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.:: Sunday, April 29th ::.

~ 07:14 PM ~

"...I believe there are
15,747,724,136,275,002,577,605,653,961,181,555,468,044,717,914,527,116,709,366,- 231,425,076,185,631,031,296 protons in the universe and the same number of

Sweet Tomatoes' brunch was good. The regular lunch fair is available too.

It was a four person crew at Bill's house as Steve, Britt, Neale, and I did various jobs. Neale and Steve had some carry over from the night before but were able to accomplish their tasks. Steve focused on removing the old swing, which had at least four feet of concrete posts. It was not out when we left. We heard the neighborhood kids were playing on it and the word 'sue' was used if they got hurt. Tree roots complicated the task and I broke one axe in the process. The next axe was really nice and cut through the roots with ease. Britt worked on the electrical tasks and Neale stained the new closet/attic door. She was also the gopher. I was painting as the outside tasks were available. The windows that had the air conditioners (removed late last year) needed to be glazed and painted. Also, around the front door and the porch peak needed prime. The basement windows I scuffed needed more paint. Tomorrow, Steve will work on the house and I will stop by to see if any help is needed. The new floor carpet and tile looks great. The A/C is almost done.

We were very sad to hear about the death of Josh Hancock.

~ 09:20 AM ~


Neale had a great time with Clayton, Stacy, Judy, and Steve. Since Copley's West 9th closed, their chef left and opened Gentelin's on Broadway, which still quite good.

I mowed the backyard, laid some mulch, reseeded again, started one of our basket arrangements, and had Jersey Mike's for dinner, which I had not had in several months. Then, I listened to music and played guitar.

Today, we are having brunch at Sweet Tomatoes and working at Bill's. I have a few trim pieces outside that need another coat and finish the peak above the porch.

I have been promoted. Yea!

STL Weatherman says no mas

.:: Friday, April 27th ::.

~ 08:48 AM ~

"...far away from old men...."

Steve is in town. Neale and Steve are heading over to Roxana to check the floors and do some work for the house.

It is pledge time so I gave some support to KDHX and Radio Paradise.

We are going for a walk before Steve arrives. I am grading and working out after the walk. Tonight, we are having dinner at Annie Gun's, which is not a friendly place for a veg. But, I did find something on the menu and it is more about the company than the food. Yes, the wine list is great.

Ellis' new treats
My new luggage for Europe

.:: Wednesday, April 23rd ::.

~ 08:39 PM ~

"...tell me why...."

It is a somewhat rainy day here. I was able to get the front yard mowed before the second round of rain. I also cleaned the front and back gutters, which had been a job I wanted to do for a few months. I put the backyard gutter guards back on as well. I got some work done online too.

Ellis and I went for a walk. I worked out and had a taste for some fruit, which turned out to be Kiwifruit. Neale wanted some chocolate mint chip.

Neale had training on how to deal with difficult and possibly dangerous clients today.

Annie Lennox has lost it. Sad.

Nora the cat play the piano...Ellis barks into my guitars
Docs speak
Trump's hire
Era Vulgaris

.:: Monday, April 23rd ::.

~ 07:12 PM ~

" of the earliest cases...."

It was a pretty good weekend. We got all the interior painting done at Bill's house, noticed the duct work is almost done, and cleaned the floors. I also cleaned the bathroom. The floors are being done this week. So, it will look good for Steve's visit later this week. I stopped by today to finish a second coat around a window because the tape pulled some paint. This weekend I may finish the outside painting. I noticed some parts on the interior roof trim that needed another coat.

The amp on Ebay that I was interested became less interesting as the auction went on. I realized it could need a retube and the owner did not seem to knowledgeable about the amp. Plus, 50 watts and being an Ampeg (which tend to be louder than their watts) seemed too much for me. I let it pass and it went for about $450, which is a deal if it is in great shape. So, I have been struggling with my next amp given I have a little "found" money coming my way and I want to move to all tube. I considered a Peavey but could not get that excited. Fender would be a classic choice but there was not alot of extras included with the Blues Deluxe. A Genz Benz was a possibility as Musician's Friend had a scratch & dent item alittle above my price range but the El Diablo is a great amp. But, it is too metal in tone for me. The Hughes and Kettner anniversary edition looked really nice and is a close second. But, I have decided to go with a 40W Traynor and I will consider the extension cab next. First, it is all tube and the reverb is a proper reverb. The two channels with separate EQs are a must. The Celestion speaker is suited for the sound I am seeking. The boost and presence options are nice to have plus a brightness is nice as well. The look is great and the warranty is idiot proof.

