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.:: Wednesday, February 28th ::.

~ 09:25 PM ~

"...Evening of a hot day started the little wind to moving among the leaves.
The shade climbed up the hills toward the top.
On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly
as little gray, sculptured stones..."

Ellis and I went for a walk. We did a new route and went over Hwy 44 to the Webster University campus. There was some good hills. Neale could not join us because there was some bad news about Betty's condition and she had to go to the hospital.

My day at work was not the best. The diversity workshop is tomorrow and projects are interesting juggling acts performed with blindfolds at times.

O'Reilly wrong on a woman's struggles...what?
Global warming is a sign of the end of days....duh
Green your home
How projects work

~ 09:17 AM ~

"...getting back to nature..."

I bottled my Coffee Chocolate Stout last night. I have not tasted it yet because it was late and I used a gallon of coffee in the batch.

I lost my bookmark bar in Firefox on Monday but I got it back. I learned how to fix this problem more quickly if it happens again. I also dumped the Firefox Preloader. It was not that much faster really.

POP Clock

.:: Tuesday, February 27th ::.

~ 11:20 AM ~

"...I want to live in your house..."

Sweet.... Lyrics Plugin.

~ 09:33 AM ~

"...something beautiful..."

For the second time this semester, the fire alarm was tripped because somebody burned popcorn. Who is eating popcorn at 9:15 in the morning? I am scrambled egg whites and Smart Balance Oatmeal.

Firefox recently updated and at home my Firefox has 'lost' its bookmark toolbar function. Also, I realized that uninstalling Firefox is not that easy. My work machine just updated so we will see if the same problem occurs.

Library Chick
funny ha ha

.:: Monday, February 26th ::.

~ 07:21 PM ~

"...she lovely..."

I got online grading done today. It was a lot of reading but I am caught up with spring break just around the corner.

I used the Soloflex and went for a walk. The rain kept Ellis inside so he was happy to be outside walking. I placed a Everlasting treat in his large Kong toy and it has kept him focused for a few hours. The Everlasting treat in the toy it came with takes him about 5 minutes to outlast. So far, he cannot get to the treat inside the Kong.

With the purchase of a new amp on the horizon (finally, all tube), I am researching A/B/Y switches. This is the front runner.

I made some roasted garlic yesterday and it went well with my black bean soup.

We got word back from our travel agent and Europe is looking really good. Of course, it costs a touch more than we wanted but it is doable.

Kyuss at Bizarre Fest
The person that started my fascination with abandoned sites

.:: Sunday, February 25th ::.

~ 06:25 PM ~

"... skating away on the thin ice of a new day..."

I finished editing my promotion narrative and adding materials to my promotion binder. It is due Friday. I will turn it in on Thursday. Signs point to yes for promotion.

Neale is at a coworker's Oscar Party. I was invited but I did not feel like attending tonight. Ellis and I are watching at home.

I was in the mood for pizza so I got some from Imo's.

Who says corgis are short?

Ok, there was some motivation.

How many vegs are there?
Pot smoking and lung cancer
Cats online

~ 11:47 AM ~

"...As life gets longer, awful feels softer.
Well if feels pretty soft to me.
And if it takes shit to make bliss,
well I feel pretty blissfully. ..."

I am wearing a t-shirt that is at least 10 years old. When I moved to Terre Haute, I bought a bunch of clothes from J Crew to update my look. My favorite of the bunch was a maroon cotton tee, which developed those small holes that became its downfall. This green tee was stuffed in my work out bag that I kept in my trunk. It is not bad for being 10 years old but not something I would wear to work.

I have to do some small errands and then finish my promotion narrative as it is due on Friday. I do not have much to do and I have to write the tabs for the binder divider tabs.

Neale really enjoyed the AMC movie marathon. She is over at Bill's house finishing the staining and starting the porch prime coat.

I filled the dumpster at Bill's yesterday. During the week, I will clean the walls.

Chevy Volt
How to Shower
They just got spears too...
Send them a letter

.:: Saturday, February 24th ::.

~ 08:37 PM ~

"'re on your way..."

I cleaned Bill's basement, which still had a lot of trash in it. There were some stickers on the closet door that needed to removed and the porch was cleared. After a few hours, I did what I needed to do and that was all for today. Neale is going over tomorrow.

I made some oven fries and "Hustle and Flow" was on. "Jesus is Magic" is on currently, or trousers as they say.

Prarie Home
F v. R

~ 09:14 AM ~

"...glad/freedom rider..."

I was the organizer and host for our visiting speaker yesterday. He arrived around 11, spoke at noon, and then we were over at LCTV for "Inside LC", which is aired on local public access TV. It was a fun time but exhausting since I have not hosted many events like that. The speaker from EIU also discussed interest in setting up a bridge program with them so I will pursue that. It would involve doing 2 years at LC and 2 years at EIU for a sociology degree.

After the event, I did some errands and FINALLY gathered everything for my barley wine, which is very late this year. But, it will be made soon. Neale got supplies for today and finished reading my promotion narrative. She had a few helpful suggestions.

I watched "Cool Hand Luke" again last night. It has infinite repeats. Neale is taking part in a local theater’s showing of all the films nominated for best picture this year. The last film is "Little Miss Sunshine" and we recently saw that so she can step out early.

I am doing some staining at Bill's, removing some trash, and starting to clean the walls. The power washer has been delivered and I need to get some bleach.

You are no JFK
Dog Haiku
Tech Illiterate
Racial prejudice makes you stupid
A reason to snip?

.:: Thursday, February 22nd ::.

~ 06:14 AM ~

"...A tout le monde..."

