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.:: Sunday, October 30th ::.

~ 05:53 PM ~

"...its our superbowl..."

We went for a ride and avoided the rain. I was going to rake in the backyard but the weather prevented me. We had lunch at Jersey's Mike Subs. Neale is making chilli tomorrow. I made a verison on Friday. Although good, it was not my best effort.

Neale is going over to Britt and Kelly's to hand out treats. I am staying here but not expecting too much activity. Last year, we had 4 kids and too much candy. This year we are going with two bags of Hershey minatures and caramel kisses.

You are Red Hat Linux. You're tops among your peers, but still get no respect from them.  It's all right with you.  You have your sights set higher.
Which OS are You?

Indie screams

.:: Saturday, October 29th ::.

~ 09:14 PM ~

"...swallow my pride..."

I didn't go to the party. I lost confidence in my costume idea. Neale was invited to a bonfire from Sara. So, she is there.

In honor of Larry David....

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Sandwich are You?"

Some may think that you are boring or tasteless, but you are creative and especially healthy. Thank you for saving an animal.

Sorry gotta go

~ 09:42 AM ~

"...understand...do you understand?...understand...I'm a gentleman..."

It is chily this morning. We are riding later (maybe). I plan to remove some leaves from the backyard, which has a healthy spread of grass.

I am going to a coworker's Halloween party this evening. Neale is staying in with "The Contender", which she has not seen in awhile. Is this the affect of "Commander In Chief"? I remember seeing the Condtender in the theatre with one other person on a Tuesday night in Strongsville. I was in the mood for a movie and Neale was working late or something. Good film.

Almost at Work
Native Americans
Smoking Kills
Guess the Google
Your IP Addy

.:: Thursday, October 27th ::.

~ 11:51 AM ~

"...death have no mercy in this land..."

QOTSA DVD footage

~ 06:18 AM ~


Whites Soxes win!

Indie Radio
Google Cheat Sheet
10 Recurring Economic Fallacies

.:: Wednesday, October 26th ::.

~ 09:01 AM ~

It is all going to come down.

~ 08:13 AM ~


Oh, the White Soxes.

Internet Frog Speedtest
Church of the FSM
Epitonic Radio

.:: Tuesday, October 25th ::.

~ 06:51 PM ~

"...the gums took on the appearance and taste of chocolate pudding..."

Happy Birthday Mom!

I am back to yoga.


.:: Monday, October 24th ::.

~ 12:54 PM ~

"...doesn't make you feel better?..."

I am back to using the Soloflex after a week off.

STL Neighborhoods
Terror alert timing?

~ 08:35 AM ~

"...I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather...not screaming like his passengers..."

I cleaned the gutters but I am not completely satisfied with the project. I need a ladder and I will purchase one in the spring.

Neale found some new pieces at J. Jill. It is her favorite store.

We watched our first "live" Desperate Housewives. We started in the summer and then caught up with the dvds. We Moxied the rest until last night.

The Duel
Crazy Drunk Guy
Annoying Cursor? He'll eat it
More flash fun...a falling woman in a bikini
Because the Bible tells me so
Condiment Packet Hall of Fame

.:: Sunday, October 23rd ::.

~ 03:11 PM ~

"...bail me out..."

We raked leaves this morning. Neale used the leaf vac. Then, we went for a walk. It was decided that it was too cold and windy to ride. I am watching the Rams (hey, they might win!) and she is at the mall. We insist on getting our holiday shopping done early. I will clean some leaves out of the gutters after the game. Since I got the new hose and "fire hose-style" nozzle for the backyard, it should go quickly. I will eventually purchase a ladder tall enough to reach.


.:: Saturday, October 22nd ::.

~ 11:21 PM ~

~ 11:21 PM ~

"...go you White Soxes...."

Savory....more Savory.

~ 05:38 PM ~

"...as essential as a utility...."

I caught an episode of "Dirty Jobs" and he was working at a brewery. Although it looks messy and sloppy brown, yeast really does not smell that bad. It has a bready, hoppy aroma.

We are watching the World Series and playing scrabble. Neale is heading to Fortel's Pizza for our dinner.

~ 02:22 PM ~

"...I do my own stunts...."

We have grass in the backyard!

We went for a ride. Neale changed her mind after one lap though and walked. The wind was stiff from the northwest. I got my usual ride in despite the wind.