On tonight's walk, Ellis was distracted by a HVAC van and forgot to look where he was going. He walked head first into a car bumper and made a solid thud. After we determined he was alright, Neale could not stop laughing.

A first
Sad puppy
Renovation trends

.:: Sunday, April 22nd ::.

~ 10:13 AM ~

"...young folks...."

The ride was a success as yesterday was perfect for riding. The party went well and we checked the county park for Neale's work picnic. We tried to find the dog park in Brentwood, which I saw from the train but my sense of direction was clouded and it turns out it is in an industrial park. Neale had a taste for margaritas so we stopped for supplies. Dinner was at Webster's Webers Front Row, which was overpriced and not that good especially compared to resturants in walking distance. We stopped by the ice cream shop and picked up some stuff at the Natural Way.

Happy happy Earf Day. Home Depot is giving away free bulbs.

Tease thy brain
Pizza, beer, and baseball

.:: Saturday, April 21st ::.

~ 08:34 AM ~

"...You see, it's all clear
You were meant to be here
From the beginning...."

The weekend is finally recognizing spring so we are going for a ride. It is a sunny 56, low wind, and getting warmer. Later, we have a first communion party to attend. We went to Catholic Supply for the gifts.

Neale went to the Wine Shop for a bottle last night and picked me up a beer I had not tried. Grimbergen Double was very good. Quite unique with a clean finish.

Two Labs
Feeding 100 hounds at once
No Cho Show
Easy Bib
Future Perfect
VT Prof makes my day

.:: Friday, April 20th ::.

~ 12:05 PM ~

"...I string em' up
I cut em' down
Dare I say..."

I am getting caught up on grading and working out. It is a nice day in STL so I hope to work in the yard later. We have our nephew's first communion party to attend tomorrow. On Sunday, we are working at Bill's house. There is not much left to do but there are a few jobs left....almost done. Steve is coming in next weekend to check out the house.

VT and Littleton
Local fool

.:: Wednesday, April 18th ::.

~ 05:36 PM ~

"...lazy eye..."


Making the VT Shooting a gun issue misses the point. Video games and gun laws are not the issues about this incident. What video game did other serial killers and mass murders play? None. This guy had problems much larger than is and more complex. Why the anger? Why did no one help him? The blame lies with him but we are seeing and reading that too many people saw this coming with this guy.

~ 04:26 PM ~

" the wrong place at the wrong time (what?)..."

It was College Visitation Day at LC, which is a great day as people discover LC and people get out of their offices to mingle. Afterwards, I went to lunch with Kelly and Sean. Alton has a Saint Louis Bread Co. and it is good option for me for lunch besides the standbys of Subway and Jimmy Johns.

Flash Earth
STL Dog Parks
Not in my classroom

.:: Monday, April 16th ::.

~ 07:11 PM ~

"...big no no..."

Neale had a work at home day and I was installing printer software when we heard about the VT murders. Very sad. Being a teacher I realize on a regular basis how security on our campus is not ready for something like what happen today.

Imus isn't the bad guy
All That I Know

.:: Sunday, April 15th ::.

~ 11:16 PM ~

"...shoulders down, head down, watch your frame..."

Neale watched "Back to the Future" and realized it came out 22 years ago.

I mowed the lawn after we walked and went to Sweet Tomatoes. We ordered out from Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream for dinner and Neale went to a STL Soccer organization meeting on Britt's behalf.


.:: Saturday, April 14th ::.

~ 07:58 PM ~

"...I wanna touch people..."

The peanut butter cookies are a success.

~ 02:51 PM ~

"...In heaven everything is fine..."

I made roasted garlic and another batch of pickles this morning. The bag of garlic was getting old so I finished off the remaining heads. The recipe is simple enough and the garlic goes well with so many dishes. I liked my first batch of pickles but I wanted to try another recipe. The pickled hot peppers turned out too sour. Costco had kirbys in bags and they were much better than the ones I got from Dierbergs.

Neale is doing nothing, which is good for her. She is watching "Braveheart" currently. There has been a request for peanut butter cookies so I will buy creamy peanut butter after I workout. The house has been cleaned.