We have been invited to an Oscar party. He are my picks:

  • Actor: Forest Whitaker
  • Supporting Actor: Mark Wahlberg
  • Actress: Helen Mirren
  • Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
  • Animated: Cars
  • Art: Dreamgirls
  • Cinematography: Illisionist
  • Directing: Departed
  • Doc: Inconvenient Truth
  • Editing: Babel
  • Foreign: Pan's Labyrinth
  • Original Score: Babel
  • Original Song: "Love You I Do"
  • Best Picture: Babel
  • Sound Editing & Mixing: Flags of our Fathers
  • Visual Effects: Pirates
  • Screenplay -- adapted: Borat
  • Screenplay -- original: Babel
  • Linktastic:
    Chubby little fat man
    Dear Mr. Fantasy

    .:: Wednesday, February 21st ::.

    ~ 02:23 PM ~

    "...Tom Brady has misread the coverage..."

    My day started less than stellar. Ellis and I were playing ball. He left the basement with the ball to check on what Neale was doing. He managed to hide the ball. This is more significant than usual because he took it outside on Monday night. So, the ball (his favorite toy) was missing until I found it in the backyard. So, I spent time this morning looking for it. I called Neale and she remembered he had it near the bedside table. In short, I found it. Hard to believe how things can get misplaced in such a small house. I am still looking for my sunglasses that I lost after tennis lessons in August of 2005. Strange.

    I had a doctor's appointment today because we changed insurance and I needed a new script. Since everything has been fine I did not see our doctor in 2006. The lab tests were great so there was no reason. I had an appointment at 10AM so I arrived at 9:30. I did not get in until 11:30, which was stressful. So, by 11:30 BP clocked in at 140/90 with a pulse of 80. Other than that, no changes. I explained (calmly) to the nurse and the doctor why I was in less than good spirits and stressed. Given the two drug reps that immediately got in ahead of the other four patients besides me (all with appointments at 9:30, 9:45, & 10AM), I should bring food to offer a token for better service. Needless to say, we are considering another doctor. Our doctor is great but the service is less than expected. As far as I can tell most of her patients are older retired Americans that live in west county STL. Since they have more than two prescriptions or conditions (from what I overhear), their visits take more time than the staff allows for it seems.

    I got a few things done at work and I am leaving for Alton High soon.

    This is the concrete Corgi that I found and won for my parents on Ebay. It arrived in fine shape I hear.

    Seat Guru
    Living thing

    .:: Monday, February 19th ::.

    ~ 08:22 PM ~

    "...Dear God
    Hope you got the message, and
    I pray you can make it better down here
    I don't mean a big reduction in the price of beer
    But all the people that you made in your image
    See them starving on their feet
    'Cause they don't get enough to eat
    From God, I can't believe in you
    I can't believe in you..."

    We worked over at Bill's today. Neale was over there for several hours staining. I stopped by to tape the windows. Next weekend, I will work in the basement and Neale will paint.

    I tasted my hot pickled peppers and garlic pickles. They were good. The pickles are sweeter than I expected. But, it was promising and I will do it again.

    Yesterday, I worked on my promotion packet and got a rough draft of my narrative. Tonight, I used my three hole punch to organize the various documents of supporting evidence. It is full. Although I was not excited about writing about myself, it became fun as I was writing about the impact I have made at LC.

    Neale walked. I used the Soloflex. My new straps have not arrived yet.

    Neale watched "An Incovenient Truth" twice. She really liked the message. I passed because I understand the issue already. My electric car is coming in two years.

    Gravity Rides Everything
    Environment and gin

    .:: Sunday, February 18th ::.

    ~ 11:31 AM ~

    "...What are we in time going by
    The simple story of a younger life
    Happy dreams and somehow through the day
    We haven't come so far to lose our way..."

    We stained and cleaned at Bill's yesterday. Neale stained, I sanded a few drips, and cleaned the porch for paint. There is a few things left to stain but the floor trim is done and most of the original wood. I will do the kitchen window because it involves standing on the counter top to do. The porch had small tacks in the ceiling to hold a cardboard like material that covered the tongue and groove paneling. I sanded the space and cleaned it using DirtEx. The cleaning took three three gallon batches as the porch may have had its first cleaning. The wetness and lack of drying time delayed taping so I will go over Monday afternoon while Neale is there finishing the staining.

    We watched "The Illusionist" last night and it was very good.

    Neale is at Anna's soccer game, which is in Brentwood just down the street. Then, she is doing errands and seeing a movie (Pan's). I am working on my promotion packet and need the day to organize/edit/assembly the binder. The packet is due in a few weeks and we should know about promotion in April.

    STL Mardi Gras was down in numbers compared to past years for obvious reasons. Well, at least Cinco de Mayo on a Saturday this year.

    I racked my mead to secondary last night. It is quite light, not too sweet, and has a great color. You would think honey wine would be heavy. It is has 9 months to go.

    Hunt for the Alligator
    The Spice House
    Hot chili

    .:: Saturday, February 17th ::.

    ~ 08:10 AM ~

    " smoke and sassafrass..."

    We got some snow overnight but the happy people of STL will be drinking more than they should nonetheless. Yes, it is Mardi Gras time in STL. Americans love holidays that involve drinking. Some invent drinks for less than popular holidays like, er, Groundhog day (ok, just me). After the long dry spell of April...does Easter count?....Americans are discovering Cinco de Mayo, which 1 out of every 10 Americans can tell you what it really is besides an excuse to crawl into a tequila soaked slumber.

    I got most of the staining done yesterday. Neale will work on the window stain today and I will prep the porch for paint. The basement awaits.