We have decided to keep the home heating costs as low as possible. The lowest temp will be 65. Neale spends most of her time in the backroom, which is seperate of the main heating. So, we can shut the door and use Mr. Slim & a space heater.

Neale usually avoids my veggie food but she likes Morningstar Farms' Buffalo Wings.

J Robbins
Date your Strat

.:: Friday, October 21st ::.

~ 08:48 PM ~

"...yee haw...."

We are watching "Crash" @ 9.

Tonight's song challenge: "Simple Man" by the Deftones and the King of the Hill theme song.

The Beatles or Four Horsemen?
Putting the F word in Factor
Good Reads

~ 08:36 AM ~

"...everything right where it belongs..."

I donated yesterday. It was one of the donations I have done this year. I was on the one-arm machine for 104 mins. I can give two samples of plateletts and a pint of whole blood. The nurse commented on the clear samples, which is due to my diet. The donors that have fatty diets give cloudy products. So, you guess what people had for lunch by examining the samples. My blood pressure was alittle high though. I always get nervous when I go there and while I was in the examination room with the nurse she did something (well I think) unusual with her leg, which stressed me.

It rained last night so we took the night off from exercising. We are going today. Neale is biking and playing tennis with JP Saturday.

My list of things to do has shrunk to cleaning the gutters. Also, I decided we are going to paint the tub sometime this winter.

Pittsburgh unprepared
VP Condi
Psy Ops
Tracking the colors

.:: Tuesday, October 18th ::.

~ 12:07 PM ~

"...the place inside where good things die?"

Cardinal fans are riding a high fever...this could get ugly.

We received sad/happy news from our breeder. The litter was born but only 3 survived of the 8 pups. All the survivors were boys.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I noticed the page stats on the way in to the editor and over 300 views occurred yesterday.

Why do we belive in God? Evolution.
Berseker probe
Rio Grande pickups

.:: Monday, October 17th ::.

~ 08:36 AM ~

"...go you White Soxes..."

I had not taken a break from the Soloflex since June. I decided to take this week off. But, I am still playing tennis and walking/biking .

Head in a Jar

.:: Sunday, October 16th ::.

~ 06:12 PM ~

"...10 of 17..."

The party went great. Everyone that was invited and RSVP showed.

We went for a ride and we cleaned up. Several people bought us flowers so I took updated photos of the exterior (check the photos page...home then exterior link).

We are watching the Cards (...it is slipping away).

Short films
Aeon Flux trailer

.:: Saturday, October 15th ::.

~ 02:10 PM ~

We are prepping for the party. I have to pick up ice soon. Neale cleaned inside and set up the food/drink areas. I prepped outside (mowed, raked, trimmed, and washed the lawn furniture).

QOTSA/NIN was great. Neale did not go because she had a rough day at the office. Needless to say, really really loud rock music would not have helped her.

Queens set list:
Go with the Flow
Lost Art
First It Giveth
Leg of Lamb
Song for the Deaf
The Sky is Fallin' (Josh playing a light brown Gibson SG)
Little Sister
Burn the Witch
No One Know (great updated version)
Song for the Dead

NIN St. Louis set
Paper bag test
Friends of the Earth
Dark as a Dungeon

.:: Thursday, October 13th ::.

~ 07:16 PM ~

We are watching the Cards. Neale got home a few minutes ago from the salon (new highlights...or is it lowlights?). I finished painting, cleaned the carpet, cleaned the fireplace, caulked the shower, watered, and picked up some leaves.

I made maki sushi (cucumber, red pepper, wasabi) and it was much better with day old rice. I purchased ginger yesterday but since I grabbed and did check I actually got minced garlic. The jars were the same size and same brand. This has happened twice this year. Last time, it was pickled tomatos instead of sauerkraut. Luckily, we can use the garlic.

Yahoo Podcasts
Guinness commerical
American Photography

.:: Wednesday, October 11th ::.

~ 12:39 PM ~

Thanks for visiting. Occassionally, I check the site traffic info and we received close to 200 hits yesterday. We appreciate your stopping by to view the site.

I highlight of the day is a student telling me I am their best teacher, which is nice to hear every once in awhile.

We should probably tip the trash people that carry away our yard waste. I dropped six full and heavy bags at the curb this morning and they took them away. I always rip a bag or two since I was trying to force roots into the bag after 4 hours of raking and tilling.

Recent breakfast food of choice: Breakfast burrito....I have been eating them almost everyday for four weeks.

