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.:: Friday, June 29th ::.

~ 03:25 PM ~

"...make the call...."

Grading is done and it turned out well. There was a few tough cases.

I am using the Soloflex, practicing, and watching "Stranded" on Lifetime. Television for women? I think not. This is a good looking cast.

I am giving Google Desktop a try.

~ 10:48 AM ~

"...Ive got a feeling Im going to get a lot of grief Once this seemed so appealing Now I am beyond belief..."

I am home checking my email and online course pages awaiting the final papers to arrive. The cut off is noon and then I will submit grades electronically, which is new this summer. We had electronic grades at CSU and it works well. The coloring in of the little scantron dots was tedious.

I get alittle sad as a semester ends. Also I had some anxiety yesterday as there was a few situations that could have went badly for some students. Luckily, it worked out fine.

Neale got some corn from a friend at work. The friend swears the corn is great and goes to a Farmer's Market just for that reason. I oven roasted 3 ears (oven @ 350, husks on, moistened) and they were tasty. I also have a slow cooker full of black bean soup that has been going for 12 hours. I used the last of my homemade broth.

I am going to Costco later and picking up the ingredients for Neale's country style steak. I need a pin tenderizing device so I am going to Williams and Sonoma this afternoon.

Ellis is enjoying having me around. The streaming Radio Paradise confuses his ears sometimes.

I flipped by "Conan the Destoryer" on HBO West. The princess was 17 or 18 when this movie was made...wow. Given that she was working with Wilt and Arnold, I hope she had armed guards with her.

Best Foods

.:: Thursday, June 29th ::.

~ 06:42 PM ~


Ah, sweet sweet end of semester. I will officially submit grades tomorrow but I am almost done. I look forward to doing alot of nothing for alittle while. We are going to the Science Center on Saturday though. Neale does not have Monday off though.

I am making Alton's country style steak for Neale tomorrow.

Tornado and lightning
Alcohol and the brain

.:: Wednesday, June 28th ::.

~ 06:45 AM ~

"...non binding..."

I spent 2 and a half hours detangling three of Neale's old necklaces. She is (finally) organizing her jewerly and deciding what to keep. The three necklaces were old pieces and it felt good to do it. The semester is ending, I need a break from my rountine, and Maui is 12 days away. I am waking at 5:25AM for the last time this summer tomorrow.

Neale tried a new lowlight hair color last night. No screaming from the bathroom yet this morning.

Last night, I applied Ellis' Advantage flea protection. He is doing better this morning.

I racked my amber to secondary last night.

Forget about the war America...what about the flag burning distraction?

.:: Tuesday, June 27th ::.

~ 06:59 AM ~

"...things are starting to jam..."

Ellis has been itching so we bought a flea comb. I found 4 fleas. Neale was troubled by this but I was satisfied that we know and can act. So, she is calling the vet for some meds and Ellis will be flea free soon.

Circle of friends

.:: Monday, June 26th ::.

~ 06:47 AM ~

"...that cloud looks like you..."

We watched "Walk the Line" last night. Quite good.

The grass seed I planted last weekend on the backline of the yard is poking through and has promise. The front patch is also filling in. There is no progress on the other front yard area.

It is my last week of teaching on campus this summer. What ever will I do?

I am getting a much needed haircut today.

Cardinals fan are entering psych wards at an all time high rate. 0-6 for the road.

Fetts Vett

.:: Sunday, June 25th ::.

~ 06:54 PM ~


My race went well. I finished alittle over 25 minutes and have a new YMCA towel for my efforts. The race t-shirt was ok. Neale thinks it is too thin so I get to keep it for my rotation. Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel (at 8:20AM) so the wait was only 15 minutes. I had the oatmeal & muffin and Neale got her biscuits and gravy fix.

Yesterday, we picked up Neale's Ipod Nano and charged it. Pho Grand (Vietamese resturant), for my carb loading, was quite good. Quick, tasty, and nicely priced. With the Nano charged, we spent several hours loading it (235 songs and counting). Neale is quite happy. However, I am taking on the task of ordering our CDs alphabetically after the 4th holidays. My esoteric ordering system is not suitable for 500+ CDs.