    I started Neale's slow cooker ribs. This was the first time I have bought short ribs. The recipe called for 6 pounds and I got three because 1) it is just for Neale obviously 2) our slow cooker is not HUGE & 3) 3 pounds was $11. Ellis smelled pork so I had his attention and he may get a taste if he is a good boy, which is not hard for him to do. Why when I opened the package of ribs was there a hunk of meat with tenderloin consistency on the inside? It was boneless so I scraped off the white connective tissue, chopped it, and put it in with the rest of the meat.

    Loose change...lost your sense
    Check the batteries

    .:: Friday, February 16th ::.

    ~ 07:39 AM ~

    "...yet another man thinks..."

    We had a great Valentine's Day. Pomme was very nice. The wine was tasty and the food was excellent with proper portions. I bought Neale roses and she got me a travel wallet for the upcoming Europe trip. The roses came with chocolate truffles, which she had been craving.

    I am staining today. Tomorrow, we are both going over to Bill's. Sunday, I have set aside to continue my work on my promotion packet.

    We have no unclaimed property.

    Ellis' new favorite treats.

    Year Zero
    I Am Trying to Believe
    Another Version of the Truth
    105th Airborne Crusaders
    Be the Hammer

    .:: Tuesday, February 13th ::.

    ~ 07:29 PM ~

    " ship..."

    I got work done in my online classes, which was good. I shoveled the drive and walkway. Neale said that most of the roads were not that bad but I was glad not to sliding around out there.

    While she out she was near Moe's, which is one of my favorite burrito places. But, they were closed due to the weather. Likewise, our wine class got canceled. Nacho Mama's was open so she went there for me and it was tasty. I have not had a burrito in over a month.

    I found a concrete corgi statue on Ebay. We'll see if the price stays reasonable. Speaking of dogs, Sami turned 5 years old today.

    Internet radio
    Teen dating & cell phone violence
    Media matters

    ~ 08:42 AM ~

    "...snow day..."

    The bad weather they promised has arrived. The icing conditions and snow fall canceled school. So, I will not present to the Board tonight as I received word that they are going ahead with the meeting. My dean/boss emailed me and said it was not worth the trip given the canceling of classes and the slick roads. I understand that and expressed my regrets/appreciation. I hate driving on this stuff. The closed campus creates a few issues with the pacing of my classes but this stuff is terrible. Plus, our rural students live in areas where the snow plows go last so they don't risk driving. Another issue we have is when the public schools close and our students with kids need to stay home if there is no sitter or family available to watch. In all, an occasional snow day works out for the best. Ellis is wondering why I am home on a Tuesday though.

    The Soloflex straps I won on Ebay turned out not to fit. The seller understood and has offered a complete refund. I checked Ebay for additional straps but going through Soloflex turned out to be the best option.

    I finally cleaned the inside of my car yesterday. I am not as quick about cleaning in the winter. But, the dog hair got to me.

    Given the work at home status, I will do my online grading. Also, I will spread some salt on the driveway and walk to help battle the ice. I saw some dog friendly ice melt at Whole Foods.

    Nice to see the mayor of Indianapolis wearing a Bulldog hat on CNN. The Bulldogs were ranked #10 until that defeat by Wright State.

    If the weather does not get any worse, we may still attend a wine tasting we had scheduled a few weeks ago.

    Indian cooking
    I loved you best

    .:: Monday, February 12th ::.

    ~ 09:30 AM ~

    "...I am superman..."

    We watched all of the Grammy's yesterday. The show was much better than in year's past. If the Police do come to STL, we will find the cash. I am not one for reunion tours but they are on the top of their game still.

    My vegetable lentil soup turned out well. But, we had some leftover baquette from the rarebit. The Costco bread was quite nice and still warm when I picked it up. So, I made garlic bread to go along with the soup.

    My parents have updated their PC and are running Vista. The new Vista drivers are slowly leaking out.

    We are suppose to have 5 inches of snow by noon tomorrow. We'll see if that happens. If school does get closed, it will affect my boss coming to watch me teach. I need a review to complete my promotion materials. Also, tomorrow is the Trustee meeting where I am explaining our diversity efforts to the board.

    Yoda Answers
    Pleather Yourself

    .:: Sunday, February 11th ::.

    ~ 03:24 PM ~

    " clack..."

    Neale is at the hospital. Betty is having surgery for the installation of a pacemaker.

    Dog Parade went well. We were at the end the route. I was hit in the side of the head and shoulder with a bag of Beggin' Strips. I had Ellis' leash in one hand and a festive Bloody Mary in the other. Best Bloody Mary in STL: Absolute Goosed...the hot one. We saw some corgis and went over to meet them. They were not as handsome as Ellis. Next year, we will walk in the parade. Ellis is exhausted after his first trip downtown.

    I am watching "The Ice Man & the Psychiatrist", (A & E) which is always disturbing. Can't have baggage. We make our own monsters? Yeah!

    You Are Lavender
    You are a sweet person with a very soft personality.
    People become easily entranced with you. They seem to glow around you.
    You have a quiet energy that can keep you active late into the night.
    Even if you aren't the life of the party, you definitely keep the party going.

    ~ 10:51 AM ~

    "...soon gonna leave my rags and run..."

    Betty is back in the hospital. She has had some pulse rate problems and may have had a small heart attack last night. Developing....

    We are off for a walk and then the Dog Parade.

    Rocks Off
    Dog tricks

    .:: Saturday, February 10th ::.

    ~ 06:26 PM ~

    "...sent for baron saturday..."