Plame case gets deeper
Appreciate your sandwich artist
Rick Moranis...country singer
End of the mouse?

~ 07:01 AM ~


Neale played tennis last night under the lights.

I painted several spots in the house. I painted the bathroom closet door, which had some nicks in it. Also, Neale picked up paint for the hall and living room. The spot beneath the door bell needed it. It turns out the color of the hall and living room is.....Navajo white.

Roseanne Barr is coming to St. Louis to do a comedy show. For some reason, the commerical features her act from 1986.

IM the merger

.:: Sunday, October 9th ::.

~ 07:18 PM ~

"...wake up screaming...."

After several hours, the backyard is in different shape. The tilled for about two hours. I did not find any buried pets or treasure. I found too many roots, a few bricks, and a rusted hand shovel. The yard looked great after being tilled. I raked it and removed the roots. Then, I applied the starter fertilizer and the seed, which I lightly raked in. Finally, I watered and we should see some sprouts by next week. Overall, the project was about $120. Note to the broadleaf: I win.

I listened/watched most of the Astros/Braves game while landscaping.

~ 09:44 AM ~


We walked instead of riding at the lake yesterday. We just felt like a change.

Neale gathered a bunch of supplies for the party while I trimmed the backyard. Today, I am going to till it, fertilzer, and seed it. Also, I primed the door casing so they already look better.

We had our first fire last night. I burned about 8 logs (thanks again Mom and Dad!).

We are almost done with Desperate Housewives season 1. The Cards were on late so we did not see much of the game. Needless to say, they won.


.:: Saturday, October 8th ::.

~ 09:24 AM ~

"...it kick my donkey hard..."

We went for a walk yesterday while the Red Soxes got eliminated. Also, we watched the Yank/Angels game.

I gathered the supplies for the reseeding. A tiller from Home Depot is $40 for 24hrs. or $25 for 4hrs. We will pick that up tomorrow. Today, I have some caulking, painting the door casing, and prepping the backyard.

Bible not true?
Walt Whitman is 90 stories tall

.:: Friday, October 7th ::.

~ 10:42 AM ~

"...because it doesn't remind me of anything..."

I came to work early for a meeting. Yeah! I have to proctor two exams today. Then, I am gathering groceries and picking up materials for the reseed project. I need grass seed, fertilizer, and a tiller.

Blown away jobs

.:: Wednesday, October 5th ::.

~ 06:21 AM ~

"...I wanna be a Cardinal batgirl..."

We went to visit Ed in the hospital yesterday and he doing well. He may get to go home today.

For dinner, we tried something new and I picked Mango Peruvian and it was good. The resturant is in the Dierberg's strip mall about 5 mins. from our home so we have driven past this location several times not knowing what exactly it was.

The meeting I organized at work to start the actual divesity council went well. I was appointed vice chair, which is a position I am comfortable with at this point in my career. It was good to see the process move beyond the planning stage.

Bunnies invade the world

.:: Monday, October 3rd ::.

~ 07:56 AM ~

"...good grief..."

We are playing tennis tonight. Tomorrow, we are going to visit Ed and news has been positive. He has been moved to a private room and is walking.

Where were we when the final out of Busch stadium (regular season)? We were in the check out line at Dierberg's.

Shining Trailer...a feel good movie
Dubya's nickname list
Gorilla Glue

.:: Sunday, October 2nd ::.

~ 06:38 PM ~

"...let there be dark..."

I mowed, trimmed, raked, and planted the mums (pictures soon). I purchased a giant mum at Costco for $15 and it is quite nice. My roses are thriving too. Next weekend, I replant the backyard.

The experiment in the bathroom with the caulk strip is officially a failure. I followed the directions (cleaned extra carelfully) and laid the strip last Sunday. It do not stick completely so I decided alittle glue would due the trick. Well, Gorilla glue met its match as it did not stick. So, I will go back to caulk. The reason why this is an issue is that there was a minor seperation between the painted tile and the caulk. So, we spotted this product at Home Depot while picking up some paint supplies. In short, avoid caulk strips...stick to plain old kitchen and bath silicon caulk. In other home improvement news, I successfully replaced a part of the entertainment door casing. I mitered a joint, which was done with $5 for a plastic miter box and $5 for a miter saw. We were planning on replacing the door by now (i.e. pre Fall party) but the door needs to specially ordered and installed. So, that job was moved to next fall after I work next summer.