I am enjoying a Coniston Brewing Co. Bluebird Bitter. I think the ratings are a touch high but it is a decent bitter.

I took Ellis out and the brew has changed. Now, it is a Rogue's Saint Rogue Red Ale..tasty & full. Rogue does not disappoint. I would be brewing but my feet are tired. I mowed the backyard after running. So, I will brew the amber on Tuesday and rack the American Ale.

Oh, grrreeeaaatttt

.:: Friday, June 23rd ::.

~ 02:54 PM ~

"...stopped short..."

I mowed the front yard, laid some patch seed, and jogged 3 miles. My ankles were alittle stiff.

I am working out and doing some errands next. I need to pick up my race packet and some things at Canine Center. What to do for dinner?

BW Ireland
Me too

~ 09:58 AM ~

"...possible confederates..."

Father's Day pics posted.

Oh, 17 days to Maui.


.:: Thursday, June 22nd ::.

~ 07:22 PM ~

"...pieces of sky..."

A bank of thunderstorms has kept us inside. I was taking the night off from walking but I was going to take Ellis out. But, it has rained steady, which is good for our plant life. I purchased a burlap lined hanging basket for the backyard. I am mowing tommorrow if the rain holds. I don't mind running in a light rain though. Pics soon of the updated backyard.

My snorkel set and underwater cameras are on the way.

BB 7

~ 10:22 AM ~

"...forever lost..."

The window blind in my office broke (our cleaners had the accident happen to them) and it was replaced yesterday. I have a tall window that faces east and since I work mostly in the mornings in my office, it was difficult to read the PC screen.


.:: Wednesday, June 21st ::.

~ 06:00 PM ~

"...big big..."

Neale does not like the heat so we are walking seperately during the week. It is a toasty 95 here. Ellis wants an ice cube.

I have five days left of teaching on campus this summer. It has been a good semester. I had a few moments of frustration but that will happen.

I am running on Friday, mowing the lawn, and working out. The next 5K is Sunday morning.

Rock Bottom is next stop
Three Dogs

.:: Monday, June 19th ::.

~ 03:39 PM ~

"...gravity fencing..."

We had a great weekend with my parents. Ellis was too much for Sami but it was just the puppy in him. His protective collar and stitches were removed today.

Yesterday, I picked up some more mulch and finished the backyard flower bed. I found some shade plants for the location. I also cleaned up the backline of the yard, removed more bricks (we have 50+), and planted grass seed.

Man Laws
Uselesss facts
Driving in India
Abandoned Past
Test your lungs

.:: Friday, June 16th ::.

~ 11:54 AM ~

"...on the bottom..."

I am having a usual Friday. I am working out, playing with Ellis, listening to Radio Paradise, and playing guitar. It is a decent day here, warm but not humid.

Radio Paradise released a new streaming plug in and it is working well. I decided to give WMP 11 beta a try.

My parents are visiting. We are taking them to Dewey's Pizza tonight. Tomorrow, probably the Botanical Gardens (they have a unique exhibit) or the City Musuem. We are trying Fitz's for dinner, which is unique to Saint Louis.


.:: Wednesday, June 14th ::.

~ 02:52 PM ~

"...fit as a fiddle..."

My American Ale is done bubbling. I may bottle my Wobblie Weizenbock tonight.

I mowed and cleaned the backyard yesterday. The grass is looking better but I am not satisfied yet. Tomorrow, I am working on the yard and putting down some mulch. Also, I need more grass seed.

Getting ahead

.:: Monday, June 12th ::.

~ 04:27 PM ~

"...a whole series.."

Ellis doing better and the discharge is gone.

I brewed a Best Brew American Ale last night. It was a different brewing process with brewing the hops first and the malt last.

More more more
That explains everything

.:: Sunday, June 11th ::.