    Training went well. Ellis and I went to Costco and then came home. I made Neale some Welsh rarebit and the chili was very good.

    Old Dogs

    ~ 11:11 AM ~

    "...And if you'd only stay the night
    You’d see it's not so
    Black and white
    And on a hard day
    Put your cares away
    And pray..."

    Neale is over at Bill's house staining. I ordered her Valentine Day gift this morning. Ah, the joys of the Internet. Ellis and I are going for a walk shortly. Then, the last training class of 'novice 1'. Tomorrow, we are attending the Dog Parade and catching a film. Last year's winning Weiner Dog was named 'Ron Jeremy'.

    Currently, I have Radio Paradise streaming and HBO's "Thin" on the screen.

    Booth 12
    Cry Love
    Children of War

    .:: Friday, February 9th ::.

    ~ 06:27 PM ~

    "...where's my Grandma's boy?..."

    I stained at Bill's house for 5 hours and made good progress. All of the trim near the floor, which is new, has one coat. Some windows and doors are done. Neale is staining tomorrow. Ellis and I are finishing 'novice 1'. Ellis and Neale are out on a walk currently.

    Neale wants us to see Pan's Labyrinth, which looks good and I like the director's work. I have an interest in labyrinths and would have a hedge maze on my estate if the dream of owning a castle ever happens. Yes, a castle, a moat and an island are in my grand plans if millions of dollars ever falls into my possession. Yes, the labyrinth dream started with this and Hellraiser.

    Our accountant had good news for us. We will be HD soon.

    Kelly and Sara invited us to an Oscar party.

    Veg new Prius
    This I Believe
    He's the Dude

    .:: Thursday, February 8th ::.

    ~ 05:17 PM ~

    "...Each time a man stands for an ideal, or acts to improve
    the lot of others, or strikes out
    against injustice, he sends a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million
    different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep
    down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance..."

    Tomorrow, I am staining at Bill's and the floor people have the correct address to do their review before installation.

    It has been a busy week. We are going for a walk soon.

    Mr. Met and I ready are ready for baseball.

    Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly
    Cooler to Mash Tun
    You're a Pirate (NSFW)
    The Nietzsche Family Circus
    Here's to Beer

    .:: Monday, February 5th ::.

    ~ 11:00 AM ~

    "...check yourself..."

    Super Bowl food & drink quite tasty. Super Bowl game, less than expectations. Rain, Grossman throwing punts, and Payton Manning playing like an MVP.

    We noticed a few omissions in our DVD collection so I picked up Sixth Sense, The Others, The Village, and What Lies Beneath for about $2.50 each used at Amazon.

    I won an Ebay auction for new weight straps for our Soloflex. I managed to almost wear out my tens. They have developed tears and will fail. A new set of tens (in pairs) from Soloflex is $36 but I won an auction for 2-25s, 2-10s, and 2-5s for about $50, which should be a good deal. The straps looked lightly used but in good shape.

    The next thing I am making Neale is Melt in Your Mouth Slow Cooker ribs. The pulled pork turned out well and I love to cook.

    Of course, the 9V battery in the entertainment room smoke detector decided to fail at 4AM. Neale heard the beeping at 4AM but did not alert me.

    Tree House
    Famous Veg
    Jig Saw Puzzles

    .:: Sunday, February 4th ::.

    ~ 11:39 AM ~

    "...up on the hill they think I'm ok..."

    Since it is a balmy 27 degrees, how about some Blue Cheer?

    No surprise we are watching the Super Bowl. We are cheering for the Bears, as is the rest of my family, and Steve Taulbee. Britt and his family are supporting the Colts due to AFC allegiance, we believe.

    My veg Lil' Smokies are cooking (veg hot dogs, chili sauce, grape fruit spread, and dashes of liquid smoke), the veg tray is thawing, and my gauc will be made closer to game time.

    Neale watched our nephews and niece last night. It went well. I watched "Life Aquatic", which is growing on me with each viewing (Bowie in Portuguese is sublime) and I played "Queen Bitch" a few times as well.

    Neale left for the store. She is taking a small break from phase 1 given the running tradition we have of watching the Super Bowl and making our fav appetizers.

    This Day in History: Bill Gates meets a pie
    Yer Blues

    .:: Saturday, February 3rd ::.

    ~ 10:19 PM ~

    "...oh she wont regret it
    no no
    them young girls they dont forget it
    love is their whole happiness
    yeah yeha yeah
    but its all so easy..."

    We went for a walk and smelled gas. There was a water main break on Glendale. Then, we went to training. Neale was late from shopping for shoes so it was Ellis and I. A woman that has a Jack Russell named 'Jack' said we should try showing Ellis. His attention is great but he also has his agenda. Today around noon I tried training him using some pulled pork and he was stubborn. At training he did pretty well and impressed the crowd with his off lead sit/stay and return.

    I made my pickled hot garlic peppers. In six weeks, we'll see and taste if it turned out well.

    Ellis got a bath with his new shampoo. The first bottle of puppy shampoo ran dry.

    Writing is destruction

    ~ 01:07 PM ~

    "...I don't stop..."

    Neale decided not to stain today. She is out doing errands and should be back soon. We have to walk and take Ellis to training. We only have two classes left.

    My first batch of pickled hot peppers went well. The hot garlic pickles are tonight.

    Neale is watching our nephews and niece tonight. I am giving Ellis a much needed bath.

    Vita Water
    Bauer facts

    .:: Friday, February 2nd ::.

    ~ 06:59 PM ~

    "...I hope you folks enjoyed yourself..."