My ride was good. The wind was alittle stiff. Neale decided to walk.

~ 11:40 AM ~

"...still spinnin'..."

We watched Harrison, Casey, and Anna last night. It went well. We watched the Incredibles and after they went to bed, we picked up on Desperate Housewives Season 1. I checked out their Gamecube and played "Top Gun", which reminded me of the arcade version.

Since we got home late, we slept in and will ride when Neale gets home from tanning, Trader Joe's, and an oil change. I watched "Private School" last night and it was tragically bad but Phoebe Cates is always watchable.

I believe we decided on Super Smokers to cater the party. Amighetti's was a close second.

No, our side!
7 Habits
My name is Earle
Video blog
Dublin Dr. Pepper

.:: Friday, September 30th ::.

~ 08:11 PM ~

"...can I get a Shasta?..."

I am watching the Cards/Reds and Yanks/Soxes games. I am curious if loyal good natured Cards fans will boo Big Mac in the post juiced baseball era.

Neale went to visit Ed at the hospital. He had some bleeding last night but was taken off the breathing tube today (last I heard).

Stink foot
Challenged Books
Army having trouble with finding new bodies

~ 07:19 AM ~

"...freddy's dead..."

Ed is doing fine I assume because we did not get a call to say otherwise.

Boo Big Mack?

Duck and cover for my freedom
How about some change?
Skeptic's Dictionary
Karma ghost

.:: Thursday, September 29th ::.

~ 06:36 PM ~

"...the face is mighty than the fist..."

Neale is at the hospital. No news as of now. Ed is probably out of surgery.

I donated today and the staff recognizes me. I hope they see me as a good donor.

Pirate treasure
Bill Bennett shows his moral high ground

.:: Wednesday, September 28th ::.

~ 12:20 PM ~

"...sitting in the big chair..."

I made gazpacho again. It will have more time to set and mingle as Neale will not be home until 5PM.

DeLay feels the effects of karma.

~ 08:17 AM ~

"...Mark McGwire takes down number 2...why?..."

Tennis was fun last night. I was a legitimate challenge but still lost the majority of games.

More local
Giant Squid! Warn Nemo

.:: Tuesday, September 27th ::.

~ 05:03 PM ~

"...I am the ace of this staff..."

Neale had a headached so we did not play tennis last night. However, we may be on for tonight.

Neale rented Desperate Housewives so we can caught up on the series. We finished episode 13 last night.

Bad tech
Onion predicts the future
Estimate were a touch high

.:: Monday, September 26th ::.

~ 06:55 AM ~

"...I'm going home to make some etouffee..."

Since my "Tires of Life" was voided by a sinister nail, there is no reason to have my maintenance done at Cancilla any longer. My last Cancilla oil change is today. Also, there was a minor recall for a software update. Since, I never liked the time they took to change my oil (an hour and a half at times) and other maintenance was pricey compared to other shops, I will not miss it. I had my scheduled tune up in March so I am set for awhile. However, I do need to new tires before winter. Cancilla wanted to replace two tires for about $130 per tire installed. The price and logic of that escapes me and I am glad to be done with them. Otherwise, great car and only three more years until my first hybrid car.

We went to another Greek fest (at Acension Chruch) and it was great food. It was alittle better than the previous (rival?) Greek fest. Neale has not tried ouzo so if you would like a picture of her face when she tries that for the first time let me know. It should be priceless. She cannot stand licorice or barley wine for that matter.

Neale attempted to buy wine for our upcoming party, did not have her ID, and they refused to sell to her. Ouch. We both get carded on a rountine basis.

We are playing tennis tonight.

Politics Quiz
CSI Guide

.:: Sunday, September 25th ::.

~ 12:06 AM ~

"...can't quit me..."


You are a

Social Liberal
(80% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(11% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Super Volcano
He's a bully

.:: Saturday, September 24th ::.

~ 08:46 AM ~


My parents are here. We went to Trailhead Brewery for dinner and that lead to the MANMALL! Sorry, had to be caps. We went to the Pro Bass Shop so my Dad could pick up his birthday gift.

We saw Barcelona Tapas while at the Art Fair and I do not know why we have not gone yet.

We have been browsing Hawaii Active to find some activities while we are on the island. Last time, we had a sunset cruise and a lackluster pu pu platter...not again....not again.

Today, we are going for a ride and then to Mount Pleasant.