We started watching F/X's "The Riches" last night. Very good show. Eddie...still funny but needs a box when next to Ms. Driver.


.:: Friday, April 13th ::.

~ 10:45 AM ~

"...the empire grows with the news that we're winning..."

I am going over to Bill's to paint the porch ceiling. The painting is almost done. Also, the HVAC guys should have duct work installed. I will also work on the basement window. The glass (which was cracked before work started) fell out of the frame. So, I am using plexi glass to replace the window.

Clone food
Shouting cameras

.:: Thursday, April 12th ::.

~ 06:44 PM ~

"...there is a problem with Barry..."

A work related project has delivered me some cash. We are getting a treadmill for the winter and rainy and hot/humid days of STL. But, there is some $$ available for me to upgrade my amp to an all tube, non digital entity. I will keep the existing amp because it sounds great for a hybrid but all tube goodness is like fresh beer, strawberries & cream, and a crisp fall twilight. Well, the amp that I would prefer became available on a pickup only in KC and starting, no reserve bid of under $100. Given I am only a short drive away and the amp pickup could become a short holiday weekend, I have bid in at currently 1/8th the retail price. In a word, SWEET.

Text Abbreviations
Brian Setzer goofing off
Rock rumors

.:: Wednesday, April 11th ::.

~ 01:39 PM ~

"...against the wall like a snake..."

It is another cold, windy, and rainy day in STL. There is some sun so it is not as gray as yesterday.

I decided I needed to update my office layout so the desk is on the opposite wall now. I also moved around the file cabinets and book shelf. I need to update the wreath on my door too. I am considering painting but given the painting I have been doing I am not compelled.

IP Tools

.:: Monday, April 9th ::.

~ 06:26 PM ~

"...We the People..."

Neale is in Centralia, IL doing an election. She will be back Wednesday.

Best American Beers

.:: Sunday, April 8th ::.

~ 06:04 PM ~

"...You Can't Quit Me Baby..."

The lasagna is on its last 10 minutes.

Brunch was great. Neale drove by some parks in STL county to plan for the NLRB picnic.

Make your own dog food

~ 09:50 AM ~

"...I Don't Know How to Love Him..."

Happy Easter. We are going to brunch.

Yesterday, we painted at Bill's house and the porch is almost done. I have to do the ceiling next Friday.

Ellis is a year and a half old today. He is staying out of his house while we are at brunch.

3 Libras

.:: Friday, April 6th ::.

~ 01:44 PM ~

"...The Day After..."

The game on Wednesday went well. It was cold but the Mets were scoring runs so that helped. The first 5 innings were a good example of a NL pitching duel but Reyes broke the seal with a home run and the Mets took off from there.

We went to Absolutely Goosed back in '06 and they had a fantastic Bloody Mary martini. I developed my own recipe using Pure Cap. Here it is:

Chris' Bloody Mary

Tomato juice
1 tablespoon Veg Worcestershire Sauce
3 tablespoons lemon Juice
3 tablespoons lime juice
1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
5 drops of Pure Cap
Onion powder
1 teaspoon minced garlic
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4-1/2 tsp. celery seed
1 tsp. dill weed
Cider Vinegar
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Premium vodka

In a blender combine all of the above except the celery and vodka and process until smooth. Transfer to a nonreactive container and add salt and black pepper, to taste. Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled, at least 2 hours and up to overnight.

Neale had a taste of the recipe last night and she approved.

With the Sopranos coming back, we are making cheese lasagna to celebrate the event.

MLB back on cable

.:: Wednesday, April 4th ::.

~ 08:08 AM ~

"...Maybe Tomorrow..."

It has been a rainy week in STL. Monday was really nice though. Today, it is cloudy and cold. We are going to the Mets/Cards game tonight.

Since OSU lost, we finished out of the top three in the NCAA pool. But, it was one of our better brackets since joining this competition and we got all but 2 games correct on the right side of the bracket.

Holocaust photo essay
Ties that bind
The coyote will have the polish sausage

.:: Sunday, April 1st ::.

~ 07:10 PM ~

" ball..."

I mowed the front yard and scooped some leaves. Then, we went for a walk and I bought up the topic of the fence. I asked Neale last year if she would ask them about it. The fence was damaged during a winter storm by a branch from our neighbor's yard. Neale asked our neighbor if they would like to help with the fence repair and they said 'no'. They claimed it was our fence due to which way the fence posts are facing. Obviously, it is a shared resource and if I took down the fence tomorrow they would have a problem with that. In short, we disagree about their position and will look into fixing OUR fence. Do good fences make good neighbors? NO.