    I spent the day at Bill's. I arrived around 8:30 and moved the closet doors first. Then, I plugged the window gap to help insulate the house until we can removed Bill's well-crafted AC brackets. I sanded, washed, and taped the rest of the house, which took until 3PM. The floor rep was suppose to visit between 10-1 but they went to the wrong address. Note to future Home Depot users, they have a problem with using one account (under our home address in STL) to do work in another location (Bill's place). Since they came to our home instead of to Bill's house, we rescheduled. I came home to find their business card stuck in our door. As I was admiring it (they claimed to come to the RIGHT address), I did not notice the ice in the driveway, slipped, and landed on my backside. I seem to have a "natural" reaction to lift my head when I fall so nothing was injured. My Newcastle Brown Ale survived the fall and is this year's "Hairy Woodchuck",which is our drink to observe Groundhog Day. Neale is on Phase One so she is not partaking.

    My newly purchased glass jars for canning are santizing in the dishwasher. I am making batches of pickled hot peppers and garlic pickles soon.

    Neale went for a walk.

    I am making stuffed cabbage rolls this weekend. I have not had any in years. In other food news, STL in finally getting a Chipolte. With Baja Fresh a distant memory, the my current local burrito favs shape up like this:

  • Nacho Mama's
  • La Salsa
  • Moe's
  • Qdoba
  • Linktastic:
    Some people see the glass as half full. Others see it as half empty. Jack Bauer see the glass as a deadly weapon.
    How do I get Firefox to play CNN videos?
    When girls telephone boys
    Join the circus

    .:: Wednesday, January 31st ::.

    ~ 07:59 PM ~

    "...the war on anti-war war..."

    I have been asked to present to the LCCC Board of Trustees with a fellow member of the Diversity committee. We are informing them about our Black History Month events. It will be my first board meeting. In other Diversity event news, Chantay and I meet with some Alton High School students today as we try to get our partnership program going with them.

    After work, I went to Costco for our Super Bowl veg tray and gas, which was slightly more expensive than some stations I passed on the way. Our Super Bowl menu this year is:

  • Guacholeo
  • Veg Lil' Smokies
  • Actual Lil' Smokies
  • Veg Tray
  • Potato Skins
  • Neale called when I was leaving Costco and we met for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (thanks again to Mom & Dad for the coupons).

    I have been reading about HDTVs again tonight. I found 5 models at Costco that fit our budget and preferred options.

    After a tough Monday with a sore ankle, it was fine Tuesday morning.

    Friday I am sanding, washing, taping, and staining at Bill's house. Also, the floor guys are coming to see the place again. In good news, the floor tile was not Asbestos.

    Biden over before it began...bye bye
    20 things...about obesity
    Poor can't eat healthy
    A piece of wood, metal strings, and a camera
    Fit foodie

    .:: Monday, January 29th ::.

    ~ 01:36 PM ~

    "...on a run..."

    Once again, I got stuff done during my office hours.

    Become a Republican

    ~ 11:36 AM ~

    "...yours truly poverty..."

    For some unknown reason, my left ankle is sore. My Achilles seems to be fine but the lateral movement is sore. I cannot put my full weight on it and stairs are a challenge. So, I will take time off from walking unless this clears up quick. I have a rubber brace on currently with some Icy Hot for now. When I get home, I will start the ice/heat process.

    HBO's Rome is good this season and keeping the HBO series theme going....the timelessness of sodomy. Is there an HBO series that does not have a scene regarding sodomy? I don't watch "The Wire" (who does? is it still on?) but I bet there is some sodomy at some point on a stake out.

    I made Alton Brown's firecrackers (picked carrots) and they are tasty. So, I decided to make my own pickles next. I will be canning soon. I have not canned anything yet so it will be another skill to learn.

    New distraction: Madden 2007

    Our IKEA lamp died as the switch cracked. Given that a $10 lamp has served us well, I will be stopping at Target for a new lamp this afternoon.

    Didn't know that
    One sick puppy

    .:: Sunday, January 28th ::.

    ~ 08:43 PM ~

    " it my way..."

    We went for a walk and then to Britt's birthday party.

    Neale was able to get a lot done at Bill's house.

    When the sale of Bill's house is complete, we are looking to invest the money in a money market account for a vacation fund.

    Little Green Bag
    Made of Stone...almost
    Where's Your Head At?

    .:: Saturday, January 27th ::.

    ~ 12:40 PM ~

    "...ball of fire and stars..."

    I decided to clean up the format and removed one small hurdle so visitors can get to the journal faster. Plus, the current theme idea ran its course.

    Neale is over at Bill's and I am working out. My Soloflex bands are showing wear so I am checking Ebay for new ones. At 3, Ellis and I have training. We will get a walk in before that.

    Neale's pulled pork turned out well. She has not tasted it yet but it is her dinner.

    Oolong gallery

    .:: Friday, January 26th ::.

    ~ 08:27 PM ~

    "...the earth will save our eyes
    don't blink tonight
    the earth will rot away
    go blank tonight
    i really wish these snakes were your arms
    i, i really wish you'd make up your mind
    the earth disguised away the plague tonight
    the earth will save our eyes
    go blank tonight
    i, i really wish these snakes were your arms
    i, i really wish, you should make up your mind
    i, i really wish these snakes were your arms
    i, i really wish you'd make up your mind..."

    I spent the morning at Bill's house sanding the trim and windows. Then, I washed them off, waited for them to dry, and taped two rooms. The front bedroom and living room are ready for Neale tomorrow. She is beginning the staining and with the new doors, does not need me there to wrestle close the doors. I would have gotten more done but I had a meeting at 1:30 at Alton High School with Chantay and an AHS representative. We are working on a funded project to help high school students develop diversity projects. Today was the first meeting and we should have some numbers next week. The project runs quick and should be done before spring break. Given that the groups involved at AHS are young teachers and progressives there should be some interesting ideas.