Pardon My Icons
The Lord Gave Onto Them...Tater Tots
Why would the other students be tense?
Smart Balance

.:: Tuesday, September 20th ::.

~ 07:26 PM ~

"...its out of my control..."

Neale is playing tennis and I mowed the lawn. Also, there was some limbs down from the storm. I am planning on Thursday to finish the patio.

Buffalo Solider
Harvest Festival

.:: Monday, September 19th ::.

~ 08:30 AM ~

"...ran off..."

I bottled my pale ale for the upcoming Oktoberfest, which is a great recipe. My Emge ale is getting better with age.

Despite my concern, it did not rain yesterday. However, the chances are high today and tommorrow. I need to finish the patio. The porch looks great.

We went for a ride. My legs were heavy but I did my normal long distance. We are playing tennis today.

Rome is quite good but we each need a score card to keep track of the plots.

Beer 101

.:: Sunday, September 18th ::.

~ 11:59 AM ~

"...give me one cuz one is best..."

Coldplay was great. It was a quick show because it was put together so well and the music was fantastic. Parking was strange as it took us an hour to get out of the lot. Weird.

Neale is at work. We had to reschedule our Maui trip as there was a minor scheduling conflict. So, she was not happy about that but it will work out. She does a great job scheduling and planning so this was a minor error in an otherwise excellent track record.

I was planning on finishing sealing the patio but the weather is threatening. The deck is finished and looks better than before, which was the goal. I cleaned the house and we may ride when Neale gets home.

Porn Star or Pop Star?
Well, safe?

.:: Saturday, September 17th ::.

~ 08:58 AM ~

"...into the mystic..."

We are going for a ride, I am going to seal the porch, and then Coldplay.

Slip in the Sound

.:: Friday, September 16th ::.

~ 08:22 AM ~

"...cats in the cradle..."

We are going for a ride tonight, dropping off Britt's powerwasher, and then to dinner (Sweet Tomatoes).

I powerwashed the porch again. As soon as it dries out, I will seal it.

Tomorrow, Coldplay at UMB.

The DSL is still playing well....great speed.

About time...5 blades!

.:: Thursday, September 15th ::.

~ 05:01 PM ~


I donated and it went well. I was watching Discovery Channel's "It Takes a Thief".

I made gazpacho for our dinner.

~ 11:48 AM ~

"...we use to be friends..."

Our Hawaii plans are finalized!

Our SBC problems have been changed...things are much better. I will see if they stay that way because it is presently the best it has ever been and we are getting promised levels. DSL reports has been helpful too.

Bathroom break? May have drank the water in New Orleans
Home churchin'

.:: Wednesday, September 14th ::.

~ 08:23 AM ~

"...swear a cuss myself..."

SBC has sent a person to actually check the lines and boxes in my neighborhood....developing story. Oh, Charter!

Deep Discount DVD
Big Dumb Love

.:: Tuesday, September 13th ::.

~ 03:40 PM ~

"...give it away..."

I contacted SBC again and they admitted to a line issue. They called back last night and I returned their call. But, after 20 mins. of being on hold my call was dropped so I decided to try today when I get home.

I had a meeting on campus after my office hours and I decided to wait around for a half hour to see the groundbreaking ceremony of our new nursing building.

Neale is playing tennis with Matt. She was exhausted yesterdat after her early morning election.

I received my EH Big Muff Pi distortion/sustainer/fuzz pedal in the mail last night. Updated pic of the pedal board soon. I fashioned a board to keep the pedals secure (velcro) and organized.


.:: Sunday, September 11th ::.

~ 06:42 PM ~

"...the thrill is gone..."

Neale has left....for an election. She is spending the night about an hour from home for an early morning election.

I powerwashed, cleaned, and washed again the house. The sides of the house look better and the deck is very clean. Soon, I will give it some Thompson Waterseal. The patio is looking fantastic. Thanks Britt for the powerwasher.

I logged on now to avoid the outage. About 7PM my DSL will go down but for SBC this is the week my money may go away....permanently. Hello Charter!

I bought a piece of scrap lumber at Home Depot for my pedal board. Pics soon. I wanted to get the pedals off the floor. When we moved in there was occassional water in the basement, which somehow I fixed this year. Yet, I want to play it safe.

Heckler with a website
Let them eat cake

.:: Saturday, September 10th ::.

~ 08:28 AM ~

"...I sail away on a sea of mutilation..."