~ 03:02 PM ~

"...a hanger..."

I want my happy go lucky dog back! Ellis is a fine patient but there is not much going on for him. He is spending most of the day in his house so he can heal quickly. I have him out right now so he can play with his Kong toy.

The weather is wet so we are not riding. Neale had trouble sleeping due to the storm. We are going for a walk though. We needed a few things at the store so Neale is picking them up and then we will go. I am brewing an "American Ale" for the Octoberfest. I am following their recipe and there are no steeping grains. Pretty simple brewing process for a change.

I cleaned today.

Lonely Monk

.:: Saturday, June 10th ::.

~ 02:53 AM ~

"...money ball..."

The Race for the Cure went well. I ran and finished at 27 mins. & 27 seconds. It went better, despite some inclines, than at the school track running alone. I get motivated and can pace myself better when running with others. Neale walked with friends from work and did fine. I felt good that I was running better than people that looked to be more fit (ie skinny people...hey, skinny does not equal healthy!). Then, the five of us went to Kopperman's for brunch and walked the Central West End art show. We stopped at the Silver Lady and Neale found her early birthday present from me.

We came home and I took Ellis out. After he came in, Neale noticed some blood when he stood up on the couch to saw 'hello' to her. So, we turned him over and he had some bloody area on the stitches. We thought it might have been a popped stitch so we were off to the emergency clinic. They saw him and it was just some small bleeding between the stitches, which is not odd. So, they cleaned the area and told us how to as well. The area that we thought was a popped stitch was a small scab. Needless to say, despite him being back to normal this morning, he still needs to be kept on more restrictive schedule. So, no stairs at all and no jumping up. He is in his crate and I will stay with him tonight. Neale is watching our nephews & neice. I was planning on going but I will keep an eye on Ellis.

Since this morning went so well, I am signing up for the Kirkwood/Webster Connection Run.

That is some safe briefs
B Movies?
Pure Cap

.:: Friday, June 9th ::.

~ 02:29 PM ~

"...your visa..."

~ 11:52 AM ~

"...your ghost..."

Ellis is resting. He got up at regular time and had breakfast. I hand fed him again and the pills were not noticed. I took him out as usual but he had no interest. So, I brought him downstairs and he laid on his house pad. I went for a run and he has been in his house since then. He seems comfortable and is not making any sounds. He needs the rest.

I mowed the lawn and cleaned it. I need to stake my tomato plants so I am heading to Loew's soon.

Some slide
Somebody's idea of a good idea
See America

.:: Thursday, June 8th ::.

~ 08:11 PM ~

"...point a to point b..."

Ellis is alive, tired, alittle sad, and sore. He has no concept what the head cone is doing on him. He bumps into furniture and cannot climb/descend stairs. When we got him home, I hand fed him and he liked that since he has not eaten today. He is asleep now so the 8PM meal will be skipped. He was out of surgery at 10:45AM but they had to go back in during the afternoon because of some bleeding. There was not anything suspect so they closed him back up. We picked him up before 7 when they closed. The emergency 24hr. hospital is 5 mins. away if we need it. I took pictures of the head cone. The surgical area is a mess but I will get shots of that too.

We also met with our contractor for the bathroom and got an estimate. Plus, some good info about another project (the backroom and basement doors).

Recipes Knockoffs
We're Knights of the Roundtable...no, wait
Violence Against Women
Eat It Gibson

.:: Tuesday, June 6th ::.

~ 05:09 PM ~

"...George is in the blood stream..."

A colleague and myself were asked to speak at the Illinois Valley Rehab Center to inform the staff about diversity. Kelly from History and myself did a 45 min. presentation. We answered questions and provided local examples. It was good crowd about 15 women I believe. It was in Gillespie, IL.

We are going for a walk. Last night, we sat out on the porch for awhile.

Hey Joe
2007 in 208 days
Vanishing Girl
FAT kitty

.:: Saturday, June 3rd ::.

