesday, December 15th ::.

~ 09:32 AM ~

Merry Scary Christmas.... Krampusse style.

~ 08:26 AM ~

Note to the planet: Whistling is not enjoyable. It was possibly entertaining when there was no such thing as radios. If I wanted to hear someone whistle John Denver or Christmas songs, I would ask. Otherwise, it is a nervous habit and annoying. Stop please.

Columbine student dies in Iraq...Moore considers sequel?

.:: Tuesday, December 14th ::.

~ 06:42 PM ~

I had my last class of the semester today. I find that the students react negatively to me curling up in a ball in the corner of the classroom, screaming "everyone leaves me" and sobbing painfully. Next semester, something more positive.

Dobbs is fixing my tire.

I spent all day grading and I am in good shape to finish on Friday.

Neale has her last pilates class tonight.

I am bottling my Aloha ale this evening.

Buy Blue
Milk and Cookies: Strong Bad
Jager Mary alone?

.:: Monday, December 13th ::.

~ 05:02 PM ~

Neale is slightly ill. Some morning illness (no, its not like it sounds) caused her to miss a day of taking statements and solving the problems of befuddled folks everywhere.

My grading went smooth. I hope to be done by Friday. Otherwise, I will have to go in over the weekend.

I went for a walk...32 degress....winds at 21 mph. Did I mention I am devoted?

My tweaking of Firefox is going well.

Mets once again overpay for an old player

.:: Sunday, December 12th ::.

~ 07:40 AM ~

I decided to clean my car yesterday. A dirty car just bothers me so I like to keep it as neat as possible. I also clean Neale's ride occasionally. Therefore, I wipe down the dash, the console, the doors and the door wells. I vacuum the floor and the seats. Currently, I am using orange auto air spray and it smells like an orange grove at sunrise in my car. Neale is not to keen on the orange. Well, I am almost done and I notice my rear passenger tire is low on air. Therefore, I grab my air pump and get it back to appropriate pressure in about 2 minutes. Nevertheless, I know I just went to the dealer so something must be up. I am feeling the tire and then I hear it. I have a screw lodged in my thread, which is good because I can get it plugged. I swapped the tire with the spare (turns out I have one of those temporary doughnut spare tires) and I will get it plugged later this week.

I watched '3' last night and it was ok. Barry Pepper carried the movie. They could have shown the time line better and explored some supporting characters.

Neale was watching our nephews and niece with Debbie last night. I have not heard how it went.

Neale thinks we may get to ride today. It seems cooler than expected at this moment.

I have been tweaking my version of Firefox.

Google Suggest

.:: Saturday, December 11th ::.

~ 12:19 PM ~

Some remakes really need to be rethought. Willy Wonka...just wrong.

~ 12:11 PM ~

We are not doing much today. I am cleaning and doing laundry. In the afternoon, we are going for a walk and I will use the Soloflex. Neale is watching Harrison, Casey, and Anna tonight with her mother. Needless to say, the screams of little children are not what I need to be around.

World of Wine: Like it dry
Overlooked films of the 90s

.:: Friday, December 10th ::.

~ 11:10 AM ~

It is the end of the semester. Check your grandmothers, I had a student that had a grandmother die, comeback, die again, comeback, only to die once again…on presentation day nonetheless. Wow. Also, there is the demon flu...oh; it’s a sickness that strikes right before exams, only to leave so you can get to da club on a Friday night. Hey, let's not forget, those emergency surgeries and liver replacements that you forgot about and they need to happen right this moment. Excuses I hear a few. Just use your imagination; I like a good story too. I have to go because I am donating my eyes to a kid in Korea...with cancer...that was neglected...starved...denied water, which is so tragic. Oh, the humanity.

Place the state

.:: Wednesday, December 8th ::.

~ 05:09 PM ~

According to a local radio station, cell phones will be fair game for telemarketing as of 01/01/05 unless you register with the Do Not Call list.

We finally paid all the outstanding bills on the kitchen. There was much rejoicing.

Our brown ale finished primary fermentation. It will be moved to secondary next Wednesday.

Gorilla wake

.:: Tuesday, December 7th ::.

~ 11:09 AM ~

I am the king of the world that you had at hello. Because nobody puts baby in a corner especially when she is a girl standing in front of a boy asking to be loved. Wow, I can celebrate Independence Day today. Is it raining? Cheese please.

Bad ads

.:: Monday, December 6th ::.

~ 10:23 AM ~

This a joke right? Well, it is the AP.