Soul Man

~ 10:55 AM ~

"...April Fool's..."

Neale had fun with Sara last night. They went to a few places in Alton. She got home after I went to bed. We may ride today. I plan to work in the yard this afternoon. I also have to make lemon squares for Neale's coworkers. They are doing a 'high tea" to celebrate a coworker's birthday.

I gave Ellis a bath, which he enjoyed. His new shampoo works so well that he went four months without a bath (possibly). He may have had one in January but we cannot recall. Overall, he smells great, his coat looks good, and he lost a few cups of hair.

I went to Costco to pickup some essential items and got caught in a rain storm. Our membership is $45 this year, which is nice. We have the Executive membership since it is our source for paper towels, toilet paper, egg whites, soy burgers, and cleaning supplies. They also currently have a Panasonic "42 plasma that would look good in our entertainment room.

Who Owns What
Your wine wants pizza
Pump and Pay

.:: Friday, March 30th ::.

~ 10:27 AM ~

"..."How about a beer, Norm?"
"Hey I'm high on life, Coach. Of course, beer is my life"..."

The demo yesterday went well. But, my white floor is now black again. Luckily, I can mop and I had a second coat to go. The surprises of the activity was a dusty copy of erotic stories, I'm guessing the late 60s. It was pretty mild. Also, Bill placed a broken mirror above the vent and my hammer found it before my eyes did. I was wearing my respirator and safety goggles so I was spared except for a small scratch on my forehead. Once again, Germ X cleansed the wound. I am most surprised I have not step on a nail yet. The removal of the vents should be the last demo I do at Bill's house. The HVAC guys are ready to go. Just some painting is left for us. Plus, the massive cleaning we will have to do to get it ready for show.

It is rainy here so we are walking instead of riding. I was planning to mow this weekend but the rain overnight and today will probably scratch that.

We went to Llywelyn's last night for dinner. Service was slow as it was terribly busy but the food was great. You can't beat Fuller's ESB on draft either.

Crying Indian

.:: Friday, March 30th ::.

~ 10:27 AM ~

"...Rubber Biscuit..."

I am heading over to Bill's to do some more demo in the basement. The old duct work needs to come down. There is a 15ft section that connects to rear wall cold air return and a smaller section near the water heater. It should not take that long. The 2x4's of the old wall in the basement are staying at this point. I will paint those 2x4's the next time we paint. I am not doing any painting today though. The HVAC quote was great so that will be installed next, then the flooring, and finally the porch. We should be done no later than May 1st.

We went for a walk yesterday and Neale did her running. Afterwards, we made our first trip of the year to Ted Drewe's, which is always good. I got the terramizzou (new to me) and Neale had the seasonal treat, carrot cake, which she said was heavy on carrot.

Neale is heading out to Sara's on Saturday so Ellis and I will check out the Final Four.

I had to 'fast' (or not eat breakfast) this morning so I could have some lab work done. It was the standard BMP, lipid, & liver screens, which take two vials of blood and 5 mins.

Rock Lube
100 Best Companies to Work for
Hang Me Out to Dry

.:: Wednesday, March 28th ::.

~ 09:05 AM ~


The souffle I made over the weekend turned out well. There was a moment of concern as my roux tightened up too much but I was able to save it with a little more butter.

Much to my surprise the Ampeg amp I was interested in has been discontinued, which creates a small problem. They will be available on Ebay but I am sure a local dealer can track one down for me. I was planning to order direct from Musician's Friend.

I am getting a haircut today.


.:: Tuesday, March 27th ::.

~ 08:07 PM ~

"...Today in Rock history..."

I sprayed Bill's basement with two coats of the white linen, which is the color we used upstairs. The neighbors stopped by and they checked out the house. They liked what they saw.

Next week, we are going to a Cards/Mets game. Baseball season already.

Fourteen Habits of the Overstressed and Unhappy

.:: Sunday, March 25th ::.

~ 12:32 PM ~

"...You got me wrong..."

The above images are from Bill's house. The porch has its first wall coat and the basement has been primed. But, the basement floor was still wet in spots so I will spray on Monday.

I cleaned and prepped the bikes for the season. My tires actually show wear, which is odd because they are less than 1000 miles. Last summer, for various reasons, was not one of our high mileage summers (painting, vacation). Well, it seemed that way. We are starting our fourth season in STL.