~ 07:03 PM ~

"...banned in DC..."

We went for a ride and then to Trader Joe's for tommorrow. We are hanging out at Mount Pleasant to see/hear Gumbohead.

Neale wanted to see "Star Wars: Epsiode Three" and it is on. So, we ordered some pizza and are going to watch it.

The French Onion soup was great. Neale thought it was too sweet.

~ 10:11 AM ~

"...everybody gonna be happy..."

I started a french onion soup. I sliced 3 pounds of onions in under 5 mins. with my handy mandolin. Otherwise, I would still be slicing.

~ 09:15 AM ~


Ellis and Neale are at the vet. He is getting blood work done. UPDATE: He weighs 26 pounds. Lean and clean.

Neale went to Pho Grand for lunch yesterday and she loved it. It was much better than P.F. Changs (which is hit or miss on my dishes) and the prices were reasonable.

We are going for a ride today. It is cool today.

My roses are really thriving. One bush has 6 roses ready to bloom.

Rock n Roll Crafts
WWI in Color
Roky was an alien

.:: Friday, June 2nd ::.

~ 07:08 PM ~


I went for another run and did 3 miles in 25 mins. My ankles need to be strecthed more.

I made my first stock yesterday. Tasty.

We are watching the Cards/Cubs.

Fun Internet game
Icon War

~ 01:55 PM ~

"...dog lady..."

My allergies are acting up. Could it have something to do with the mold and asbestos removal at work? I say 'yes'.

A cartoon
Medieval Food

~ 10:22 AM ~

"...dirty knife..."

It is a typical Friday. Up around 8, take Ellis out and get his breakfast. He is playing with his toys and watching me. I am taking IE 7 off Mega since it is not that impressive. I am going to workout and go for a run. I wanted to run yesterday but we had a storm in the late afternoon and evening. The rain was so bad on I-170 that I was down to 30 mph and leaving about 40 yards between cars. The left lane was flooded in spots and the water would swamp the car next to it. I lost sight for about 10 seconds once. It stopped when I got to Dierberg's but came back later. We needed the rain though.

Ellis is going to the vet tomorrow morning for his blood work. Next week, he is having his tracking chip placed and losing the ability to make more shorty dogs.

I am finally dropping Neale's old clothes at Goodwill and picking up some water for brewing too.

I tanned again last night. I was in there for 30 mins. and listened to a story about Denny Hastert on NPR.

Get private
A police state?
Classic social psych
RL vs. The Internet

.:: Tuesday, May 30th ::.

~ 04:56 PM ~


Dawson & Dodd (our heating & AC people) have recharged the Lennox (circa 1988) and we are back to cool interiors (soon). We needed a pound of RC-22 freon.


~ 03:08 PM ~


Neale spent the night at Debbie's given our lack of AC. However, she called our heat and air guys and they may be able to get here today.

The Mets won last night. Quite a game.

My allergies are retreating. My reaction to dust flared up and I needed my scripts renewed.

Thanks. No.
Lateral Thinking
MyDeath Space
Jiffy Lube gets caught
Map of death

.:: Monday, May 29th ::.

~ 11:46 AM ~

"...its Beethoven..."

The downside of watching the History Channel....the same commericals at almost every break. "George Washington Action Hero"....ah, no.

We are having dinner at the Assumption Greek Fest, which is an annual Memorial Day weekend event.

~ 09:37 AM ~

"...what platoon are you in?..."

I went for a good ride yesterday. Given the temp, the trail was pretty empty with alittle wind. Neale went for a walk around 8. Since we are without AC for a day or two, Neale slept in the backroom that has air. I slept in the main bedroom since there was a fan and as long as air is moving, I can be comfortable. Ellis was fine in the basement and he had the box fan.

My second experience tanning was better than the first in Ohio. The bed has a great fan so you don't sweat and a radio. I believe I was in a level 4 for 20 mins. It also had a massage feature that I could do without.

Neale got me a pair of black crocs and some new cologne for our anniversary. I bought her a massage at a spa in Kirkwood.