~ 06:32 AM ~

Neale is working at home today. She has every other Monday to work at home.

We watched The Life and Death of Peter Sellers last night. Geoffrey Rush did a great job. Well done film.

My brown ale is bubbling nicely. It will sit in primary until the Aloha ale gets bottled on the 14th. I am planning on brewing the barley wine on the 30th of December. It will spend a year aging and may be gifts in 2005.

Worst Christmas Specials

.:: Sunday, December 5th ::.

~ 08:11 AM ~

Neale is heading into work and I am brewing today. I am also planning on doing some yoga. Working on the house has been suspended until holiday break. I plan to paint some, finish the stairwell, start the bathroom, and finish the entertainment room door trim. We (I) needed a break from the projects and I need to focus on work at the end of the semester.

I developed my first lager recipe. Yet, I do not have a name. It is my first attempt and should be ready in March. Lagering takes cold temps. and the ability to control the temp. in a cold room. So, I have a garage and I will purchase a brew belt ($30) to control the temp. Until, I get a brew fridge, lagering will be a winter event only. Overall, I prefer ales to lagers.

Cheaters win

.:: Saturday, December 4th ::.

~ 07:48 PM ~

Twenty four cans of 'Chicken of the Sea', one can of garbanzo beans, and one can of olives got us two free passes to the movies. Neale picked Bridget Jones: TEOR and I went to National Treasure. Please check the film page for details.

AVG Free Antivirus
Avast free antivirus

.:: Friday, December 3rd ::.

~ 10:40 AM ~

Neale did not have to go to Hannibal after all. She did change offices though. She is in a more sociable spot in the office.

I am brewing my Rosy Raspberry Nut Brown Ale tonight. It is a brew for Neale since she likes New Belgium’s Frambrozen so much. It is my first flavored ale and I am using syrup this time. Next time, I will purchase sterile fruit. I making my starter tonight and the new norm is a quart starter. I had enough yeast for several carboys of beer from the Aloha batch. This is all warm up for the big brew day....my first attempt at barley wine.

We are seeing a movie this weekend because our local theater has a deal where we bring 13 canned goods, we receive a free pass.

Our other dirty war

.:: Wednesday, December 1st ::.

~ 10:57 AM ~

Neale is heading to Hannibal, MO this week. There is an election and it has been quite some time since she has travelled.

I did not walk last night. I needed a night off but I did workout using the Soloflex (every other day is the schedule). I added weight to a few exercises, which is encouraging. I calculated my BMI using an online source and I am still slightly in the obese category according to it. Luckily, the tool does not take in account people with mascular builds or athletes, which I believe I am at least one of those. According to a Havard medical site, my risks for cancer, heart disease, bone disease, and diabetes are considerably low.

I racked my Aloha to secondary last night. The yeast cake was huge with the full quart starter I used last time. Some people like pitching their next beer on an existing yeast cake but I have yet to try that.

If you check back to a year ago, this was the time of the Tripod server problem where the site was visible but I could not make changes for about a month.

~ 10:36 AM ~

Support World AIDS Day

Ken...H & R Block!

.:: Tuesday, November 30th ::.

~ 09:59 AM ~

Neale and I are back on Phase One South Beach. Not a big change for me but I am back to making the morning omelets.

I awoke this morning with a tension head. Describing the nature of what was giving me a headache would not be productive but needless to say, it was a professional concern not a personal one. The personal side of life is very good. The professional side is good too but as always, I want to do more and make a difference. If I did not, I would work at the Steak and Shake two minutes from my home rather than teach. Well, my tension head is almost gone.

I racking my Aloha ale to secondary tonight and I plan to brew this weekend too.

Ken loses?

New details on Shepard murder

.:: Saturday, November 27th ::.

~ 01:22 PM ~

I updated the photos section. There are pics of Thanksgiving and the successful deep frying of turkey.

~ 09:56 AM ~

I did almost next to nothing yesterday and it was all that I hoped it was. I did clean up some and polish the dining room table. Before the dinner, every part of the house was cleaned but I did need to vaccum. We will clean the carpets with a Rug Doctor soon. I needed to polish the table because I missed the insert when I polished it the first time. Plus, Neale slid the center piece when she should have set and there were marks. Luckily, no one noticed.

I tried a bottle of my Mexicola Ale and it was good. The cascade hops were pleasant and the perle hops provided a crisp finish. The carbonation drops worked well. I used the drops because the brew spent four months in secondary fermentation so I guessed there would be no usable yeast to help make bubbles. The drops are "cough drop" shaped and are made of sugar. In the past, I have used corn sugar syrup and some recommend using dried malt extract. Soon, the raspberry brown ale and the barley wine.