Neale had to go into work so I are riding alone. I have to pick up a few things at the market for my first attempt at a souffle, which is tonight's dinner.

Just the edge
Internet Storm

.:: Saturday, March 24th ::.

~ 08:40 AM ~


Yes, it has been a long time without a post. First, Neale had a busy week with a big case. The big cases are stressful.

I painted at Bill's house using the sprayer yesterday. The walls in the basement have two coats of prime and the floor has one coat of prime. I met with the AC installer yesterday and he wishes to have some old vent work removed so I will do that next Friday. I will paint today and help Neale with the porch. I primed the porch ceiling yesterday. We will take pics today so there will be photos of the work.

Ellis has NCAA Fever...his second soccer ball has been replaced with a new basketball. He has not killed the squeaker yet so it is kept in the basement. Our bracket for the tourney is still running second in our pool. All of our teams are intact except for the Florida/Oregon game. I picked Wisconsin, which was upset last week. UNLV surprised me since they last time they were good I was in high school and Larry Johnson was not "Gram Ma-Ma" yet.

I may see "Ms. Potter" tonight. I considered "Amazing Grace" but the reviews were average from sources I respect.

Old Version
Rock n' Roll ain't noize pollution
Golden pups meet the house cat
Dawn of the Dead sounds (the original)

.:: Monday, March 19th ::.

~ 01:47 PM ~

"...richest player in the minors..."

I was watching the Chefography of Rachel Ray last night. Yes, I have gone through the stages of celebrity with her. First, was denial that she was a celebrity. I was angry about "yummo", "my daddy", and "evoo". I bargained and tried to watch her first talk show. I was depressed about her presence in society and how everyone knows who she is now. Finally, I have accepted she is an enigma at best and our society's love with being average. At least, she does not believe she is a chef. I also wonder why Alton has not been included yet. But, in the shadow of Ray's blandness, I ordered my first bottle of Pure Cap. Ah, the heat.

The first day back has been good. I need to get back to going to bed at a decent hour.

The rain has passed so Ellis and I will go for a walk.

Veg Meal Planner

.:: Sunday, March 18th ::.

~ 07:48 PM ~

"... There is no spoon..."

Neale got home around 4 so we went for a walk. I am racking an ale to secondary. I considered brewing tonight but I would rather not. I have the barley wine and Hop Head coming soon.

I ordered some hot spice powder from Sweat and Spice. Nice site.

Got the time

~ 01:32 PM ~

"... Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman..."

Llywelyn's Pub in the Central West End had a limited menu for St. Pat's Day so we had a drink and some pub chips. Growler's was next which was packed but we had a table in 30 mins. The food was great and we played a few games of trivia, which was not our best showing.

Error found online
What is a tie?
Vote database
Christain nationalism & distortions
A Tasty Burger

.:: Saturday, March 17th ::.

~ 04:27 PM ~

"...snow on St. Pat's Day..."

We picked up the paint sprayer from Clayton (Judy Hoffman's son) and got a quick tutorial. Easy enough to use but don't spray your hand or arm. Clayton claimed in 20 mins. you have a treatable wound, in an hour you have amputation if not treated, and after that you are facing death through blood poisoning. Did I mention I love home improvement? The good news is there was no trip to the ER. The better news I sprayed the entire basement in 20 mins. The bad news was it drank 4 gallons of prime so I could only get one coat on today. Next Friday, I will go for it all plus priming the floor. It covered all the bad spots already so I was really happy about the trouble of using it, which is clean up. It took 10 mins. to set up and 30 mins. to run two batches of water through it plus some mineral spirits to make sure we do not have to go through the $125 dollar refit. Neale got all of the staining done and took up some spots where the tape or stain leaked over into the wall paint.

We are headed to Llywelyn's for dinner and Growler's for some NTN trivia.

Congrats to Geo and Wendy
Born to Hula

.:: Thursday, March 15th ::.

~ 10:37 PM ~

"...peace frog..."

Pizza review...
Olives and onions....B-
Cheese....Fantastic! (asaigo, mozz, & prov blend)
Sauce....too wet

I used half the dough so I can try again tomorrow. Vacation diet by the way.

~ 06:31 PM ~

"...from homemaker to homeless..."