We are watching "Band of Brothers" On Demand and on the History Channel. Neale is playing tennis with Matt and I am doing my regular Monday workout. The Cards are on early this afternoon.

Band of Brothers
Post shave lotion

.:: Sunday, May 28th ::.

~ 10:51 AM ~

"...I wanna be adored..."

We a had a good dinner. Dave Murray from local Fox 2 News weather was at the next table. The Atomic Cowboy picked up after 9 but the next DJ did not go on until after 11 at least, which was a little late for us. The people watching was fun though.

Our AC is acting up and the educated opinions are it needs a freon charge. So, we are without air for a day or two. The back room is still cool so Neale is comfortable. She is off delivering our gifts to our nephews and having lunch. We are tanning today because I need to start a base before Maui.

A cloak of a different type

.:: Saturday, May 27th ::.

~ 03:57 PM ~

"...a fresh start..."

It is our anniversary and we are going out. We went for a ride this morning (early due to temp.) and then picked up our nephews birthday gifts. Since we were in the area, we drove by Neale's childhood home and the current owners were in the front yard. So, Neale wanted to tell them she use to live there and they invited her in to take a look. They removed the tennis courts but they completely remodeled the inside. Neale said it looked great.

Funny numbers

.:: Friday, May 26th ::.

~ 04:22 PM ~

"...get away from me you're bad luck..."

Thanks to my parents for the anniversary card. My mom called today around noon as I was leaving the dealership after a tune-up. I had not had one since March 2005 and I had a 20% off coupon, which is nice. Then, I went to the Canine Center (Ellis got a new treat) and gathered groceries.

I am working out and watching the end of the Cubs/Braves game. Chip Carey is being extra hard on the Cubs.

Tomorrow, it is our 6 year wedding anniversary so we are going out to eat. After two weeks of South Beach, phase one something besides eggs sounds really good.

Atomic Cowboy
Julius Cesar
Crown Candy

.:: Wednesday, May 24th ::.

~ 08:48 PM ~

"...get a brother into trouble..."

I am developing a recipe for mead...another holiday treat.

Yes, I am watching Idol. Neale is waiting until the last five minutes to tune in.

It was the warmest day of the year and Ellis did well on his walk.

Your Dad does what?

.:: Tuesday, May 23rd ::.

~ 04:47 PM ~

"...a vivrant thing..."

The second day of classes went well. So far, all classes are good groups. There have been some strong posting in the online sections.

I ran three miles in under 30 minutes. It was my first go so I have time to train for June 10th.

Top 50 American Craft Brews
The War Civil
Have a brew
Religion of Famous People

.:: Monday, May 22nd ::.

~ 12:30 PM ~

"...do it do it..."

Ellis, despite being like a puppy, doing what he has always done, and looking like he has always looked, is no longer a puppy. He turned eight months over the weekend. He now considered a young adult and has taken to wearing black, posting a 'keep out' sign on his kennel, and listening to odd music. We went for a walk yesterday and I let him off the lead at the playground. He did sit and stay with dogs barking at him, people nearby, and odd smells in the grass. He also expected training the last two days while we were outside, which is good but we went outside for more personal reasons.

It is the first day of summer one classes at LCCC. I am working Monday through Thursday, 8:30 to 12:10ish. I will stay later to grade.

The Mets won last night against the Yankees. It was a tight game and the Mets gave the Yanks plenty of opportunities to win.

The "rolling skating in a buffalo herd" link was fixed.

I have to read it all! Gosh.

.:: Sunday, May 21st ::.

~ 11:29 AM ~

"...leave no man behind..."

We went for a ride yesterday and to Sweet Tomatoes. Neale shopped for swimsuits for Maui and had her nails done. She picked up Olympia for dinner. I did the usual Saturday tasks.

We are going for a ride soon. It is a decent May day here. I will probably trim the frontyard.