I had a bad feeling when Larry Walker came to bat and it was confirmed. It was a good game though. Our seats were at the very top but still a decent view. We ate at Pino's, which was good.

We are going for a ride and to the art show later in the afternoon. I plan on watching Ohio State v. Texas too.

I am power washing tomorrow. Neale is visiting her grandparents but has to leave in the later afternoon for an election Monday morning. I plan on brewing in the evening.

Our DSL problem is not solved yet. I may be contacting Charter Communications later this week if SBC cannot pull it together.

No you didn't

.:: Thursday, September 8th ::.

~ 02:31 PM ~

"...less time than you think..."

Our DSL problems maybe behind us.

Our dog mother is believed to be pregnant. Why not an EPT test for dogs?

I found a great deal on a NYC Big Muff Pi on Ebay. I won it for about half retail price.

We are picking up the power washer tonight.

Tomorrow, we are seeing the Mets v. Cards...Seo and Marquis are the probables.


.:: Wednesday, September 7th ::.

~ 12:33 PM ~

"...be my angel..."

The pantry is finished and looks much better. I am power washing the house and deck this weekend. I saw deck sealer at Costco for a reasonable price. On Friday, we going to see the Mets v. Cards game and there is an art show at Schlafly this weekend. We are also planning on making the St. Louis Art Fair.

We learned the hard way that Neale does not like barleywine. I purchased a bottle of Rogue's Old Crustacean and poured it last night during our viewing of Big Brother 6. Since it is rare style compared to most brews available in grocery stores, I have not had that many. Sierra Nevada's Big Foot is quite good. Plus, I have my own barley wine aging in the basement. I have had two samples and their quite good after 6 months of aging. However, Rogue's brew was much better.

I called SBC DSL support last night. They are checking the line. An automated call came about 6:50PM and the DSL has been dropping at 7PM rountinely. So, I hope they witnessed the outage. I was glad that they did not ask me about my PC and settings. It is their line and this started happening after the power outage a few weeks ago.

Land locked

.:: Monday, September 5th ::.

~ 09:10 AM ~

"...you can't quit me baby..."

We are going for a ride soon. I will finish painting the pantry (it already looks much better), mow the lawn, and use the Soloflex. I thought about brewing this weekend but it will wait. The remaining items on the "do list" are to power wash the side of the house (some green stuff is growing), power wash & seal the deck, and seed the backyard in early fall. So, the back yard will be off limits for the party but also look much better than it does.

I am using the type of paint that goes on purple and dries to the color you selected (white).

Can't Do
Ain't no news like staged news
Stay the course of course

.:: Sunday, September 4th ::.

~ 06:26 PM ~

"...not learning..."

Our ride went well, we stopped by Greekfest, then Lowe's (door bell & paint), I replaced the door bell, we placed the shelf in the basement, and I painted the pantry. Next, another coat in the pantry.

~ 08:15 AM ~

"...you got ID?..."

The play was good and we will go back.

I installed the second bedroom light and it looks great. However, the door bell needed attention too. The outside switch was broken and the indoor bell was easily the second unit ever installed in the house. It was not in good shape. I called Neale and she picked up replacement parts. However, the door bell she bought needed a seperate transformer so we need another solution. We are stopping by Home Depot today for pantry paint and another door bell.

Neale visited Ed in his new hospital and he looks better.

I restrung Blue and it sounds great. I was curious if I would have to adjust the action but the new strings were fine at the current height (no fret buzz, nut had enough room).

We may stop by Greekfest after our ride.

Onion Fun: Google
Anderson Cooper loses it (and rightly so)

.:: Saturday, September 3rd ::.

~ 07:33 AM ~

"...walking through my shadow...46 and 2 ahead me..."

We are going for a ride. Neale is visiting Ed in his new hospital. There is still a discussion about what type of surgery he will have but his condition last weekend was diagnosed as pulmonary edema, which was complicated by some other conditions.

I plan to install the second bedroom light and check the door bell. The door bell switch is sticking and may need to be replaced.

We watched "The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes" last night. It holds up well.

We are going to a play tonight. We are seeing a production of "Dangerous Liasions" and over to the Chase for a drink.

Fearless leader

.:: Friday, September 2nd ::.

~ 08:22 AM ~

"...widespread panic..."


Journal has been archived.

Guitar One: Exercise
Play that funky music white man
What would you do?