    Despite missing lunch, I went to three grocery stores on the way home looking for truffle oil. No one had pure truffle oil but there was truffle oil with olive oil blends. I was willing to give up and make our adult mac n' chee without it but Neale wanted to look at the Trader Joe's in Des Peres. They had a blend as well and that is what we are using for the dish. I will order the real deal online soon. The blend is tasty though.

    I prepped and have cooking Neale's pulled pork. 4.45 pounds of Boston Butt is covering slow and low at 210 for 12 hours. I used Alton's recipe. The adult mac n' chee was moved up because she starts phase one on Monday. Yes, South Beach rises from the shallow grave dug by the train tracks to stalk the halls of Sutcliff Manor again.

    Overdrive Spider
    Days that end in Y
    Appy Polly Loggy

    .:: Wednesday, January 24th ::.

    ~ 08:59 PM ~

    "...uncommon but not unusual..."

    My question to MLB.... why? MLB.TV may be my only option.

    San Fran Brewcraft
    Lewis and Clark
    Tom is dead
    Diversity in the Oscars

    ~ 01:53 PM ~

    "...I told you I'd shoot..."

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Dave Barry: 14 Things
    Live and Learn

    .:: Monday, January 22nd ::.

    ~ 07:27 PM ~

    "...flames and stuff..."

    I don't mean to jinx anything but if we get a good tax return we are upgrading to HDTV.

    Good discussion about Autism

    .:: Sunday, January 21st ::.

    ~ 10:18 AM ~

    "...One drink too many
    And a joke gone too far
    I see a face drive like a stolen car.
    Gets harder to hide
    When youre hitching a ride
    Harder to hide what you really saw..."

    We went for a walk before training yesterday. Ellis did well. Neale was watching an episode of the "Dog Whisper" and he states we should mix up the walking route for the dog (& me too). They get bored seeing the same yards (me too). So, we will map a new path.

    Neale is at the office finishing a few vital things and I plan to watch a lot of football.

    Our table came in fourth at Zonta's Trivia Night. We won no door prizes or 50/50 drawings. The Powerball drawing eluded us as well.

    We got a few inches of snow. I already shoveled the driveway and walk. Ellis enjoyed bouncing around in the snow and chewing a few snow balls.

    When in Rome
    Nina Simone
    MythBusters: The Results
    Domino Fun
    F.V.K + Big Take Over + Pay To Cum
    Today's Dollars
    Hello Americans, This is Paul Harvey

    .:: Saturday, January 20th ::.

    ~ 11:11 AM ~

    "...Keep you apart,
    Deep in my heart,
    Separate from the rest,
    Where I like you the best,
    And keep the things you forgot....."

    Neale had fun with Sara and Shannon. They went to Bigelo's Bistro, which she said I would like and the menu does look good.

    Last night, after my work at Bill's house, I stayed off my feet and hung out in the basement. Besides the typical stumbling around the Internet and making electric noise, I watched "Miami Vice" and "The Ringer". Reviews posted on the film page.

    We have training today and we are playing trivia with Neale's coworkers, which raises money for a local womens' group.

    Also, we have a Power Ball ticket since it is over 200 million. If we win, I might let down the bridge so you can cross the moat.

    Moonlight might be closing.

    Another reason to avoid trans fats
    Priceless Zappa
    You are a pirate

    .:: Wednesday, January 17th ::.

    ~ 08:20 PM ~

    "..Cost of War...."

    I ordered the supplies for my barley wine. I decided to change the yeast strain to a slightly more tolerant strain. The Redeye Stout is still bubbling nicely.

    I cannot explain this.

    Cheerleaders gone....(wait for it) WILD!
    3AM Eternal
    “I would have come up with something (worse) than that.”

    ~ 08:34 AM ~

    ".. michelle on the second date...."

    One of the coldest days of the year in STL.

    I decided to update the colors of the site.

    Soundboard fun
    Gone But Not Forgotten

    .:: Tuesday, January 16th ::.

    ~ 05:22 PM ~

    "...some are very obivious..."

    Neale was in Hannibal giving a speech and she is currently in Quincy taking a statement. The nasty weather has past so she should have a safe trip.

    It was my first day back and it went well. Better than in the past in fact. Ellis and I went for a walk and we are hanging out currently.

    Real Grown Up Mac n' Cheese
    Super Senses
    WWII tank found

    .:: Monday, January 15th ::.

    ~ 07:55 AM ~


    I brewed the Redeye Stout and it had the consistency of hot fudge. The smell of malt, chocolate, and hops was powerful. Since it was a stout, I kept the water low and had to stir constantly. If that batch would have boiled over, I would still be cleaning the stove.

    Since Debbie did not have cable, she came over to watch "24", which did not disappoint.

    I am working on a diversity project at work that connects with Alton High School. There is some grant money coming my way for the my efforts so I am considering upgrading my amp, which I was going to wait until this summer to do that. I started a poll at Guitar Geek to see which amp fellow users would recommend. I have a preference for Ampeg but Traynor has been suggested.

    The weather is too cold for the door installers at Bill's house. So, we are painting insid today and waiting for an inspector to stop by this afternoon to insure the interior is asbestos free.

    I have CNN on and Saint Louis is in the Headline News twice....the Devlin abduction case and our lovely weather.

    Wine Zap

    .:: Sunday, January 14th ::.