I racked my Weizenbock to secondary. I added the recipes for the Oktoberfest. I am brewing a LHBS Amber and American Ale for the party. Last year, we had more beer/wine/mixed drinks options than we needed so I am making less for the party and keeping the rest in my usual 22 oz. bottles. I also added a Rye recipe, which is a new style for me.

Top 100 Brews

.:: Friday, May 19th ::.

~ 01:16 PM ~

"...I wanna be adored..."

Neale slept in today as her cold is not getting better. Ever wonder how I stay healthy? Or am I just a carrier? Well, I do need to have a filling replaced and have one small cavity filled. Oh bother.

We are doing the Race for the Cure this year. I am running the 5K (3.1 miles) because I have not done one in awhile and I have been wanting to run. The last 5K I did was in the valley in Akron and I ran under 30 mins. then, which is not the head of the pack but respectable given my build. I am in better shape now than then so we will see what happens. The race is on June 13th, which gives me time to train.

I spent the morning prepping my online courses, listening to Radio Paradise, and playing with Ellis. I am leaving for the home brew shop soon as I need a small piece of equipment and for the grocery store. Classes start on Monday and then we have the Memorial Day holiday.

Next week is our 6 year anniversary and it is on the actual date (Saturday) this year.

Yesterday, I turned over the bare spots, fertilzed, laid seed, and watered the front and back. I also placed some weed killer on the backyard so it is off limits until Saturday night.

I just saw MadTV's Stephanie Weir on an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries".

Race for the Cure
You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd
24 cans of beer a day for 8 years

.:: Wednesday, May 17th ::.

~ 01:36 PM ~

"...all the fun deals..."

I have posted fresh pics of Ellis and new Busch Stadium on the photos page. We ate at Tenth Street Italian (no toasted rav allowed is their motto) and they had great salads. We toured the stadium and the game was going well until the top of the 7th. Neale left at the rain delay around 9:30 as she had to work in the morning. I stayed and walked around the stadium and watched the big screen. They showed games from around the league, like the Yanks 9 run comeback. The game resumed at 11, the Mets batted around to score 4, and Julio finished up the game with some tension. Pujols had a nasty spill going after a foul ball. He slipped on the batting circle cover and fell on his head/back. Ouch. He also had an error that extended the inning.

Neale was not feeling well and took the morning off.

I am leaving to do some work in my office before graduation. I have to get my online letters out. I updated and reset my online courses this morning.

Oh, great idea

.:: Tuesday, May 16th ::.

~ 10:17 AM ~

"...its just a game..."

Yesterday, I went in for a meeting in order to catch up the new chair up on our progress and decisions. I am a part of the assessment efforts on campus and it is an important group effort. Then, I helped out with Staff Appreciation Day. I have to go to commencement tomorrow but I have time to myself for a few days. However, I have to reset the online courses this week and prep the online course shells. My traditonal classes are good to go. I will not be teaching on campus during July & August but my online classes are 12 week courses. So, I will taking the lap top with me to Maui.

We tried to meet one of our contractor's yesterday. He was late (30 + mins.) and that was his second chance. So, we have a friend of a friend to contact and Home Depot/Lowe's to consider.

Tonight, we are at the Cards/Met game. We are sitting along the left field line towards the foul pole so we could walk away with a foul ball. Seriously, if I got a foul ball I would give it to the nearest kid.

Lock 'n Load

.:: Sunday, May 13th ::.

~ 06:26 PM ~

"...demon cleaner..."

Glavine v. Suppan on Tuesday so our first trip to new Busch should go well. I will take pics.

Mother's Day brunch went well. The strata was good and Ellis was well received. He did well with the kids. We got them some blinking necklaces from the show. I took him for a jog around the neighborhood before the event. He did not like the ladders at the playground, the swings are a problem with 25 lbs. on your lap but he liked the run. I let him off the lead for awhile and he returned perfectly.

It rained so we went for a walk. Neale tanned.

We start Phase One tommorrow. We are having some Deweys tonight for the finales of Survivor and the West Wing.