XMAS Resistance
Juggalo Cult

.:: Thursday, November 25th ::.

~ 01:54 PM ~

Happy Thanksgiving

We have been so busy preparing for today that it is too much to list. However, we are ready and all that is left is one big bird to fry. Where ever you are, enjoy the day and give thanks to those you love.

I found the time to brew yesterday. The Aloha ale is bubbling nicely. Neale's raspberry brown ale is next.

How Thanksgiving Works
The real George W.

.:: Sunday, November 21st ::.

~ 08:40 AM ~

I purchased my first LP tank. For $40, I have propane. Yet, no propane accesories as Hank Hill would encourage me to buy.

We are heading to Home Depot to pick up some landings for the kitchen. I will install the trim soon. Neale purchased our dining room light and I will install that soon. Britt is visiting today to help install the pantry door. I finished the floor while watching Ohio State whip the Wolverines.

I am making my yeast starter for the Aloha Ale. I should be able to brew Monday or Tuesday night. The Aloha Ale is a clone/tribute to the Kona Brewing Co., which was a place we visited in our first trip to Hawaii. If you near Kona, it is worth the trip.

Yesterday, Neale played tennis and despite her success last week, Matt got the better of her.

The highlights (Aka lowlights) from the Pacers-Pistons game made me sick. I discuss the dangerous masculinity in my classes. Do you see my point? Professional sport clubs need to define their responsibility and start suspending players indefinitely. The owners and the union need to realize that players leaving the field/court are bad for business. Likewise, hire more security and protect the players. Hey, at least we are talking about something in sports besides America’s (I mean, red states) problem with a black man hugging a white woman. Anti-miscegenation anyone? Yeah, we have come so far.

Girl Against Boys
Go Bucks! Michigan still stinks.

.:: Saturday, November 20th ::.

~ 07:54 AM ~

November 20th? Wha? I had better buy a turkey. Well, I bought our first turkey. At .89 cents per pound, I purchased a 10.56-pound bird for about $9 at Costco. I did forget peanut oil so I will be going back today. We needed some Duraflame logs too. The Thanksgiving menu is currently the following :

  • Deep-fried 10 pound turkey
  • mashed regular potatoes (purchased)
  • mashed Cali "potatoes"
  • Italian green beans
  • raw vegetables
  • yams
  • cranberries
  • gravy (purchased)
  • sweet potato pie
  • wine
  • ...and more
  • The wine selection is a variety. However, I am making a point to pick up a bottle of Foris Pinot Noir. I am some at Cyrano’s and it was excellent.

    I am purchasing propane at Home Depot this weekend. The brand is Blue Rhino and they have ads in the local area. I also have to assemble my burner.

    How to thaw a turkey
    Alcohol and you

    .:: Friday, November 19th ::.

    ~ 06:13 AM ~

    Your'e a real mensch.

    Top 40
    It's a recount after all?
    Is Wal-Mart good for America?

    .:: Thursday, November 18th ::.

    ~ 11:30 AM ~

    Health insurance and smokes sold seperatley. Thickburger anyone?

    ~ 06:23 AM ~

    We have finalized our Thanksgiving menu. I am doing a test run with the turkey fryer this weekend.

    I am donating platelets today. Yesterday, I visited the dentist and besides a small cavity, everything was fine.

    Neale had a presentation at work and did well. She has also moved offices. She is in a better location than before with more space.

    I ordered supplies for the upcoming brewing schedule. I will be locking the Barley Wine under the stairs for at least 6 months.

    The kitchen is shaping up. I have a few tiles left to install and the last paint touch-ups to do.

    Clearly, the answer to war crimes
    Top 11 Firefox extensions we will never see
    Tivo Pop-Ups
    TWIRP Day

    .:: Monday, November 15th ::.

    ~ 10:52 AM ~

    Slightly shotgunned

    With the return of running water to our kitchen, the brewpot is starting to call to me. Unfortuantely, the gift of barley wine will be delayed. However, here is the updated brew schedule: Aloha Ale, Festive Barley Wine, Rosy Raspberry (a brew for Neale), and Bitter.

    Dubya the movie

    .:: Sunday, November 14th ::.

    ~ 11:50 AM ~

    I am about 80% done with the new floor in the kitchen. However, the remaining 20% is the challenging cuts. So far, I have done a pretty good job. I will finish this week. I am going to do some more Monday.