    ~ 12:01 PM ~

    "...Bobby: I'd like an omelet, plain, and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast, no mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce. And a cup of coffee.
    Waitress: A #2, chicken salad sand. Hold the butter, the lettuce, the mayonnaise, and a cup of coffee. Anything else?
    Bobby: Yeah, now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven't broken any rules.
    Waitress: You want me to hold the chicken, huh?
    Bobby: I want you to hold it between your knees
    ...." ---Quote from "Five Easy Pieces", (1970) courtesy of IMDB

    Training went well. Ellis was excited to see other dogs and goes directly to the training room door. Besides the Mastiff, there is now a Great Dane. The Mastiff owner is a younger woman and she is physical with the dog. She hit her dog last week and Richard, the trainer, has indirectly mentioned how wrong that is but he has kept his patience. However, I do not see that lasting another 4 weeks if she continues to do that behavior. Also, in my opinion, I would not encourage aggressive behavior in a dog that could easily take you out for a snack, images of Cujo come to mind. Both large breed dogs did well while training but their off mat behavior needs some help just like Ellis does when he sees a group of dogs that could be playmates. Overall, he did well with sit/stay and heel. We are working on a sit/stay that lasts up to a minute. He can do it. On a personal note, everybody has gas. But, when a Great Dane has gas, you might as well be sitting behind a Clysdale. Wow.

    After training, we went to Border's to pick up our Hitchcock DVD set (thanks again Border's gift card givers). Then, we stopped by Whole Foods for a few things and tried to have dinner at P.F. Changs, which was too busy at 6:30 in the evening. So, we tried Maggianos again, which Neale was not impressed with the first time. Again, it was an hour and half wait unless you can find a spot in the bar area. The benefits of the bar area are quicker service. The downside is the tight conditions and some grumpy patrons. The couple next to us was an example of the latter. First, he was a "guy's guy" who started his conversation with Libby, the server, with how bad his service was last time (i.e. "how to show your a prick in under 10 seconds"). We were able to put some space between them and us when the other couple to our right moved and we could shift down. Overall, the food was good and it was worth it. Afterwards, we came home and watched "The Man Who Knew Too Much", which is always good.

    Neale is out at Home Depot picking up the door hardware for Bill's house. If the weather is nice, the front and back doors will be installed tomorrow. Either way, we are painting tomorrow but we do not know our start time. The installers say they need us there and about 4 hours per door. Next weekend, I am starting on the basement, which has become a smaller job as Britt does not want as much removed as was previously considered.

    The ice/rain storm missed us again. Debbie had a limb punch through her roof and lost power briefly. She is still without cable and with the debut of Fox's "24" tonight she is not happy. Ed is also without cable. The third wave of this winter storm moves through tonight and everything is melting now. So, Ellis will get a walk after the Bears game and will need another cleaning with the Pro Line Self-Cleaning spray from Bow Wow Shop. The stuff is great for spot cleaning and in-between bath situations, especially on rainy & wet days.

    I plan to brew my Coffee Chocolate Stout today. I tried Schlafly's 15th Anniversary ale last night and it was quite good.

    Handy Health Calculators
    Man Can Stop Rape

    .:: Saturday, January 13th ::.

    ~ 08:42 AM ~

    "...tonight it was your face..."

    The ice storm was not as bad as the last one. The ground is not covered but the trees have some icicles. The ground is wet but it should be nice enough to walk Ellis as he needs one before training this afternoon.

    The storm changed travel plans to Saint Louis. Neale's friend from Texas had her plane delayed so their lunch plans were canceled.

    On the holiday break, I was reading a "Guide to Bar-Be-Que" that my parents keep in my old room and found a clone recipe for Saint Louis' own Super Smokers (yes, back in business). I gave it a try yesterday (Mom & Dad that is what I was doing while on the phone) and it is a decent sauce but not a clone recipe. The use of Heinz 57 raised an eyebrow and should be excluded in future batches. I have made homemade BBQ sauce before and it is mostly in the style of Saint Louis and Texas sauces. I have never tried a mustard sauce and do not care for too much for vinegar in my sauces. A quick scan of the BBQ sauce aisle at the local mega mart is a good example of why to make your own sauce. There is usually Worcestershire Sauce and high fructose corn syrup in typical grocery brands; both I wish to avoid if possible.

    We have Novice 1 training today and then we are heading to Border's Brentwood to pick up our Hitchcock Masterpiece DVD collection, which I special ordered with my gift cards.

    100 People
    Float On
    You kids keep changing

    .:: Thursday, January 11th ::.

    ~ 08:31 AM ~

    " your damn onions..."

    I am working on my online courses today. Setting up the schedule is the biggest investment of time.

    We have rain in the forecast over the next few days, which is a problem for Bill's door installation. The door guys will not work in the rain and light snow would probably be a problem too. I am putting the last coat of door paint on tomorrow. Neale promises that the back door should be almost done since she did such a good job applying the second coat.

    Country Stereotypes
    Just obey
    Global warming denial
    Newman's Own

    .:: Tuesday, January 9th ::.

    ~ 07:19 AM ~

    "...endangering your life..."

    Yesterday went well. My in-service week is going well. I have most of my early prep done and need to focus on my online courses, which is tomorrow's goal. Today, we have our association lunch and business meeting.

    BCS....ah, disappointed.

    Difficult Analytical Puzzles
    Mike's Radio World
    Salt...real salt
    Zombie Drinking Game

    .:: Monday, January 8th ::.

    ~ 07:47 PM ~


    We are watching the BCS game. Go Bucks.

    It was my first day back at work and it went well.

    Ellis tried a new chew and he approves.