I made deep dish pizza for dinner. Seeing a show on Food Network about mail order food from Lou Malnati's inspired me.

Plastic World

~ 01:07 PM ~

"... furnace room lullaby..."

How do you use a paint sprayer?

Linktastic: helps find a nursing home

.:: Wednesday, March 14th ::.

~ 10:44 PM ~

"...sorry snowcone..."

It's late and I am watching MST3K's "Ring of Terror". Our storm has passed.

~ 07:43 PM ~

"...never seems to end..."

I have a new window in my car. It took 2 hours but I read my copy of Guitar Player from front to back. Also, they have a WiFi access point which I could take advantage of these days. The wireless situation in our home is not quite working yet. Last night, I installed the new phones and they sound great but the signal strength from the wireless card is very weak. So, I will be calling AT&T soon.

After spending time at the dealership, I went to Canine Center to get Ellis some good bones, then to Webster Schnucks for yard waste bag tags, and Costco. There was a jar of Meaty Treats Beef Jerky snacks at Costco for $10 (75 strips) so Ellis is a happy dog.

Open Congress
Ninja wizards
Sleep Naked
Glided Fork

.:: Tuesday, March 12th ::.

~ 11:38 AM ~

"...May you never..."

We had Betty's Memorial service yesterday. It went well and dinner at Houlihan's was a great time.

Since my current shoes (my first pair of New Balance) have lasted over a year but have almost no tread left, paint spots, and gunk of Bill's basement, I had to demote them to the back up pair. I stopped at DSW last night and got another pair of New Balance. I tried on a pair of Adidas but they were feeling small. Also, too many pairs had the mesh "air flow" covering, which does not work for me walking all year round.

I am heading over to Bill's to paint. The prime coats are almost done.

Tomorrow, my beautiful plastic and duct tape window will be replaced.

Everybody's Everything
Den Mothers and Lodge Brothers
Fit Foodie

.:: Sunday, March 11th ::.

~ 08:26 PM ~

"...I hate clams..."

Where were we today?

~ 11:13 AM ~

"...after the fall..."

I made a tofu scramble and some potatoes for breakfast. Neale wanted to try the Sweet Tomatoes brunch (yes, they have a brunch).

MO Nazis...oh, great
Who Who's Woodchuck
You made an impression
we talked about nothing which is more than I wanted to know

.:: Saturday, March 10th ::.

~ 08:14 PM ~

"...what else is in the teaches of peaches? huh, what..."

Neale watched some episodes of "Entourage" and I worked in the back yard. When the limbs came down in December there was a bunch of smaller twigs that got buried in the snow, which I needed to get up for mowing and planting more grass seed. Then, Ellis and I went for a walk.

Neale is at Kelly and Britt's working on the photo display for Betty's memorial service.

Black History Month
Girl Laying Down

~ 10:41 AM ~

"...the tightrope..."

Neale just back from running (this is new) and buying our Police tickets. The Police are visiting STL over the July 4th holiday. I am typically opposed to reunion tours (lucky I am not a Van Halen fan still) but I made an exception for this (Cream would also got the same reaction). We got the cheapest seats and Neale's coworker Cathy is going with us.

Bowling went very well. Pin Up Bowl is not that big (8 lanes) but it is modern and clean. My first game did not break 100 but I got a 145 in the second with some strikes and spares. Neale bowled three games and averaged in the lower 100s. Afterwards, we went to Mai Lee instead of House of India, which was very busy. Mai Lee is across the street and the second best Asian restaurant in STL (Pho Grand is the best). Mai Lee does Chinese and Vietnamese food with the unique food phenomenon called a "Saint Paul Sandwich". Neale use to get this sandwich when she worked at a doctor's office near the airport but she said Mai Lee's was the best she has had.

It is a beautiful day here and we are heading over to Bill's to finish priming the porch. It is tongue and groove siding so it takes three times as long as regular drywall does to paint. I have to finish the ceiling and Neale will start with the second coat on the walls.

Since we did not get Cards/Mets tickets through the official sale I have searched Ebay and the Ticket Guys. The Ticket Guys were very expensive. I understand it is the first series and there is a ring ceremony but how much can you really charge for a bleacher seat? Well, whatever you can get of course! Stub Hub was much more reasonable and we will go with them.

UPDATE: We both agreed that we were not into painting today so we will go tomorrow. We are almost done. However, our collective spirit fades at times.