TV Tunes
Cool dancing dog
For the Jumble fans
Don't F with Love

.:: Saturday, May 13th ::.

~ 04:21 PM ~

"...is she an active mommy?..."

I made the sausage and cheese strata for tommorrow.

Ellis had a barky morning. He has been better since his walk.

I cleaned the house and did laundry. I am working out and Neale went to see Harrison and Cassie play soccer on this October-like day.

Best Beer Commerical EVER!

.:: Friday, May 12th ::.

~ 09:11 AM ~

"...where's your daddy gone?..."

Neale had an election this morning. She had to get up at three....ouch. But, I am meeting her for dinner at Casa with Steve who is in town for business reasons.

I am going to campus soon to finalize grades. We had to submit paper and electronic copies as we are in transition to a new system. Once again, the week was like a wet blanket but I got through it. Endings are tough. But, I look forward to new people in about a week. I was able to get my summer syllabi done and online student letters printed. I can do the online class prep at home.

Tomorrow, I am making the main dish for the Sunday brunch and the usual home tasks. I mowed yesterday. I want to fill in some of the front yard though. There is a few bear spots that are not related to small dog activity. Neale is going to our nephews soccer game. In the evening, we are going to Cirque Du Soleil at the Savvis Center.

No stinking border
Drunk Sutcliffe
Corgi Losing Hair

.:: Thursday, May 11th ::.

~ 10:30 AM ~

"...no more hot dogs..."

Neale liked the macaroni salad. I made mac and cheese with the remaining elbow pasta. It was a more adult version with garlic and some heat. I kept Ellis in his kennel an extra hour because it was a downpour most of yesterday.

Virgin Oaths...ah, don't work

.:: Wednesday, May 10th ::.

~ 11:24 AM ~

"...bang and blame..."

Once again a rainy morning to sunny afternoon here in STL. I am grading. Later, I am making a macaroni salad for Neale. I will have some of course. She made a mac and cheese the other (first time in a long time) and we have left over pasta.

Neale found a contractor through a well respected handyman website and he failed to show, which is bad for him. We met a guy at the Derby party that is a contractor so we are getting a bid from him as well. I measured the bathroom and it is 49 X 56, which makes little sense. We just need to add a bath for resale really. It does not have to be a well docorated bath, just functional.

Get well soon
Oh behave
2 Legged dog

.:: Sunday, May 7th ::.

~ 04:24 PM ~

"...closer and closer..."

Next Sunday we are hosting a Mother's Day Brunch. The menu is not determined as of yet.

Neale cleaned out her closet and we have many clothes (that are too big) to donate. I worked in the yard, planted my tomatoes, and took photos. So, there are updates of the backyard, the roses and tomatoes, and Neale's car on the photos page. The backyard is green and usable in the rain but there are spots I need to fill still. I am not expecting the greens of St. Andrews but I want it better. The tomatoes are Romas and will be used for sauce later this year. The side of the house on the south side is the only place that gets full sun all day. Also, Neale's new Maxda 3 is posted after its second wash. Ellis was out with me for several hours. He chewed the maple tree, dug a hole in his dog run, and ran around the yard.

We went for a ride and then to Sweet Tomatoes today. The ride was long and hard. We found a new Mexican place called Moes. Fun menu. You got to appreciate a place where the veg burrito is called an "Art Vandalay". But, we are going to Dewey's for dinner. Great pizza but they do not deliver...yet.

Last night was fun. We had the second and third place horses. The mint juleps were tasty. MoMos was very good. We had a spinach salad (me), garlic roasted beets (me), lamb pita, (Neale), and shared the following: three spreads, a greek custard, & imported chesses. There was a belly dancer as well.

Blue Cloud
Dual Disc

.:: Friday, May 5th ::.

~ 08:59 PM ~

"...biscuits for smut..."

Neale was not feeling well and took a nap. Ellis and I are watching the Mets. Neale got up around 6:30. Tums helped. Ellis is getting hyper as I cheer the Mets comeback.