    .:: Sunday, January 7th ::.

    ~ 09:20 AM ~

    " or go home..."

    We went for a walk yesterday, then to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, Ellis had his first Novice One training at 3, which Richard (the program director) was running. He runs a good class and we like his teaching style. He remembered us but called me Neale. Ellis did well as he has us and has taken Puppy class. Some of the dogs had not had puppy class and it showed. We had the only corgi of course but there was a few shepards, a golden, a Yorkie, a boxer, a Mastiff, and a terrier of some questionable background. An odd thing happened when every dog was quiet and Richard was talking. The Mastiff sat up and barked so every dog had to get up and look.

    After the class, we went to Borders to use my gift cards (DVDs and some books), Best Buy (my birthday gift card), the West County Mall (Teavana and to look for shoes), and Alandale Ale House for dinner. The beer was good, my sandwich was a little burned, and the service was not quick but we will come back.

    At Borders we purchased the above guide books as we will be going to Europe this year as a couple. Steve and Joan were going to take the family but that will happen in '08 due to a pending birth in the family. We are going in July to Paris, Barcelona, Munich, and Amsterdam for two and half weeks. We will get an International Driving permit, a 15-day Eurail pass, new luggage, and good walking shoes.

    Alandale Brewing
    Fast food veg

    .:: Friday, January 5th ::.

    ~ 12:08 PM ~


    Christmas Day photos are posted.

    ~ 09:32 AM ~

    "...Lookin' for some happiness
    But there is only loneliness to find
    Jump to the left, turn to the right
    Lookin' upstairs, lookin' behind....."

    New year, new content. I am removing older files in order to add new content this year. So, some older photos have been backed up and removed. Fresh pictures coming.

    ~ 12:18 AM ~

    "...shizoforest love suite...."

    It was raining so we did not walk. It was my first break this year and Neale got a pass on yesterday due to the fillings. Ellis did not seem to mind.

    I finished one door and have the second one halfway done at Bill's house. I also used my tile removal tool (Mr. Mule) on the tile to test and it came up quite nicely. I was concerned that the tile would be difficult. My frame of reference was the original bathroom tile in our home. Luckily, not so bad. We are returning Sunday to paint the door, move the stove & desk, and I will do the tile. Britt is coming on Sunday to help with the stove & desk. We found a service that will take the goods but only if they are outside on the curb.

    Tomorrow is a day for me to do some errands (oil, haircut, etc.). We maybe seeing "Children of Men" too.

    I am making flax bread soon. First attempt. Desserts are out for awhile.

    Energy Hog
    Little Green Bag
    Gitmo problems
    Got skillz?

    .:: Thursday, January 4th ::.

    ~ 08:38 AM ~

    "...In the pines, in the pines,
    Where the sun don't ever shine,
    I will shiver the whole night through...."

    Neale's fillings went well and she said it was not as bad as she expected.

    I am heading over to Bill's soon. I only got one of the doors done yesterday. But, I can apply the second coat on one and the first on the other. It is a lot of detail work. There is still plenty of time.

    It has been a great bowl season and there is just one to go. The Domers keep their Bowl history consistent.

    In flashback to years past news, Mike Nelson is still keeping the MST3K dream alive.

    Healthy but cold
    Jefferson's Qur'an
    Bush...a real fiscal conservative

    .:: Wednesday, January 3rd ::.

    ~ 10:12 AM ~

    "...its a living thing, a terrible thing to lose..."

    Phase 1 of South Beach has reared its head for the last time in this house. The death rattle was heard yesterday when Neale looked at an egg white omelet and could not bear it. Putting the indulges of the holidays (which was one of the best) behind us, Neale is convinced to make better choices. I am changing my eating habits a touch with a new meal plan that involves smaller meals but at about 5 times a day. My lunch habits were getting stale so I need to mix it up. Plus, I am teaching 8 to 1:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester so there is no room for a 20 minutes lunch.

    Ellis is worm free! He may get the day off from walking as I am heading to Bill's soon and Neale is having her cavities filled so she has warned me that she will be in a terrible mood this evening. Oh bother.

    Nick Saban took the Bama job. I give him 2 years.

    Bush can actually say with a straight face that Congress should curb spending. If you are a Republican and you like his track record on spending, then you are not paying close enough attention. Let's see...Iraq, Homeland Security, Hurricane Katrina, the military, and so much more.


    .:: Tuesday, January 2nd ::.

    ~ 05:43 PM ~

    "...lazy eye..."

    We went for a walk and Ellis needed to have his yearly vet visit. He is set for rabies for 3 years. But, Ellis is about 4 pounds too heavy so he is switching to low fat yogurt and a little less food.

    Neale is watching Gone With the Wind and I am taking down the holiday decorations.


    .:: Monday, January 1st ::.

    ~ 06:49 PM ~


    We had a great dinner at Cafe Balaban's and a great time with Kelly & Sara. I had the veg entree and Neale ordered the Beef Wellington, which was medium rare despite her preference for well done. I have to admit if I ate meat, I would go with medium rare. There is no use for a charred hunk of flesh. We got home alittle after 11PM so the sparking wine from Stone Hill was well chilled. We slept late today (ie no leftover sparking wine) and went for a walk. We just finished The Godfather and will probably watch The Godfather II when Neale returns from Pho Grand.

    Ellis has been with us for 1 year.

    I am painting the doors at Bill's house this week. Also, I am removing the old kitchen floor.

    The barley wine will be brewed in the near future. The mead (honey wine) is resting nicely. Next brew is the Coffee Stout though.

    The previous journal has been archived. Please see links above.

    Wonder Showzen

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