21st Century Schizoid Man
Whiskey River

.:: Friday, March 9th ::.

~ 12:53 PM ~

"...always with me..."

Sadly, Neale's grandmother passed away late Wednesday night. There will be a brief memorial service and family dinner on Monday. We saw her Wednesday night.

My plans to have a wireless laptop have been stalled by the presence of our 2.4hz cordless phones. The DSL modem runs on 2.4hz as well. The installation of the Linksys card was smooth but the signal drops to 6% on the stairs and is nonexistent in the upstairs entertainment room where it would be used the most. We are upgrading to 5.8hz phones, which is nice because all three handsets will be on the same intercom system and not in the way of 2.4hz signals.

I am on spring break. Tomorrow, we are heading to Bill's to paint. Next week, I will start spraying the basement. We are almost done. The carpet and tile installation is soon. The new front steps/porch will take place after the ground thaws.

Tonight, we are bowling and heading to our favorite Indian restaurant. We tried Espino's on Wednesday. It was decent but not topping our other favorite Mexican places to eat.

Into the Hallow
Creating Era Vulgaris
Your answer

.:: Wednesday, March 7th ::.

~ 12:34 PM ~

"...negative savings but the economy is good..."

Please support Cassie in Walk America. Clicky.

Socrates meets Jesus
Ballparks of America
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.:: Tuesday, March 6th ::.

~ 05:27 PM ~

"...unless without pics..."

We were going to visit Betty today but we heard she is having a rough day. So, we will try tomorrow.

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.:: Sunday, March 4th ::.

~ 08:20 PM ~


I brewed an ale and made a stilton and broccoli cheese soup. Neale approved of the soup.

Neale got a new PC at work, which is a Dell laptop with a docking station. So, the Dell laptop she has been using is now available for home use. I will be setting it up for wireless use this week.

~ 05:56 PM ~

"...are you a travelin' man?..."

~ 12:05 PM ~

"...celebration day..."

Neale is at Anna's birthday brunch. Since I have been over at Bill's the last two days, I wanted not to be somewhere in the morning. So, I am at home with Ellis and Radio Paradise. Neale got a late lunch for us at Bill's house so my plan of making enchillades was pushed back to this morning (see recipe page for details).

After we painted and stained at Bill's house, we came home and watched "What Lies Beneath", which does not disappoint.

When Neale returns, we are going for a walk and I am brewing.

Free to run

.:: Saturday, March 3rd ::.

~ 10:46 AM ~

"...a shutout..."

Cardinals tickets went on sale at 9AM and the tickets for the first series (Cards v. Mets) were sold out by 10:30AM. We were in the virtual waiting room for most of the time. I got to a ticket location selection screen once but it said there was a 'system error' and no tickets were available for opening day. So, I am turning to contests and ticket broker. The demand was high for opening day and the Mets series. The rest of the Met/Card games are in New York.

We're heading over to Bill's house shortly. I have more to do in the basement and Neale is starting the porch prime. Some staining is also needed.

Blue Magoos
Crimson and Clover

.:: Friday, March 2nd ::.

~ 07:35 PM ~

", shoes..."

On my way to Bill's house, my rear driver side window exploded. I don't know what caused it but it made the trip rather loud and windy. At Bill's house I used some plastic drop cloth and duct tape to cover the spot. According to the dealership, it will take 3 to 4 days to get the window in. Pics soon.

It was Betty's birthday and Neale visited. She is at Two Nice Guy's right now with Debbie having dinner. I made corn chowder.

I filled the dumpster again at Bill's house. The basement is much better. The wood desk, workbench, and divider wall are gone.

It hurts

~ 11:04 AM ~

"...ok here we go..."

I am heading over to Bill's soon. I am continuing to demo the basement and clean the walls. Tomorrow, Neale and I are both heading over.

Yesterday, we had the Diversity Workshop for LC students and it went well. The added feature this time was the addition of the Alton High School kids and their diversity projects. We had 5 groups and they did well. They had to design presentations that could be shown to middle school students. The winners got a cash prize and a scholarship to LC will be given to one of the students. I have run the Diversity Workshop before with the help of fellow council members but the addition of the AHS students made me nervous. But, they did a great job and really enjoyed the experience. There is a possible future to this process.

Cardinals tickets go on sale tomorrow. The only time the Mets come to town during the regular season is the opening series in April. I will try to get tickets using the Internet and Neale will use the phone.

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