Hey, how about the new journal header? Can you name the original photo I took to make it? Hint: red oct

~ 04:22 PM ~

"...all matter is just energy condensed..."

The sangria is made. Neale came home early and brought salsa. There was an event on Kinner Plaza. I stopped at Las Margaritas for chips and salsa.

On the way to work, I saw a pretty bad scene that ranks up there with the half dead paralyzed raccoon....the back was run over but the top was still looking around on the side of the road. A big black dog was fatally hit and lying on the center line. The back end was really a mess but the shoulder and head were fine. He was dead but his eyes were open and staring south. I had to slow because the workers had just arrived and were on the shoulder. I looked because you don't want too but you do. Very sad.

Its Just A Ride

~ 08:05 AM ~

"...first it giveth..."

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


.:: Thursday, May 4th ::.

~ 05:13 PM ~

"...more than just a car..."

I restrung my acoustic with Ernie Ball Earthwood's Rock & Blues and the Washburn switched from the thin factory set to my preferred EB Power Slinkys. The acoustic sounds much brighter and the electric takes a few days of playing to break into my liking. I tried a different method to string my guitars. I wanted to lock the string on the peg better.

~ 05:13 PM ~

"...that's quite a project..."

I went to Costco yesterday for the usual (Kleenex, broc, tea, etc.) and the check out person asked if I needed stamps. We actually do need stamps and I had not made it to the ATM yet. She checked me out and handed me my receipt. Then, the runner returned with the stamps and she handed those to me too. I was looking at the receipt as I made it to the door and I realized in the parking lot that she did not charge me. So, we have 100 stamps for free. This morning I heard the Post Office may have another increase to adjust for gas prices.

I got all my exams graded. I just have presentations & discussion threads left for the Intro sections and journals for my Educ class.

Weird Cartoons
Steve and Joan's Website

.:: Tuesday, May 2nd ::.

~ 02:06 PM ~

"...one last sweet breath, one last caress..."

My White Sangria:

1 bottle of white
1/2 cup of Triple Sec
1/4 cup Splenda
1 orange, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 lime, sliced
5 strawberries
10 oz. club soda

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I have an enchilada pie baking in the oven. I am going to trim up the yard soon. The rain has caused the yard to explode.

I got some grading done. The online classes have their exams done. You really have to ask yourself "is two pages really enough for a 5 question essay take home exam?" (that you had a week work on). The answer: no.

How pure is your beer?

.:: Monday, May 1st ::.

~ 06:57 PM ~

"...the cookie jar..."

We went for a walk. Ellis did well. He met a kitty. He is out as of now.

The Weizenbock blew its top. I went over the fill line as you can see in the pics. Neale bought home some Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter for me, which is tasty. I cannot get that around here without a special order through a shop on Manchester.

I got an oil change in under 10 minutes, I was the only customer. I entered a sweepstakes to win free gas but they have to call me to tell I won. We only answer the phone if the call ID shows a number we know. Dilemma.

We have a Derby party coming up this Saturday and Friday is Cinco de Mayo. I am making my white sangria.

I watched Oprah while working out today. It was a show that was designed to scare you about food. They found a woman that drank 4 six packs of soda a day and ate all the bad stuff you can imagine. Despite the fact that I had an egg white omelet with cheddar for breakfast, carrots/soy slices/cheese sticks for lunch, and three soy dogs "my style" for dinner I ended up searching our pantry for hydrogenated fats and enriched flours. It turns out the worst thing is our instant pancake mix, which we use sparingly.

~ 07:33 AM ~

"...you passed..."

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Neale made it home. Her plane had some problems on the way home. The flaps stuck so they had to pull up from landing. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Their veggie burger was excellent but our server forgot the spinach artichoke dip. I brewed and Ellis found a baby bird in the yard. We will try to ride tonight but it was either windy or rainy the last three days.

The Witbier with dried orange peel, corriander, and cinammon sticks added.

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