    Neale is out shoppinng for a new dining room light with Debbie. I am going to work (Godfrey) to put in some time sorting items for the LCCC flea market. The flea market is a free giveaway to the students of stuff that people donate to the campus. So, think of it as one big Goodwill. I have nothing really to give as we cleared out all our extra items before the move.

    I have put items back in the kitchen and done about 10 full loads in the dishwasher to purge the items of the dust that has been present since July. I cannot find the can opener though.

    ODB R.I.P.

    .:: Friday, November 12th ::.

    ~ 07:08 PM ~

    Nobody’s coming down the hall
    Nobody echoes in my head
    Broken reflection outta luck
    Nobody ever needed it

    I got what was
    I want to take what's left
    Ready now

    --- "Songs for the Deaf" by QOSTA

    I scrapped the floor and have some left to do. Please check out the photos section for photos of the dining room table (living and dining room page), the before and after of the floor will be posted on the floor page, and the new bathroom light is on the bath page. Also, there are the new countertops.

    After four months to the exact date of me swinging hammers in the kitchen, we have running water in the kitchen. I have done 4 loads in the dishwasher so far. Goodbye dust.

    The new QOTSA album is titled "Lullabies to Paralyze" and it is available March 22nd, 2005. I am looking forward to it.

    Soy slices

    .:: Thursday, November 11th ::.

    ~ 06:10 AM ~

    Veterans Day

    I decided to wait to post new pictures until the countertops are finished, which is today. Yesterday, I touched up the dark paint, today I do the white. Also, I am taking down the dining room light as we are installing a new one by Thanksgiving. Neale is taking back a leftover cabinet piece, picking up the tile, and choosing a stain for the bathroom landings.

    Female Gential Mutilation

    .:: Wednesday, November 10th ::.

    ~ 11:39 AM ~

    I have a guestbook on the site and no one has ever signed the new version. Well, that changed. I have two signatures from strangers.

    ~ 10:06 AM ~

    I have been busy in my office this morning. My MWF students have a "research day", which where I set aside class time for them to work in their groups. They have a presentation to do in December. The good news of the day is that my online sections are filling. I offered two sections for the spring as online classes. They are popular and it is a course that transfer so there is never of lack of students for me. Also, I have already decided on some summer courses too.

    I installed our new bathroom light and reinstalled the second bedroom light, which was upside down. Also, I chaulked the gap between the wall and window in the kitchen. It looks much better. I will post pics of the final paint and dining room set today. I am doing some touch-up painting today. The odd thing that happened yesterday was the main cable box decided to malfunction when I turned the house power off to do the light install. Needless to say, a reset did not work so a repairman is coming Thursday. Tomorrow, the countertops get installed. On Friday, we have our final water/waste hook-ups.

    After several months, our tree service finally came and the tree was trimmed. Plus, the bush pile was removed.

    Letter from Earl
    Need spit

    .:: Monday, November 8th ::.

    ~ 10:40 AM ~

    I had a meeting scheduled for this afternoon but it was canceled. So, I have free time. I may ride as Neale is playing tennis with Matt, a coworker. I plan on putting the light switch covers back on too. I will do so touch painting soon and install the new bathroom light this week. I tackle the floor on Saturday. To celebrate having a workable kitchen, we decided to make chili on Saturday. I make a base chili and Neale adds her meat while I add soy. Feel free to check out the current chili recipe on our cooking page.

    Beer Bottle Directory
    Ground Zero suicide
    Go Bears

    .:: Sunday, November 7th ::.

    ~ 08:04 PM ~

    Last night's growler from Schlafly was their Helles, which is good. I do not have a recipe for this style. I have not done much lagering but I just might this winter.

    ~ 07:22 PM ~

    We had a good day. I painted the bathroom again, polished the new dining room set, saw The Grudge, and went for a bike ride. I am working out, which is not bad for a 32 year old. Ah, the bones do creak...

    We saw The Grudge at 12:15PM, which was deliberate. I like 'smart' horror films because they scare me and exposes sociological aspects of what scares us. In the case of The Grudge it has to do with infidelity (alleged) and memory. It was good not great and not about the gore. Therefore, I did not want to be surrounded by a bunch of hormonal frustrated, identity issued, flippant teenagers. Unfortunately, many of them do not know what horror is and think laughter is the remedy to cure their adolescent confusion about serious issues. For example, when a person commits suicide in a movie it is not funny. However, since they may know that suicide is the biggest killer of teenagers, they think that laughter is their best defensive. Well, at the 12:15 show, there were only two frustrated teenage boys that took a break from aimlessly wandering the nearby mall to watch a film, which afterwards they wandered into another theater. Since they have been raised on repetitive slasher films (Friday the 13th Part 24), pointless remakes (Dawn of the Dead), and horror-light (Scream & Scary Movie), they do not know any better. Well, I will discuss this in class so I am reaching my part of population. The future just may have a chance.

    Read a book, get oral sex

    .:: Saturday, November 6th ::.

    ~ 08:35 AM ~

    I am 32. Other birthdays today are Glenn Fry, Ethan Hawk, Sally Field, Rebecca Romijn & Bubba Trammell. Drink to the living and toast to the dead.

    I am enjoying a cup of Green Mountain's Holiday Blend, which was part of their gift for being a loyal customer. Also included was a mug (B+), a magnetic clip (A-), and coffee samples. I cringed at the sight of decaf but decided to try the Gingerbread and Holiday Blend. Gingerbread coffee reminded me that there is something worse than hazelnut as a coffee flavor. Yet, it was a gift and I appreciate the thought.

    We watched Ladykillers last night. It was decent.

    Why America hates Democrats

    .:: Friday, November 5th ::.

    ~ 11:42 AM ~

    fhqwhgads (Flash video)

    ~ 11:10 AM ~

    It is nice day here. We plan on going for a ride tomorrow. I also want to put a second coat of paint in the kitchen and then go out to Schlafly for dinner. However, I am unsure if a movie will follow. We would have seen "The Grudge" last night but is was "The OC" debut so we were shamefully glued to the couch.

    Cure for cancer
    Absinthe please

    .:: Thursday, November 4th ::.

    ~ 11:47 AM ~

    I gave my students the day off from our lecture/discussion format so they could work on their presentations, which are due in December. They seemed to take advantage of the time and some even came to visit for advice, which is too rare. Needless to say, I had a "To Do" list ready for me so my time would be used wisely. Well, it’s almost noon and I have accomplished all that and even vacuumed/dusted my office. I am caught up once again.

    The five stages of recovering from the election:
    1. Denial: "No, not again", "Who are the voters?"
    2. Anger: "WHY...WHY...WHY"
    3. Bargaining: "C'mon Ohio...he can have Florida"
    4. Depression: "I do not want to talk about the election."
    5. Acceptance: "What is the over/under on invading Iran?"

    Mets hire new manager, Willie Randolph

    .:: Wednesday, November 3rd ::.

    ~ 02:35 PM ~

    Bad news: He won

    Good news: Countertops on Nov. 11th and final hook-ups on Nov. 12th. I will probably install the floor on Nov. 13th. It is coming together.

    Product Recall warnings

    .:: Tuesday, November 2nd ::.

    ~ 02:38 PM ~

    I voted. I did my part. Now, I sit back and watch the results. Like I said last week, if he wins I have happy bubbly champagne. If he wins, I have bubbly pain-go-bye-bye-juice.

    Low-carb is dead? Well, I am not changing anything. I have had good results and still consume less than 30 or 40 carbs a day on average. I have allowed some rewards (i.e. Qdoba burrito) but I am a happy low-carb veg.

    ~ 11:01 AM ~

    There have been record numbers thus far. My students have gotten tired of hearing me remind them to vote but I found it important to remind them. Needless to say, I kept the discussion unbiased. I did not promote any particular candidate, merely democracy itself.

    I am voting at 2:30 today. Neale gets off of work early to vote. She is starting her pilates class too.

    ~ 06:37 AM ~

    Americans start voting
    Missouri Vote
    Bush lets terrorists walk
    Election Night cheat sheet

    .:: Monday, November 1st ::.

    ~ 11:47 AM ~

    I saw a clip from the Grudge this morning on the CBS news, which I had not seen in other materials from the movie. It scared me. We are making plans to see the film on Thursday.

    It is rainy here.

    I had a good talk with Linda about my community service. I am doing good things and I will donate more of my time to the diversity efforts made on behalf of the college. They needed a faculty representative and I believe I am that person now.

    I am painting the bathroom this afternoon.

    ~ 06:17 AM ~

    We had 8 pounds of candy. But, only 15 kids. Disappointed!

    It is officially Chris' birthday week. Please pass along your humble regards. Remeber do not make direct eye contact.

    Please click over to the photos section. I posted pictures of the new paint.

    I found this at a forum, very funny stuff.

    The previous edition has been archived.

    Redskins lose

    T O P